Ellie Joy

Ellie Joy

It is with a heavy heart that we notify you that Ellie Joy who was adopted by us will be medically euthanized Wednesday. She has a mass between her heart and lung as well possibly another developing on her diaphragm. Breathing has never been easy for Ellie and this will continue to make it difficult. We had hoped to have her longer. I can’t write through the tears. So this is her story.

Yesterday started off extra special. Foster Dad made breakfast and gave us this special meat candy he called “bacon.” OMG… NOM, NOM, NOM! That was so good! Both Ellie Joy and I wanted more, but Foster Mum and Dad said they didn’t want to upset our tummies. Pffftttt… What do they know? We could have eaten a pound of that yummy goodness!
Then we saw Foster Dad putting stuff in his car and Foster Mum came up to us with harnesses and leashes. We thought, “That’s weird.” Foster Dad and Mum lifted us up and put us in the car. Foster Mum was sad and said she would always love us, and Foster Dad got in and drove off with us.
We were curious about where we were going and we were both so very nervous… so nervous that one of us kept letting out stinky air things. Ellie said it was me, but I swear it was her! I don’t think it matters ~ we were nervous and we couldn’t help it!
We finally pulled up to this house that we had never been to before. Foster Dad looked back and said we are here. We were confused. Where was “here?” As we walked up to the door, it opened up and we saw familiar faces. These were the same people we met last week. They were so nice and we loved the pats they gave. But why are we here?
We walked in and saw Linus and Harley Quinn. We remembered them also. They were so nice to us. We walked into the backyard to see what was there and…. “OMG, IS THAT A POOL?!” This place was awesome and we both said we wished we could stay here.
Then Foster Dad said it. We could stay here and this could be our new family.
We were like, “SHUT UP. Are you serious? Wait… these can be our new parents, and new brother and sister?” Ellie and I said, “OK, we’re in!”
So Foster Dad said goodbye and that we were in for a really good life. We told Foster Dad that we appreciated what he and Foster Mum did for us, but our new family did have a pool, so don’t blame us for wanting to stay here. Well, OK, Ellie Joy and I both got “adopted,” whatever that means. All we know is that this life is going to be amazing!


Where’s the party? I thought there would be a great big retirement party for me, but they said all parties were canceled because of COVID-19.

I hope we can still celebrate because I’m no longer just a number. I am now retired from that life and will be known as Ellie Joy. I just love that name! Don’t you? I am 6 years old and would not weigh 40 pounds soaking wet. Maybe 35. I breathe heavily when I get hot or excited, so Dr. Larsen will need to check that out. Otherwise, I think I am in pretty good shape for my age and the life I’ve lived.

I can’t wait to share my retirement adventures with everyone.

6/30/20 Update:  Ellie Joy wishes everyone a very happy Tongue Out Tuesday! It is hard to understand how this tiny girl can be so happy. We found out at the clinic that her breathing issues are due to a severe case of pneumonia. It sounds like there is a grizzly bear in her tiny chest trying to get out. They started her on two antibiotics and breathing treatments. Many of her teeth are rotten. She has cysts on two of her feet and one has ruptured and is bleeding.

Yet through it all she just keeps smiling. Retirement can do that to you!

7/3/20 Update:  Ellie Joy got a little bad news. X-rays showed a possible spot in one lung. We are not sure if this is just the pneumonia or something more serious. They will do more films in a couple of weeks to get a better view once her lungs clear up. We also discovered one of her hips is in pretty bad shape. She will probably have to have surgery on it in the future, but it is not necessary right now.

7/29/20 Update:   I’m hanging out at my new foster home and I must say, it’s pretty cool. I like sleeping in the human bed and hanging out with my foster mom. I have a couple surgeries coming up, so stay posted. Hopefully I’ll be ready for my furever home soon!

8/2/20 Update:  What a difference a week makes for Ellie Joy. Last week she sounded awful and was struggling to breathe. She was not wanting to eat anything and was losing weight. Then she had surgery. Her palate was very thick and long enough to extend into her larynx. It was making it hard to eat or breathe. Once that was resected, things began changing almost immediately. She woke up quickly and was ready to go. Somehow she broke out of her kennel, and was cruising around the clinic.

Today she is feeling much better, and you cannot hear her breath! They feed her a little bit at a time because she wants to gulp down the whole bowl of soft food. She is getting laser treatments to help with the healing.

There is a whole new life and world awaiting this sweet girl.

8/10/20 Update:  Ellie Joy moved into her foster home with a big job to do – Ellie is helping her friend and fellow foster girl Storm with her confidence and she is doing an amazing job.

Ellie is the sweetest, funniest girl. She is so tiny and is getting some extra meals in the day to help her put on some weight. She loves her food, so she isn’t complaining one bit!
Ellie is so carefree and so far, has been a dream to foster. She loves everyone. Ellie even puts up with her crazy foster momma picking her up just to hold her. Ellie had her palate surgery last week and is recovering well. She has a few more surgeries coming up before she will be ready to pick her forever home.
More updates to come soon from this full grown Bulldog in the puppy body!

8/18/20 Update: Little Ellie Joy is a free spirit and just goes with the flow. Nothing seems to bother her. She has a giant personality and a tiny little body and you can’t help but fall in love with her.

In a few weeks, Ellie will be having a few surgeries and then she will be ready to go to her forever home.
Ellie would be a perfect fit anywhere. She loves all things with fur and every person she meets. You can even fit Ellie in your purse and take her anywhere.