Ellie May (now Daisy May)

Ellie May (now Daisy May)

Our Daisy went to Heaven last night.  Dr. Whitworth of Total Care Animal Hospital called early this morning and told us that she had passed away in the night.  We rushed her to the clinic yesterday afternoon when she developed a bad nasal discharge and cough.  We had kept her at the clinic for overnight observation and for test results that were expected back this morning .  But she went on to Heaven overnight and won’t need those blood work analyses back now.  For now and forever she is happy, alert, chasing passing golf carts and resting under God’s favorite bay laurel tree.

We will miss her humor, exuberance, over-the-top and outgoing presence. She was kind of a combination of Ethel Merman and Bette Midler.  There wasn’t a subtle or dignified molecule in her body.  She was our funny and into everything (including the kitchen pantry and refrigerator doors) Goober Girl – and officially the laziest bulldog at 2016 Bull-O-Ween. Over the past week she had become progressively lethargic, weak and had difficulty standing and walking.  She had become blind too.  Yesterday was the last straw when she developed a severe nasal discharge and uncharacteristic bad cough.  Dr. Whitworth thinks she died of a brain tumor.  Total Care took great care of our Big Old Sister over the years and we appreciate their concern and dedication to keeping her going for as long as she did.

Even with her other two sisters at home, Belle and Maggie Dianne, the place is just too doggone calm and quiet this morning.  We will see you again crazy, lazy Daisy Maysie.

This perfect girl has hit the jackpot! She will now be known as Daisy May. Her fur sister is also a Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alum, Belle. Thank you, Glenn and Rebecca, for loving these senior girls and giving them a perfect furever home!

Please welcome 9-year-old Ellie May to our rescue family.
You may recognize her because her mother had put her photos on social media hoping someone would take her. Ellie May is a big girl, about 80 pounds, but that’s just more to love! She’s said to have seizures and will need to be spayed and have her tail removed.

Please keep her in your thoughts, as she transitions into our care. She seems to be a bit sad.

4/4/16 Update:  This great big, old sweet girl is just a love bug! She loves everything and everybody, even the rabbits and the cat. She gives them a friendly sniff and walks off. She is so gentle and just wants to lay her head on your lap and be petted. Even at 8 years old, she is in great shape! She will get her stitches out this week from her tail surgery and her spay. She is a really chill, well-behaved, perfectly house trained companion with absolutely no vices.

Her new forever home will need to be able to maintain her seizure medication that she takes twice daily, but she is a perfect little pill taker. Her medicine keeps her seizures completely at bay and we have not seen any indications of them at all. She would fit in to any family and bring so much love and joy!

6/7/16 Update:  Ellie is the sweetest, most lovable couch cuddler ever! She selectively gives very delicate kisses and loves everyone and everything, with or without fur. She is the easiest girl ever! Perfectly house trained and all about her little routine. She takes her seizure medication twice daily and her seizures are under control with her medication now. She is VERY, VERY SPECIAL! She will be at our event this Saturday at Hollywood Feed looking for her furever family!

6/13/16 Update:  Sometimes….. a girl just gets too tired! Ellie had a great time at the event on Saturday. She made some new friends and as always… she loves everyone and everything with skin or fur. She is an absolute lover and this old eight year old girl is the biggest cuddler ever! She is your BUDDY for all of the Netflix binges you can stand! The couch is her friend. Her head and front paws in your lap is her preferred position. Her seizures are still under great control with two pills a day but they must be given at exact 12 hour intervals . Therefore, her best forever family would either work from home or be retired. She is so easy otherwise …. Perfectly housetrained and crate trained. When it is bedtime… she stands in front of her crate …. Ready for bedJ