Ethel Fay

Ethel Fay

Words do not come easy for me….. It was a hard decision but Ethel Fay crossed the rainbow last night. It’s been a hard several weeks for Ethel Fay but Ethel was strong and fought till the end. Several weeks ago she hurt her back, maybe a pinched nerve, slipped a disc, or something in between. She had many factors working against her but she refused to give up. As the weeks went by she had her ups and down, this past week the pain was just too much for her. When we made it to the vet there was a calmness to her almost as if she new and was ready. I gave her Reeses Peanut Butter Easter Eggs because who would not want that. I gave her the biggest bear hug, kissed the top of her head, and told her how much she was loved. Rest in peace sweet girl!

Please welcome Ethel Fay to our rescue family! She writes: There is a lot of me and about me to love! This nice man found me wandering lost and took me to his vet to see if I had a microchip… and I did! I then went to the animal shelter where they had a lot of other dogs, but none as pretty and sweet as me. But my family never came to get me.

So today, I left that crowded place and started a new life. Now, I’m looking for a new family that will love me and look for me if I get lost again. I am 9 years old and weigh 56 pounds. Some people think I may be a little too plump! I just think there is more of me to love. But my knees have been bothering me lately, so maybe a diet is not so bad.

I am living at this spa clinic for a while so they can fix me up. I have some bad skin spots, a double ear infection and some rotten teeth that need to be pulled. Shoot, one I get all that taken care of and lose a few pounds, I’ll be a new girl. I bet I have a lot more good years left in me.

Now I just need to find that loving family who will never let me go!

9/18/18 Update:  Ethel had a bad limp when she came into rescue. We now know why. At some time, probably years ago, she broke her tibia. Her vet at the time inserted a rod until the bone could heal, which usually takes about 8 weeks. In her case, not only was the rod put in wrong, it was never removed! Dr. Larsen was shocked when she did some X-rays to look at her hips and knees.

She went to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday and had surgery today. The rod had been in so long, the knee cap was growing around the rod. The wires holding it in place are now totally embedded in the bone. Her leg tried to continue to grow, but could not do so properly because of the rod. So that leg is now 20% shorter and has a curve in it. But the ligaments are all in place and look healthy. We may have to scope her knee. She has walked so long that way, it has caused some damage to the other knee. We will give her a month to recover and examine her again. She may need to have more surgery, but our fingers are crossed that therapy will be helpful.

Through it all, she just keeps smiling and making friends everywhere she goes!

9/28/18 Update:  Hey bulldog people it’s me Ethel bringing the “Sexy Leg Back!”  You might remember when I joined rescue I had been wandering around town. Then one day I found myself being taken to the local shelter. But no one came looking for me!  And I was so happy about that.  You see, I had had  surgery some time back and of all things a rod was left in my leg! That rod was supposed to be removed but that didn’t happen.  And I was limping and hobbling and was in a lot of pain. Once I got to Dr. Larsen’s and she did some x-rays she knew immediately that I needed to see a bulldog specialist, and that is just what I did! I met Dr. Lay and he said “Ethel, I am bringing your sexy leg back!” I was all for that. I hopped up on his table, with my bad leg out and woke up with a small incision and my sexy leg was back! Now I am walking like a runway model, picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, and loving life.  And I am ready for a forever family.  I love people, all things with fur, and my daily medication is only 1 joint supplement. Pretty girl for a senior gal that 2 months ago  could barley walk! So, if you’re the family for me, get ready for the bulldog that her sexy leg brought back!

10/10/18 Update:  It’s me Ethel checking in. So I made it to Mays Manor last week and might I say there is quite a diversified group that hangs out there. I figure I’ll start with a little about myself. I am a very well behaved senior gal that takes care of business outside. I do have an occasional accident when I’m asleep but what do you expect. I’ll bark and let you know when I need to go outside. I am pretty slow, so a slower pace family would be great. I love to give hugs and kisses. I take baths with no problems. I’m pretty low maintenance, meaning I take no medications other than the normal stuff. One thing I am working on is sharing my space and toys. I’ve been in time out a time or two but I’m learning! 

10/19/18 Update:  Happy Friday! It’s me Ethel checking in. I don’t know about you guys but we are getting ready for Bull-o-ween at Mays manor. Foster mom is falling a bit behind with pictures and such but at least she hasn’t skipped the treats. I am settling in nicely here at Mays Manor and I am starting to enjoy the company of the other fur siblings. Although that little one can test my patients, I’m doing great at letting it go. I would love to find my fur ever home with someone that lives a slower pace life style. I like to sit and chill, all the time! I do take care of my business outside but sometimes an accident may occur while I sleep. It’s quite embarrassing but Foster mom says it happens to the best of us. I am a low maintenance gal that is just looking for someone to love me! I hope to meet some potential family’s tomorrow!

11/15/18 Update:  I’ve been at Mays Manor for awhile now and as much as I like Foster Mom and all my foster siblings, I think it’s time for me to find a family I can call my own. I’m looking for a Netflix and chill kind of family. I do get along with other things with fur, but have no problems letting them know I like my space and all things in my space so go around if you want to pass. I consider myself to be pretty fit and healthy. OK, my curves might be filled out a little too much, but I’m healthy. No daily medications for me, unless you count joint supplements and that doesn’t count in my book.

FYI…. I like to sleep next to Foster Mom’s bed, so if you are OK with me sleeping next to your bed, put in that application now and maybe we’ll get matched!

11/27/18 Update:  It is I, Ethel Fay! I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as I did.  You will never guess what I found—pounds, or more like they found me. Foster mom said it is only fare that we all enjoy our food this time of year, I completely agree! But now I have to get back to my normal portions. But in a few weeks we get to indulge in Christmas dinner and treat! I can’t wait. Foster mom is working on an ugly Christmas sweater for me so I hope to see and meet some potential foster parents at the Ugly Sweater gathering on the 9th. I would love to find a family for me to snuggle with. Maybe with no youngster around, cause I can get a little cranky when my space is invaded. Foster mom sent out our Santa letters for us. I hope it’s not too much asking for a furever family. Hugs and Kisses, Ethel Fay