Please keep alumna Eva’s family in your thoughts, as she has earned her angel wings. Her momma writes: To say this girl left and took our hearts with her is an understatement.

While time with these precious babies is never long enough, our time with Eva was some of the best times we have ever had. Eva was our very first foster, and our first foster failure. While we looked high and low for her forever family, little did we know she had already picked us. Eva was quirky, and some would say hard to love, but we learned real fast she was just misunderstood. She wanted to do everything on her time and when she wanted to do it. To say she was stubborn is an understatement, but that was what made us love her more. She taught us patience, and share unconditional love was. Eva was a fighter in more ways than one, and she left us a fighter. We knew the time had come to help her cross that beautiful bridge. We had a time scheduled when it would all take place. But in Eva Diva fashion, while we were having our last moments together, she went on her own in her Pa’s arms.

To say we are devastated is an understatement. But we are grateful for her because she chose us. Thank you for opening our hearts even more to love more in your honor Eva. Fly high, sweets!

Little Eva, the Diva has been adopted by a wonderful family and will live happily ever after!

Eva, a 7-year-old owner surrender this morning (1/29), and was rushed to our vet due to pyometra, a serious uterine infection that can be deadly if not handled quickly. She came through surgery successfully and we are hoping for a speedy recovery. She also has some other issues to be addressed.

Stay updated and watch this girl get better!

1/31/16 Update:  Eva is recovering from pyometra and and needing entropian surgery.  She is hanging on as best she can. She is now eating great, but still very sick, but doing better.

2/1/16 Update:  Eva is improving and is scheduled to be moved from the clinic to her foster home today!  YAY!!

2/2/16 Update:  We had the pleasure of picking up Miss Eva from Dr. W’s last night, and let me tell you guys, she is the sweetest thing! In the short time she has been with us, she has changed so much. She soaks up all the love she can get, and is very serious about her belly rubs! So far she seems to be settling in well. We are so happy to have her with us!

2/7/16 Update:  Sweet Little Eva is just a sweetheart. She has really transitioned this week into a little lovebug. She just wants all the attention she can get, and just wants to be close to you. We have not had a single potty accident in the house or crate, and she loves her new bed in her crate. We have mastered sit, and Eva now thinks that ever time the fridge opens she is getting a treat.  So, since she is so cute we usually find a small piece of cheese for her.  We have had a good week, may strives forward with this little girl.  She seems to be healing well from her surgeries, and going to Dr. W’s tomorrow and getting stitches out.

2/15/16 Update:  We have had a great week with Eva. She has continued to come out of her shell day by day. We enjoyed our time at The Cold Beer Company meeting up with all the other fosters this weekend. It was good to get Eva out and socialize with others, even though it was a little overwhelming for her. We are working on our socialization this week, and manners. Her favorite place to be is on the couch or bed with us, and just cuddling. She has healed well from her previous surgeries, and seems to be feeling better and better each day.

2/21/16 Update:  Sweet little Eva has had a good week. We have started short walks around the neighborhood, and she loves to go! She has really come out of her shell, and let’s us know when she wants something, or needs outside. This girl also loves to sit on the back porch and hang out with us. She really just loves to be close to us period. She is our little shadow, and we can’t get out of her sight. She is cuddle bug, and loves her morning snuggles in bed with her foster pops. She has been showing some interest in toys, and will play well with you. This sweet love bug is a joy to have around!

2/28/16 Update:  This girl surprises us every day with how smart she can be. She has learned what “cheese” and “treat” mean, and now she demands one every single time she is in the kitchen, or had to go outside to potty. She even knows where they are kept and will go and wait at that spot. she has also learned when we pick up our car keys or her harness, that means we are going somewhere. this little girl loves to go anywhere and everywhere with you!  This sweet little girl does however, have a little bit of an attitude that we have been working on lately. She loves affection, and thinks she is the queen bee when it comes to it. There are times when the members of our pack come up for attention, and she will let them know quick she is not sharing!! We have also learned that she has dry eye, which require drops daily. We think this might have affected her eye sight just a bit, which seems to be a contributing factor to her “attitude” as well. We are working on this, and she has made a little progress on learning her spot here.  Even though this little girl has her bully ways, she really is a sweet heart, and has already stolen a piece of our hearts.

3/6/16 Update:  We had a pretty uneventful week, until last night. Eva hurt her arm while on the couch with her foster pops. After a trip to the ER vet, and some meds, we are resting up today and taking it easy. Eva continues to be her spunky, bulldozer self, though. This girl has so much personality and just continues to grow each day. Her “attitude” has been better this week, but it’s still a work in progress. She continues to go to the door when when she needs out, and LOVES her outside time. She adores her foster pops, and loves her cuddle time with us every chance gets. Once this girl warms up to you, she truly loves you with all of her heart.

3/13/16 Update:  I would say there is nothing new to report with the sassy girl. BUT… She made this foster mom and pops so happy yesterday at the Hollywood Feed event. She was such a good girl, and loved the attention she was getting. She did still have her “triggers” with the other furbabies, but we have made progress with the trust issuses with the humans. She took treats and love from everyone there. She even made friends with a few kids that came over and played. She was completely worn out by the time we left, and snored the whole way home. I just can’t help but be so proud of this little girl. Today, we are taking full advantage of our lazy Sunday routine. Thank you everyone who came out to see Eva and the rest of the crew yesterday!

3/22/16 Update:  Not much to report on this sweet little diva. We have had a pretty quiet week. She continues to make us laugh, and has learned to out smart us. She has learned what her eye drops look like and she will hightail it in the opposite direction to avoid them at all cost. She is such a mess! She loves her cuddle time with us, and her outside time. This weekend was “spa day” as we call it, and she gave us her “mean mug” the whole time. We really enjoy this little girl, and hope she finds a family that just wants to eat up the love this girl has to give.

3/27/16 Update:  Eva had a good week. She is still her miss priss, diva self. She has really shown her bull-headiness lately, and will let us know when she doesn’t want to do something. She only wants to do it on her own, and not when you ask her to. She has also found her voice, and makes a funny “howling” noise when she wants something. She is such a mess! She is so funny, and her personality keeps us laughing.

4/10/16 Update:  Eva (or Eva the Diva, as we have been calling her this week) has been so good! We have started letting her run around the house with the others, with just a few problems. She does still have her moments, but they are manageable and a little time out helps with the attitude adjustment. She did so well at the Mutts Canine Cantina event. She continues to make us so happy. She does, however, think she has to be involved in everything we do. So that is where the Diva comes in… She makes some of the funniest noises! We have spent a lot of time outside in the evenings fixing up the yard, getting ready for summer and she has loved every minute of it! She loves to “help” and get herself right in the middle of your project. She is really a good girl that just wants your love and time.

6/17/16 Update:  Sorry I have been M.I.A. lately. My foster mom and pops had my foster skin brother and we have all been doing our duty to help take care of him. It’s a big duty and I take it very seriously! I have been being a very good girl with him, and still love to steal kisses and love from my foster mom and pops. But, I still haven’t been a good girl with all the visitors. They are scary and make me turn in a bad girl. All I am trying to do is make sure foster mom and pops know there are intruders, but they don’t see it that way. They have been trying to work with me, and sometimes being the Diva that I am, I just don’t see what they see! 

I want my future family to know that I am sweet and give love unconditionally, but I do have my trust issues with other people and things with fur. It takes me a while to get familiar with you, but once I do, all I ask for is belly rubs and lots of lovin’. Oh, and treats every time you go to the kitchen! Is that too much to ask for?

6/27/16 Update:  Nothing new to report on this gal. Eva Diva has been laying around, soaking up the A/C and bossing everyone around. She is very good at that! She hasn’t been very happy about the short amount of time we let her outside ~ it is just way too hot! The poor thing just wants to sit on the porch and watch the birds and listen for her neighbor friend to come out. Other than being her bossy self sometimes, she had a good week of just relaxing and enjoying her time running around the house all day.