We are saddened to announce that Evangeline has lost her struggle. She had battled tremors and other issues in recent months. She passes peacefully in the sleep and has crossed to Rainbow Bridge to be met by so many others.

It was the most drawn out and tearful goodbye you have ever seen!

Evangeline (Evie) was adopted by a wonderful family last December. But over the last few months things changed. Evie changed. Something happened. She was restless, barking most of the night and doing things she had not done before. Trips to the vet, different medications did not help. The family felt helpless and hopeless. 

They talked with her foster mom numerous times. They talked to others in rescue. Finally the decision was made that it would be in Evie’s best interest if she returned to rescue. Dr. Larsen will now take over her case and see if we can get to the bottom of her problems and find a good solution. 

Like her family, we want what is best for Evie and we want her remaining years to be full and happy.

It’s a holly, jolly adoption! I am truly honored to say that the best gifts don’t need to be wrapped. Foster girl Evangeline (“Evie”) was a pure gift to our family and is now the best gift to her forever family. Evie absolutely loves kids, and now she will have two skin sisters and a mom and dad to call her own. Happy tails sweet girl, Evie. You were such a special addition to our family – we love you! Evie has left the building.

My name is Evangeline and my life has changed forever! My family took me to the shelter, petted my head, said “Goodbye” and left. I don’t know why they did that to me. But the people at the shelter got on something called Instagram and found a bulldog rescue who would take me. They promised I would never be left at a shelter again.

So here I am at Dr. Larsen’s. I am glad to be here because I have not seen a vet in a while. I have a few moles and skin tags and some small tumors on my belly. I have one very bad and yucky eye, and both ears are infected. I have some bare spots on my back legs where I have spent too much time on concrete. So I am going to get all that checked out, get spayed, and have a wonderful spa treatment while I’m here. 

I am six years old, so I am calm and well-mannered. A person at the shelter took me home with her last weekend and I showed her how I love people, children, dogs and even pesky cats! So I think I am just about perfect for any family, unless you want one of those super active puppies.

But right now I’ll just enjoy the spa treatments and wait to be matched to my perfect family. How about you?

8/26/10 Updates:    Just landed in my foster home and my foster fur sister and family told me to make myself comfortable. After checking out all the beds, this one was “just right.”

9/22/19 Update:  I am setting into my foster home nicely. The resident Bulldog and I are great friends. She even lets me use her as a pillow. I’m drawn to kiddos, not only to curl right up with them, but I also like to follow them all around the house.

When Foster Ma says, “Let’s go,” I’m always the winner to the door. When the tiny human leaves, I usually sit by the door and wait for her to come back.

Foster Ma calls me “sweet girl,” and I’m just that. I’m great with other dogs and kids. I love to be outside and can’t wait for the weather to be Bulldog-ready. I’ve been working on my manners and Foster Ma says, “You can teach old dogs new tricks.” She just doesn’t know I love the treats.

9/30/19 Update:  I love the give and take relationship the tiny human and I have. She gives me her lap to sit in as best as I can (and they say I’m the wiggle worm 🙄) and I give her my body to use as a pillow. I think both are a win for me, but shhhh don’t tell her. 😉

11/1/19 Update:  This is a raw moment of foster girl “Evie” Evangeline. Evie has been with us a few months now and has had a few focal seizures, typically with the change in weather. This time the Tiny Human wanted to comfort Evie. Not because Evie needed it, but because it’s what she wanted. The Tiny Human gave Evie a few treats and before we knew it – it was over. It only lasted a minute, but after that minute is what mattered most – Evie allowed us to see how truly sweet she is and she deserves a family that sees that in her. Evie likes long walks on the beach….ha – who am I kidding 😉 She loves to be outside and just enjoy life – being a part of the family. A family that wouldn’t mind putting drops in her eyes and pop a treat in her mouth when she has a focal seizure here and there. In return, she vows to offer unconditional love.