Fletcher Wayne

Fletcher Wayne

We are heartbroken to share that foster boy Fletcher Wayne recently left for the Rainbow Bridge. Please keep his loving foster family in your thoughts. 

Fletcher’s foster momma writes: The most difficult part about having a dog is the goodbye. 

When Fletcher Wayne entered my life, he was a senior, so I knew whether he was adopted or not, my time with him would be limited. 

For that reason, I cherished every moment, every snuggle and said, “I love you, handsome” every day! I wanted to offer Fletcher love, security and companionship, and he returned everything I gave him tenfold. 

His affection was endless and his love unconditional. He taught me patience… our walks consisted of smelling every flower, rock, stick and piece of dirt. 

I was amazed at his ability to adapt to a new environment so quickly given his limited vision, hearing and age. 

Fletcher and I spent our days side-by-side. My schedule revolved around his multiple daily walks, making sure he got to sunbathe, giving him eye drops every few hours, and plenty of quality time snuggling. 

While I was holding Fletcher, his heart stopped and I lost him. My heart is broken, and I will miss him terribly!  There is no replacing Mr. Fletcher Wayne. His personality and love were as large as he was, and I will be forever grateful for our time together and what he taught me.

Senior Bulldog Alert!  Hello bulldog friends, it’s me Fletcher Wayne in the house!  And I will be looking for a family in the future who wants the best bulldog there ever was.  My Dad started to travel more for work, and I was by myself a lot and that was really hard on me to adjust to being alone.  I am the most laid-back bully you will ever meet.  I love humans and I just go with the flow. I can be guilty of whining when not being snuggled.  I LOVE walks and I prefer to go every time the door opens, but 2 a day is a must.  

My vision is not that great anymore. I have been known to bump into things until I learn the lay of the house. It’s hard getting older and leaving the only home I have ever known, but I really needed to go sit with Dr Larsen so she can see if she knows what is going on with my vision.  Also, I don’t want you to think I have just come back from Cabo with my new color full jacket on, truth is I have some sores above my tail and when I scratch them, they bleed.  So, really that’s about all there is to know about me. My eyes are not the best,  I have the desire to scratch my rear end all the time, and I heard someone say I needed a little surgery to help me loose that “loving feeling” for the ladies.  

I love other dogs, I am a senior bulldog, and I need a home that believes seniors have a lot of love to give and our value is priceless.  Love Fletcher Wayne age 9.

12/8/20 Update:  I’ve only been here a few days and boy, am I riddled with anxiety. I haven’t slept a wink, nor have I had a nibble of kibble. Well, at least that is the story I’m telling Foster Mom to see if I can score a full day of nose-to-paw pampering at the doggy spa. I’ll let you know if my plan works out!

12/14/20 Update:  I may be 9 years old with less than 20/20 vision, but I’m still a busy fella.

So what’s a day in the life of Fletcher Wayne look like? Well, I’m NOT a morning guy, so I snooze until I hear the sweet sounds of kibble hitting my bowl, then I am full steam ahead, ready to start the day.

After my morning walk, I log in and tackle my emails. At about noonish, I head into the office and clock in for work. I’m in charge of copying and scanning all the important documents. As glamorous as my office manager job is, I’ve found if I hide behind the Christmas tree, my colleagues can’t find me and task me with more work! See, I’m smart and handsome.

By the time I get home from what feels like a 10-hour day, I have just enough energy to eat and then I’m ready for bed.

1/25/21 Update:  I had today marked on my calendar all week… the day I meet the ophthalmologist to see if he could help me with my eyes.

I grabbed my face mask and bag of treats and jumped in the car. I was in charge of telling Foster Mom where to go, but after a few too many treats, I nodded off and think I might have lost any future jobs as co-pilot.
Turns out a snazzy pair of eyeglasses isn’t going to be enough to help this brown-eyed hunk. The doctor recommended an implant surgery. The surgery isn’t cheap, so I’m going to think it over and perhaps pick up a few extra shifts at the office. I’ll keep you posted on my decision.
2/16/21 Update:  No, it’s not Santa making a delivery in February. It’s me, Fletcher Wayne, trying to stay warm!
Due to my insanely hunky bod, I couldn’t find a single jacket or sweater that fit me. I resorted to the only thing that did… a Mrs. Claus jacket. Thankfully, I’m comfortable in my own fur so I had no problem rocking it on my morning walk!
Stay warm, my friends.
3/8/21 Update:   In my 9 years of life, I’ve learned a few tricks and today, I’m willing to share one of my secrets with my closest fellow Bulldogs!
Today’s trick: how to get an entire bag of treats all to yourself!Truthfully, it’s all about patience and timing – let me share my most recent success story.I pretended to be asleep, snoring loudly, when Foster Mom cracked open a brand new GIGANTIC container of cheese balls.As Foster Mom was called into another room, I leaped (yes, at 9, I can still hustle if food is involved) off the couch to the perfect Fletcher Wayne-sized container. It fit my entire head, so I was able to nosh on what seemed like an endless supply of cheesy cheese balls.By the time Foster Mom returned, there was so much slobber inside and outside the container, it was deemed mine, and mine alone. An entire container all to myself. Success!Stayed tuned for next week’s tip: how to avoid getting your eyedrops. Spoiler alert…. it involves running and running fast!3/22/21 Update:  It’s foster boy Fletcher Wayne here to share my highly anticipated, eagerly awaited, Tips and Tricks Part 2: Avoiding Eye Drops!

I have two effective approaches to avoiding that dreaded time of day when Foster Mom comes over with my eye drops.
In addition to the classic H&S (Hide & Seek) move, I recommend trying Operation Chameleon, if you’re struggling to find the “perfect” hiding spot. Of course, I can’t change the color of my fur, but I can find a spot that matches, so I blend in and am undetectable. Hence this video of me hiding in the dirt.
I’ll be spilling more tips and tricks in person at Campisi’s in Rockwall on Sunday. Come on by and say hello, but don’t forgot to bring me some pizza crust!
4/9/21 Update:  Fletcher Wayne has a busy weekend planned, filled with sleeping and sunbathing! Not necessarily in that order and possibly at the same time!
4/26/21 Update:  Fletcher Wayne enjoys soaking up some shielded rays on SUNdays!
5/10/21 Update:  Wow, what a pleasant zephyr breezed through this BBnB these past 11 days. I reunited with my foster mom today to celebrate Mother’s Day. Here I am in shotgun position, waiting for the escort to home. While eager for the family reunion, I have a few demands for foster parents – more on this later.
My vacation peeps remarked on my house guest deportment, the best, they say, of any boy whom has ever sojourned Chez Maison Ménard. I heard the characterization of “prince of paws.” They say I sport so much gentility that I should wear a tuxedo.
Speaking of boys, I was the only one amongst four Bulldog ladies. My only “faux paw” occurred mid-week when loneliness drove me to dive into Miss Chloe’s she-shed because she looked like she needed a friend. While she and Miss Brynn, her BFF, often crowd into this under-sized crate together, my visitor pass had not been white listed. We discussed the matter, in a face to butt posture, a boisterous explanation of occupancy rules. Spray from fake foster mom’s water bottle persuaded me to surrender the she-shed.
May I remind you how Randy Newman in “You Got A Friend In Me” epitomized amity? I just want to buddy up. My real and fake foster parents express the same opinion. So what else do you adoptive families need to know?
I cannot fathom who would not want me furever! As I depart this venue, I hear that the revolving door to this oft turned apartment will next be leased by Miss Honey Dew, a repeat visitor and known associate of the Flower Mound Bulldog mafia. Doubtless, she will earn frequent stay Bulldog Happy Hour points.
Apropos, notice to foster peeps, a change of menu looms. I learned that other Bulldog visitors here trained their families to observe BHH. Fake foster parents will furnish foster parents with BHH menu selections. We enjoyed pizza (mandatory extra cheese and pupparoni), mac ‘n’ cheese, mashed veggies, sometimes with gravy and left over meats, mixed bowl of cold cuts, fresh fruit, and pastry (feel free to expand the pastry choices), rice and minced meats, egg and potato salads, phew… you get the idea. The parting BHH today was sliced rib eye, cantaloupe and buttermilk pie. Uhm-uhm, chop-licking good!
I cherish people as much as you cherish Bulldogs. The canine/human bond unites us.
5/31/21 Update: Some dogs like to sleep on the floor, on the couch or in their dog bed. Any guesses on Fletcher Wayne’s favorite spot to 💤 sleep?
6/28/21 Update:   Fletcher is committed to losing some extra pounds this summer. He’s doing double workout sessions daily! He starts with tennis is the morning and yoga in the evening. Sometimes, his breathing is so heavy, you’d think he was snoring, instead of working out!

9/27/21 Update:  Fletcher Wayne has been busy these last few weeks! A remodel is going on and he’s overseeing it as Project Manager! Today someone arrived late, Fletcher exchanged words and we think everyone will arrive on time tomorrow!

Also, this new role is exhausting!!!!

11/4/21 Update:  Yesterday was a day of celebration. We celebrated Fletcher Wayne’s 10th birthday and his one year foster-versary in our home! There were treats, new toys, belly rubs and lots of love!

May this incredibly sweet gentleman have many more celebrations.

12/21/21 Update:  Foster boy Fletcher Wayne has welcomed Cali Girl and he’s even teaching her a few tricks. I believe I heard him tell her, “Look extra cute and you’ll get treats.” And, “When no one is looking, climb into the big bed, pretend to be asleep and they won’t kick you off!”