We are sad to announce that sweet Gertrude could never overcome the illnesses she had when she came to us. She has passed peacefully from this world to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Buy me a one way ticket on a southbound train; See how far I can go. I am going dancing in the pouring rain; and talk to someone I don’t know.

Please welcome Gertrude to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. From volunteer Dianne: Bless her heart… Gertrude is a tiny little lady that has lived a life of misery. She’s not at all comfortable walking on grass, or even walking at all. Gertrude creeps around, afraid to make eye contact with anyone.

When the southbound train was leaving, Gertrude was terrified she was going to miss it. Gertrude was in the hospital with IVs running here and there, and had everything coming out of both ends. Gertrude had been sick a long time, but where she lived, no one really cared. Gertrude was just a number without a name.

But, with many prayers and lots of hugs and kisses, she got loaded up with several other ladies to make her trip to join Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue.

Gertrude is a survivor ~ a pint-sized lady with big brown eyes and a will to live. She wants to be able to enjoy the freedom she should have always had. Gertrude is the reason I will never give up the fight to save them all.