Gladys, you’ll never be forgotten. Sending our love and strength to her awesome, loving foster and furever family.
They write: After fostering Gladys for 18 months, she had developed breast cancer and was placed on hospice in April 2020, at which time we adopted her. It turned out Gladys had been home all along.
In late August, Gladys started having seizures, and her energy level started to slow down. Ever since then, we really started to see her struggle with her everyday tasks. We knew her time was coming close, so we decided we needed to help her one last time.
Yesterday, we took her to see Dr. Larsen. Gladys knew everyone at the clinic, and they all came in to say their goodbyes before she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We were with Gladys while she passed.
Words cannot express how much we loved her. Our home feels so empty without her. We miss her terribly.

Yesterday, Gladys was officially put on hospice due to cancer in her breasts that seems to get larger by the day. This hit us pretty hard. We know when we take in seniors as fosters, we may be in it for the long run.

That’s OK though. The seniors are more our pace. The seniors like to sit back, relax, snuggle up, and catch up on some shows. Gladys is no different.

It breaks our hearts knowing that before she came to rescue, she was dumped on the side of the road. Yeah, she’s become more grouchy over time, but who of us hasn’t? We know she still loves us, and we still love her.

Gladys is, and always has been, part of our family. Today, we made it official and adopted her.

She will be spending the rest of her days with us, and will be loved by us forever. She has been home all along.

Gladys now has her very own mom and pops, and fur siblings Rico, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumna Cecilia (Esther) and Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumna Maggie Mayflower.

Please welcome Gladys to our rescue family. It is the sad story we have heard too many times. An older dog is found roaming the streets, goes to the shelter, and no one comes to claim her. But we claimed her! We will love her, care for her and find her a great new home where she will be loved forever.

Gladys, about 8 years old, is a very sweet white/brindle girl who got her freedom ride and went straight to the vet yesterday. There, she will get everything checked out and fixed for her grand debut. She can’t wait to be matched to her perfect family who wants an older, calmer gal to snuggle.

1/3/19 Update:  Many have met Gladys at recent events, and have fallen in love with her sweetness. One of her favorite things to do is spend time with her people. Gladys does great on walks, does awesome on car rides, is great with all other dogs, loves to snuggle, and is close to perfect on house training.

Gladys has put on a couple of holiday pounds, but that’s OK, because they fit her perfectly! Gladys does however have one quirk… She is not a fan of being picked up. Because of this, Gladys’ perfect furever family would be one without small children.

4/1/19 Update:  Gladys has been under the weather the last couple of days with a little stomach bug, but now that she is strutting around the house with her favorite Benebone, we know she is feeling much better!

7/27/19 Update:  Gladys is doing so well! She is going on 9 years old, and still loves to play with her tennis ball. Well, maybe “play” is the wrong word… Gladys likes to carry around a tennis ball, and then jumps up on the couch, puts the ball down, and sits next to it.

Today, we learned something new about Gladys: she also likes to play with a soccer ball! She’ll kick it and chase it all around the yard. Also, we’re not quite sure how, but she actually figured out a way to carry it around in her mouth!

On another note, Gladys started to pack on too many pounds, so we placed her on a diet. She’s been getting a 50/50 split of her normal dry food and green beans. Gladys absolutely loves the green beans. She’s been on this diet for a few weeks, and she’s already starting to lose weight. So slim (yet still a little chunky)!

12/20/19 Update:    Gladys just wanted to say thank you to everyone who donated the wonderful stocking stuffers for the foster dogs in Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! She is having so much fun with her new stuffed snake.

12/31/19 Update: One thing is for sure: Gladys loves relaxing like this with her Foster Pops 😄 I bet she would love doing the same thing with you!