It was early November of 2003 when Grizwald first came into our lives. On that day he was a sweet chubby little love ball. He was excited to ride in the car to his new home but the excitement was too much and he quickly fell fast asleep.

The first few nights with “Grizzy” we crated him, and Grizzy didn’t like it one bit. His poor puppy dog face quickly won us over and he was  sleeping peacefully beside our bed, on the fluffiest dog bed money can buy.

For the next four years Grizwald filled our lives with love, happiness, memories and gas. Not to mention slobbery kisses and tantrums while taking a bath. We are happy to say that Grizwald had his fifteen minutes of fame last year. He was pictured on the front of D Magazine with a bone in his mouth.  We were such proud parents of our little celebrity.

We miss our the clip-clop of little feet walking across our floor and most of not seeing a beautiful bully asleep on the couch when we walk in our front door. We loved Grizwald so very much and we will miss him just as much. We appreciate Lone Star Bulldog Rescue giving us the chance to bring such a wonderful little bully into our family and home. We love you Grizzy and we know that you will find a nice soft couch to claim as your own at the Rainbow Bridge.

We love you and miss you.

Love Mom and Dad.

Jackson and Becca Robinson