With a very heavy heart, I have to let everyone know that we lost our Gentle Giant Gurley Girl yesterday morning.  She went for her usual after breakfast “walk-about” and then laid down and quietly passed away.  Even though we had not officially adopted her, we knew she was in her forever home. Becoming a foster parent has been the most rewarding experience – watching these pups march off with their new families – but losing one we thought was our own makes the experience bittersweet.  Well, what do you know – as I typed that last sentence, my phone beeped and I got a picture and update from our last foster, Duke, saying he has a great personality and is a great addition to their family. So, something (maybe Gurley) is telling me to keep doing this – there will ultimately be more happiness than sadness. We love you, Gurley.

Welcome, owner surrender, Gurley to Rescue! Blind as a bat and big as a barrel is Gurley!  Gurley has a Russian Microchip, so she was flown over as a puppy, then dumped after many litters.  Gurley has had a great family for the last 2 years but due to some life changes they could no longer take care of her.  Gurley is 6 now,  and will need a patient foster to learn how to maneuver in a new place.

5/30/16 Update:  Foster girl Gurley has been working on her voluptuous figure, thanks to indoor walks. “No PhotoShop needed here, babes,” she retorts. “I’m 100 percent Gurl.”

6/27/16 Update:  I picked her up Friday morning.  She had been staying at her Foster Mom Alison’s house after she was released from the clinic.  Alison was kind enough to help me out until I could pick her up.  She is 6 Years old 85 LBS. and Blind.  I am amazed at how she maneuvers and finds her way.  On her second day with me she learned how to go out the back door, down the 3 steps and out to the back yard, then potty, turn around and get herself back in the house.  The third day she learned what time treats were and now sometimes she is in there waiting for me.  She is my old girl and she has put her time in to “Birthing Babies”, so it’s her time now to be pampered.   She sleeps most of the day, but loves to walk in the yard.  Yes, I said it.  Blind girl loves to walk and smell everything in the yard.  We don’t know when she lost her sight, but I watch her, and feel that her sense of smell has replaced her eyes.  It is an amazing thing to watch her.  She is sweet and quite, never gives you a bit of trouble.  She is 85 LBS of Love.  That’s all she wants is to live her life out with kindness and love and as long as she is with me that exactly what she will get.

GRULEY is my name and being a PRINCESS is my game!!!!!!!   My week has been slow going, but at 12yrs and blind; that’s my life.  I am still trying to find my way around the house.  I can now find my way out the front and back door to go potty or just lay in the sun.  My foster mom wants me to think I am doing it myself, so she stays really quite, but I know she’s there.  She loves me and would never let anything happen to me.  It’s been along time since someone has loved and cared for me that much.  She took me to see Dr. W. this week and my eyes have cleared a little, but my sight may never be any better.  Surgery is not an option, because of my age.  I have learned that just because you can’t see the person you love and that loves you the love is everywhere.  I am enjoying my fur sisters and little brother.  I get along with all of them.  I get along with something Mom calls a cat.  Since I can’t see the cat I’m just going to call her a dog and move on. My updates may not be as exciting as some and my pictures may not be as cute as the younger bully babies, but I’m living the dream out here in East Texas!  Sleeping, Eating, Sunning and Loving that’s my life.

7/25/16 Update:  Yes, she’s 12 years old and yes, she’s blind as a bat, but nothing stops her. She loves to be loved.This week, she learned about FOOD TIME. She can be in her spot in the bedroom and hear me start filling the bowls and here she comes. She can also hear the refrigerator door open and here she comes. She is the easiest foster dog I have ever had. She is happy all the time. When I call her name, she throws her head back and forth like Stevie Wonder when he sings. Then she’ll get up and find her way to me. She is totally self sufficient. I love this girl so much. Her only health problem is her eyes. She takes drops twice a day for dry eye. She has fewer health problems than I do!

8/10/16 Update:  Nothing much changes in Gurley’s life. Thank goodness! She has her daily rituals, which are sleeping in as late as she wants, going out to potty after she decides to get up, potty, then stroll around the yard, flop down and roll around in the grass, return to the porch and sun herself for 5-10 minutes, bark to be let in and then bark to tell me to bring her water and food, eats, drinks and goes back to bed. We do this all over again in the evenings when I work or off and on all day on the weekends. SHE HAS TRAINED ME PRETTY GOOD TO SAY THE LEAST. Sometimes, I question who is the smarter one. I think she’s winning. There is nothing I don’t love about this girl. I love her with all my heart. Some days when I get up and I’m tired and complaining to myself about all the problems of the day ahead of me, I take my coffee and go sit on the porch and watch Gurley’s morning routine. Hard life, blind, arthritis and old, but still gets up every day and makes the best of it. Always happy and sweet. It makes me ashamed of myself for complaining. She makes me happy just watching her be happy. She is 12 years old and in people years, that’s 84 years old. I hope when I’m 84 years old, I can wander out into the yard and roll around too. Of course, I my have my underwear on my head and not know my name, but still… I hope I can be just like MY Gurley!

Everything is the same in Gurley’s life. I realized that this week that all the other Bullies get to go in the car from time to time to visit the vet, but she never gets to ride. So this week, foster mom loaded her up in the back seat, rolled the window down and let her ride around for about 30 minutes after the rain cooled everything down. It was great! I looked at her in the mirror and she was sitting up so straight, with that big tongue hanging out, enjoying every minute. She got to feel the wind blowing on her and it seemed to make her feel very important. It was like the movie “Driving Miss Daisy.” All she needed was a hat and gloves. She certainly had the attitude. It made both of us very happy. I want to let everyone know that even though her family had to surrender her (because of circumstances out of their control), they follow her every week. They have sent me pictures of her and texts telling me about her and how much it hurt them to have to give her up. They told me she loves Starburst candies, so I went and bought her some. They were right… She loves them. They also told me they are happy that she has me. BUT I’M THE LUCKY ONE TO HAVE HER! I am happy that, even though the family couldn’t keep her, they called on us to help and that I could be her foster mom. She brings me joy every week!

8/21/16 Updates:  Same girl, different week. She and I are in the same stage of our lives. Excitement takes too much energy, walking is an effort and food is GOOD! We relate to each other very well. I put her on a leash this week. She’s not having it! She acted like “Haven’t Had To Have A Leash for 12 Years Not Having It Now!” She just plants her feet and says “Are You Crazy, Woman?” Just like a donkey. So no leash for Gurley. I thought it would help her know where she was going, but oh well. She is the most independent girl I have. I know, because of her age and blindness, she may remain with me until she goes to the bridge, BUT if there is someone out there that is interested in taking a SWEET RIDE, she would be the girl for you. That last statement sounded like something on an online dating service. Like me, that’s the last thing she’s interested in. Again, requires too much energy! Excuse the sidewalk needing weed eating and the dirty floors, with seven Bulldogs in the house, mopping and yard work is the last on my list.

1/26/17 update:  Gurley Girl is enjoying her second favorite thing to do – soak in some warm sun on a cool day. What’s her first? Why sleeping of course! This gentle giant senior girl has now recovered from her entropion eye surgery, and while she is still basically blind, she at least is more comfortable. Gurley gets around just fine for being seeing-impaired. She ambles around the house and yard, gently bumping into obstacles, and then re-directing herself to get where she is going. All Gurley asks for is a comfy bed, some occasional sunshine, and tummy rubs. This special girl has had a rough life and deserves to spend her retirement years in a loving home.

2/5/17 Update:  Sweet Senior Girl Gurley is looking for her Valentine. Will you be her Valentine?  She’s also working hard on her figure for spring bikini weather and decided that since her foster mom doesn’t use the treadmill very often, that she sure can put it to use!!

4/11/17 Update:

Here comes Gurley Gurley Girl; Hoppin’ down the bunny trail; Hippity, hoppin, Easter’s on its way!

She’s lookin’ for her happy home; A family to call her own; And hopes they have an extra bone.

Here comes Gurley Gurley Girl; Hoppin’ down the bunny trail; Hippity, hoppity, Happy Easter Day!