Gypsy Roseglow

Gypsy Roseglow

We are heartbroken to share that Gypsy was put to sleep last week…

We welcomed beautiful Gypsy into our home 5 months ago. She was pretty highly strung, seemed nervous, and was somewhat aggressive with a few of our other dogs. In the course of breaking up a few fights, Gypsy managed to bite Dave pretty hard several times.

We put Gypsy on Prozac, and she made such progress that we were so hopeful that this girl would find peace and her place in this world. The aggression with other dogs didn’t disappear, but it grew less common. She even started to play with toys- something that had seemed so unlikely in the first few weeks and months. We hoped that Gypsy would find the perfect home, ideally as a single dog in a home without small children.

We don’t know if Gypsy’s issue was due to something in her makeup, or whether it was something in her background- whether it was chemistry or history. What we do know is that her attacks on Dave escalated. What started out as a few bites in the throes of dogfights evolved into a couple of unprovoked attacks, the last of which required a trip to the emergency clinic for treatment and a tetanus shot.

We had to face the fact that we could not in good faith allow Gypsy to be placed in any home, nor could she stay in ours. Gypsy’s tragically short and unsettled life ended last Wednesday. We will never forget this sweet yet troubled little girl. RIP, Gypsy.


Let me tell you… this is the place for me! I have been bounced around more than a basketball. My first family bought me as a puppy for their son, and well, when the newness wore off, he didn’t want me any longer.

Then I was given to someone’s girlfriend that really didn’t want a Bulldog… she wanted a poodle. Then I was found wandering around town and taken to the shelter. I had a chip so my first family was called. They picked me up, but they still didn’t want me. Sooooo, they found a family that had always had rescue dogs and I joined that family. That was the best thing that could ever have happened to me.

My last family contacted rescue because they knew I was special and had special needs. They wanted me to be adopted by a Bulldog-loving family! This family totally understood me, totally understands rescue, and totally loved me. They cleaned me up, made me smell like a lady and bought me a new collar and leash that are pink.. my favorite color! I was so used to moving I didn’t even unpack my bags. I never found out the reason no one wanted me. I think I’m a great girl! It’s been awhile since I was at a vet’s office, but I am going tomorrow.

So, today is the first day of the rest of my life. My next family is going to love me forever ~ I just know it!

1/7/19 Update:  Gypsy landed with us almost a week ago and what a precious girl she is… She has the sweetest, liquid brown eyes and precious, perked-up ears. Curious and happy is the expression you get from her. She is 3 years old, weighs about 55 lbs and settling in nicely with her foster siblings. She’s had a bit of tummy trouble, but with the help of Dr Larsen, she is well on her way to being completely healthy. She loves to eat, nap and get plenty of cuddles. We have noticed she likes to look out the back window for critters that could dare come into her yard. That just adds to her funny personality. Stay tuned for more info on this beauty of a Bulldog!

3/10/19 Update:  Gypsy had a fantastic week in her foster home. She’s improving every day on her house training and learning how to be the best possible Bulldog. Gypsy can be playful with you or climb up on the couch to cuddle and take a nap. This girl loves her food and, of course, her toys. Gypsy’s perfect family would have a quieter home, as she tends to be reactive to sudden noises, and one without shared walls because we definitely call her “vocal.” LOL She also gets along very well with all the submissive and mellow dogs in the house. She especially loves her foster brother, Otis, and you can find them cuddling together often. A regular exercise routine keeps this amazing girl happy and sweet. Could she be the best friend you have been looking for?

4/7/19 Update: Gypsy Roseglow had another great week with us, as she continues to blossom into her sweet little self. She is doing great with her foster brothers and sisters, hanging out and taking naps with them. What she really loves is her people. She is very curious on where you are going in the house and she’s never far behind. Her ears are always up, as if to ask, “Whatcha doing?”

Gypsy is 3 years old, about 53 lbs and great on a leash. She’s only had a couple accidents in the house. She really does best on a leash to do her business. She has the cutest little kicks afterward and she even holds the pose with pointed toes! Very impressive. She gets excited easily, so a quieter home would be amazing for her.