Gypsy (now Sandy)

Gypsy (now Sandy)

Please keep Sandy’s (formerly Gypsy) furever family in your hearts, as they had to say goodbye to their precious girl this week. Sandy took part of their hearts with her, but we know one day, they will be reunited again.
Her pops writes: I wanted to let everyone know that today at around 4 p.m., we had to make the tough decision to let our beloved Sandy “Gypsy” go. She had been fighting what our vet thought was just her seasonal allergies, but in fact, it was multiple organ failure. She wasn’t able to absorb water and the nutrients from the water through her intestinal wall, so it was either passing straight through her or somehow leaching into her other bodily cavities. This caused her to be constantly dehydrated and not able to function properly because water is life, basically. Can’t say we didn’t give it a good effort though. She tried quite a few medications and supplements and they would work for a few days. She was on a strict refrigerated food diet the past two months because of the lack of water in her system to break down any hard foods.
At one point, about a month ago, we thought we had turned the corner and she would keep truckin’, but then about a week ago, everything started to shut down really quickly. Her body ballooned up with fluids and the doctor said it had traveled to her lungs. She was now just fighting to breathe. It was absolutely awful to see her in distress the last few days, but on a high note, I can say she was the sweetest, most loving Bulldog or any dog I had ever met.
If I had a rough day, she would waddle over to me even if she was in her favorite spot (which happened to be a bed for a 5-pound dog) and sound asleep. She would sense my distress and come try to climb up onto the sofa and paw at my face, like, “It’s OK, Dad. I’m here.”
She was also the friendliest dog to other dogs. Even if they weren’t friendly to her, she would just continue to approach them until they were buddies. And she never barked once, which was unheard of. I don’t know if she didn’t know how or if in her earlier (not-so-pleasant) life maybe she was punished when she barked. But she had her own unique sounds, grunts and adorable facial expressions, and they all made her extremely special to not only myself, but to my daughter who grew up alongside her.
Sandy was also the easiest and healthiest Bulldog I have ever had the pleasure of being around. I’ve had two other English bullies, a Frenchie and two pugs and all of them had loads of medical issues throughout their lives, but this sweet, amazing 5-year-old rescue with a tough start didn’t have any issues whatsoever the entire six years she was with us, besides the occasional eczema spots which were gone in few weeks. And she was always happy. She loved sunbathing in the morning and even enjoyed splashing around in the pool and cooling off sitting on the steps of the pool. She also loved going for car rides and if she heard me grab my keys, she would run or trot to the back door, as if she was going on a ride every time she could.
She was adored by all the children in our neighborhood. She brought smiles and laughter to a lot of people this past year, in a time when they really needed it. And she was always the main attraction, if she liked it or not, if we brought her with us to the neighborhood park. Like I mentioned, I’ve had a few other bullies and Sandy was unlike any of the others. She would use the restroom and then kick the grass about 30 times before she felt that it was sufficient. She’d also flip on her back on the sidewalk, in the middle of a family walk, to scratch her back by wiggling upside down for two to three minutes sometimes. No matter how many times we tried to film it, she would instantly catch us and look at us like, “I’m having some ‘me’ time. Please don’t film me.”
All I can say is that she was an amazing friend and part of our family that will be sorely missed. Whether it be her extremely loud snoring or her affectionate Eskimo kisses which she loved to do, or her loud, obnoxious stretching after she woke up. But most of all, I loved how she would let me flip her on her back and rub her belly until she was snoring on my shoulder as I watched my nightly programs. She was a true best friend and an awesome part of our family. Today was a tough, tough day because we lost a special part of our lives that won’t be easily forgotten.
I hope you know that she was loved unconditionally and with as much adoration and compassion you could possibly give. She filled our lives with just as much love and joy and happiness and truly made our personal world a better place. We couldn’t have asked for a better fit and better addition so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the last six amazing years we got to spend with such an awesome Bulldog.
Thanks again for introducing us to this amazing, loving part of our family. We are forever grateful.

Gypsy is on her way to her new home. A wonderful family drove several hours because they knew she would complete them. Having been previous Bulldog owners, Gypsy is heading to a blissful life of peanut butter-filled Kongs and Nylabones. They know Gypsy’s “Love Language” and came armed with everything to make this sweet gal happy! She will be the only four-legged princess, as she joins mom, dad, and 3-year-old sister. The best is yet to come for you, Gypsy!

Please welcome Gypsy to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. From volunteer Dianne: Sometimes it takes a village to rescue a Bulldog! Let us introduce you to Gypsy. Like a lot of Bulldogs we get in, Gypsy has a sad story. Gypsy was posted on a “Swap Shop” garage sale page on Facebook. The ad read:

English Bulldog – Make reasonable offer.
Almost 5 years old not fixed.
Fixing to go in heat.
Has had 3 litters, 2 C-sections.
Can be bred more.
Willing to swap? What do you have?

At least 50 people sent us this listing, with pleas for us to get her, but we don’t buy Bulldogs. But, a true hero for Gypsy did and now Gypsy will be joining rescue tonight. Gypsy will never be bred another time. And she will never be on another garage sale site. Ever. Gypsy, you deserve better… and you’re going to get the BEST!

12/7/16 Update:  This little doggy-dog is so calm, sweet, laid back, and easy like Sunday morning. Gypsy came to me with all her bags and bedding packed. She knows exactly where her stuff is and LOVES her bed. She will get up, walk over to her bag, and wait for a Fig Newton treat or a peanut butter filled Kong to mysteriously appear. Gypsy has not had one accident in the house but will not go outside willingly. Actually, the only 2 places she goes willingly is her bed and to the food bowl. Good thing she is on the little side cause that makes her easier to scoot along. Every Bulldog loves to fling the grass after they potty then do the zoomies back to the door. This Bulldog flings grass for as long as you will let her. That is really neat-o with all the rain that we’ve had but it’s too adorable to make her stop.

Gypsy came with some Holiday outfits but I really do think she’d rather take pictures with her new family to show those off! This doggy dog will be the perfect addition and totally complete your family during this Holiday Season!

12/12/16 Update:  Gypsy has perfected RBF! Actually, she has perfected everything! The Bulldog grunts and snorts? Check. Love of food & treats? No training needed here. The neediness for scratches & attention? Yep. Infamous Bulldog stubbornness? Perfect at this. Staring through to your soul and knowing you need a lick? Down pat. Naps? I thought I was the queen of napping. Gypsy owns that crown. Her timing is impeccable. Gypsy knows when it is her turn for all the above. If you’re busy, she’ll wait. If it’s quiet time, she finds her bed. If it’s food we’re talking about, she’s first in line. But, Gypsy does it all with grace and humbleness. I know she is so thankful to be where she is and it makes her personality shine even more! Who is looking for perfection? Look no further!

12/22/16 Update:  Gypsy is patiently waiting for a great family to show up for her. In the meantime, she is surrounded by her squad having fun with all the shenanigans and the many treats it took to get this ONE shot…out of 178.