Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

We are broken. Today, our family had to say goodbye to foster girl Harley Quinn, and we are simply gutted.
From volunteer Ronnie: Harley Quinn has been one of our biggest challenges in rescue. So many have worked with her since June 2020. Yet Harley was broken in a way that none of us could fix, no matter how hard we tried.
I want to thank the entire staff at Bright Star, Jenelle and most of all Richard and Susan for doing all they could to make her life complete. Sadly, a decision had to be made that was best for Harley and to release her from her demons. We were all there today as the staff helped Harley cross the Rainbow Bridge to her happy place. We will so miss you my sweet girl.
Please read the following from Heather of the Bright Star staff. No one worked harder for Harley than Heather.
HARLEY QUINN—Final Farewell (See Ya Later) to our friend and loved one!
Today is the day that we all hate as a rescue and vet staff. We have helped not only a canine, but our friend and loved one cross over the Rainbow Bridge to ease her pain and she will be loved for the rest of her time. She will finally be in her forever home.
Most of you have never met Harley Quinn; you only heard stories and saw photos of her. She entered rescue on 6/29/2020. When she arrived at the vet clinic with Ronnie, she was so scared and in defense mode. She would not let anyone touch her. It took hours for myself and Bobby, my significant other, to get her to trust us enough to move her.
I instantly bonded with her due to her reminding me of being a battered woman who was so scared of being close to anyone. I do not know if any of you have ever been in a situation of feeling that way, but it makes you so shut off and defensive. You literally lose yourself and fall apart. Some come back from it and some do not. As humans, we can get more help than our pets because we can talk. But some of us cannot bare the pain of what we have been through and take our own lives as humans. Humans and animals should never have to endure any type of pain, but that is the world in which we live. I have been that woman and I was able to overcome what I had been through, so she touched my heart and I was not giving up on her.
It took us many weeks to finally get her to warm up to us. When she finally let her guard down some, it was such a relief. Ronnie was very excited when he finally was able to be introduced to her the proper way. It took some time and she warmed up to him.
Ronnie, Bobby and I became her people. Over time, the staff was able to be a part of her life. She became a part of our family here at the clinic. She did have her days that were not the best, but what made up for it was when walking into the clinic and she would dance and bark the whole time until I came to the back to see her and go outside with her. She was the light of my day to know she was so happy to see me. Her other people were Bobby and Ronnie and she would do the same with them until they came to see her.
We were kind of at a lost what the next steps were, but we knew she needed to be in a foster home to see what she was really like. We all got to meet Richard and Susan and they became her new foster parents. She had her really good days and then she would have her bad days with them. They were willing to do anything to make it work for her. They took her to see a special doctor to get some medication to help her, but nothing was working. Jenelle, her trainer, worked very hard as well. She adored her.
So what this has all taught each and every one one of us is that we never give up and to love with our whole hearts because we never know what they have been through. We have to be their voice because they have no one else to speak for them. Our voices can make a difference and we need to remember that.
All the way to the end, Harley was loved by each and every person that she has come to know. I know that she loves all of her vet staff, rescue workers, trainers, foster parents, and my family as well. She and my son Rebel became close. He said to me this morning on the way to school that sometimes they change because of people being mean to them in the past. I told him that is true most times. I told him Harley could not overcome her demons, but she knew she was loved by each and every one of us all the way to the end. She finally knew the meaning of love.
Overcoming demons is a very hard thing that most do not know about. She will finally be without her demons today. We will miss her and will always remember her and the good times we had, like riding on a four wheeler and riding in the car.
Please everyone say a prayer for each and every one of us that loved Harley. In Harley’s memory, let’s all remember to love with our whole heart and always give all animals and humans a chance. Everyone deserves love and kindness. Today is no one’s fault at all because we have all given our best and tried everything.
May you fly high and be at peace finally, my Harley Quinn. This is not our final farewell, but it is “see ya later.”  Love always, Your vet momma Heather


Yesterday was quite the day… Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue picked me up from the shelter and boy, was I relieved. I was stressed and hot in there. I was counting down the minutes for someone to help me!

I have some learning to do when it comes to manners, but first, I really just need to calm down and figure out my new normal.

I’m about 3 years old and pint sized. I could be described as a spitball of female fire who loves ear scratches. I’ll eat all the snackies you give me! Plus, I do really well in a crate and don’t mind claiming all the toys to be mine. 😉

You can probably tell I’m going to find my furever family soon ~ and I will. I just need some TLC from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue first to help me get back on track to being the best Harley QUEEN I can be.

10/2/20 Update:  Harley came into rescue with a bad habit of resource guarding. And to her, everything she saw was a resource. She has come a long way with the work of the staff at the clinic. Last week she met and worked with a trainer. We see great advances already and have high hopes for Harley.

12/20/20 Update:  Harley Quinn had an amazing week visiting with Richard and Susan. Harley has been one of our most difficult cases. It has been so hard for her to develop trust. Jenelle has been working with her for weeks. We decided it was time to see how she would do out of the clinic for a weekend furlough. 

We had the perfect family in the wings. Richard and Susan have no children or other pets at home, and they work from home. They could provide Harley with the supervision, time and support she needed. What started out as a weekend furlough from the clinic turned into a week long vacation! 

They learned a lot about Harley, Jenelle learned a lot about Harley, and I think Harley learned more than anyone about herself. She is still scared to death by anything new or unexpected. But she is learning how to conquer those fears. 

Richard and Susan did a great job helping Harley and helping us better evaluate her progress. We all agree that she is definitely adoptable. It will just take a similar family situation and lots of patience. And there is still a possibility Richard and Susan may adopt her. There are some job opportunities in flux right now that could make a difference.

Harley was a little sad to leave their home and go back to the clinic. But we know better things are in store for this gal based on how she did this past week.

2/7/21 Update:  This week, Harley has taken the opportunity to supervise in the kitchen! She realizes that the kitchen is where the yummy stuff comes from.

Harley enjoys her daily afternoon walks around the neighborhood. She is doing so great with the leash!

2/24/21 Update:  This week has not been Harley Quinn’s favorite! We discovered that she does not enjoy the evil white fluff that invaded her backyard. But, she received some new toys and she’s learning to play more with her foster parents. Harley is improving her social skills every day. She knows she is not allowed upstairs, but that does not keep her from laying in style on the first step. A girl has got to do her own thing!

3/2/21 Update:  This week, Harley made herself at home as the home office manager! She makes sure that her foster mom and dad are always in perfect position for head scratches and treats. Nothing gets by her! Don’t you wished you had a cute coworker?

3/8/21 Update:  This week, Harley worked on self-calming. She is making huge strides every week! She is the sweetest gal and just needs someone with patience and lots of love. Harley is never far away and is always keeping an eye on Foster Mom and Foster Pops.

3/15/21 Update:  This week was a great week for Ms. Harley to soak up the sun. For some reason, she thinks she is a sun baby! Harley is like other Bulldogs you may know: she plays hard for 10 minutes and then tops it off with an hour-long nap! It’s a rough life being a Bulldog!