Please keep Henley’s family in your thoughts. This week Henly’s heart gave out and she crossed the rainbow bridge. Henley was adopted in May of 2020 by Shannon and Chad and she lived the best life a girl could ask for.

I heard Foster Mom talking to some people the other day and it was, “Henley… this… and Henley… that.” Evidently, Foster Mom did a good job talking me up because Shannon and Chuck showed up today and I was very excited to get some new loving. They rubbed my head and told me how beautiful I was. I was so excited that I jumped on Chuck and scratched his arm. I was a little scared that I hurt him, but he said it was OK. He said I’d learn not to do that and asked if I’d like to live with them. Well, as much as I liked Foster Mom and my sibling, I packed my things and said my farewells. Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, for helping me find my furever family.

That is correct, I’m back in rescue! I know you’re shocked just like my foster mom was but what can I say. I got adopt…. I did not like it…. So I contacted my foster mom and asked if she still had a spot for me and that is that! Foster mom says we will try again but I’m not sure if I want to.

Foster Mom took me to meet these nice people. I was a little worried because it was a long way from the city, but once I got there, it was beautiful. I was on my best behavior and they just loved me. I told Foster Mom that in my heart, I knew I was meant for the country. I now have my own dad, mom, and fur brother, Winston.

From the surrendering owner about me, Henley!  Hello all I knew was that I should not have looked on Craig’s List but curiosity got the best of me.  I had been missing my bulldog that was almost 10 when she passed away so I just looked. Big mistake. That’s where I saw a beautiful bulldog with one brown eye and one blue eye. I contacted the owner and they told me she was 3 years old and in great health. I decided to go meet her. That’s when I realized that was not the truth. Her ears had infection leaking out of them, the fur was in terrible condition, and she had scabs all over her back. And it was obvious she had been bred. I ask them about that and they said she had had 3 litters. I left without her.  But I could not get her out of my mind. They were firm on the $500.00 rehoming fee.  But, something inside of me just kept thinking she deserved better than what her life had been so far.  I suspect that she had been kept outside. Everything about being inside of my home was foreign to her.  I felt so guilty because I knew Henley needed more medial than I could afford and she needed someone that was home during the day to help her learn that being inside was a good thing for a bulldog.  So, I contacted LSBCR, a rescue that I follow and support.  A rescue I should have adopted from to start with.  I love you Henley, have a great new life ! Love Melinda

Well folks that all about me except I hopped in the Uber Mobile and headed to Dr. Larsen’s because I wanted to make sure I got there for the Fall photo shoot. And I did!  I am a little thick around the middle and the TUTU was too tight but I squeezed myself into it! Having never worn clothes lets just say it was a challenge to keep me from spinning  in a circle trying to send that Tutu flying in the air.  But I did it. I stayed dressed up for my 5 minutes of photo’s, then I flew around the yard like I was on fire! I am soooo going to love my new life. No more babies for me, now a lot of lap sitting, bubble baths, and getting ready for my forever family that wants to adopt me! Love everyone, Henley

12/18/19 Update:  Merry Christmas From Henley!  I am 3-yrs. old and I’m GORGEOUS!  Yes, I said it, I did!  You were thinking it, so I just said it.  I’m saucy like that!  I’m kind of special, I have a blue eye and a brown eye.  That’s why I can get away with saying outrageous things.  I’m also, a very happy girl.  When I came to Rescue, I was a MESS!  My skin was out of whack and my ears were badly infected.  My skin has now cleared up and my ears are much better.  I haven’t been here very, long but I feel like a brand new girl.  I was a Mom in the past, but it’s all about me now.

It’s Christmas time so I had some photos taken of me to show you.  I got to dress up and I smiled a lot.  My life sure has changed since I came to Rescue.  I live inside, I go outside to play and potty, and these people give you all the attention a girl could ask for.  I’m such a good girl, they even let me stay outside with them, while the other Bulldogs got their pictures taken.

In all my photos, my tongue is out.  It doesn’t hang out all the time (just to let you know).  I am just such a happy girl, that when people give me attention, I get excited.  I think there is a photo showing I can keep it in my mouth. Ha! Ha!  I just love, love, love people.  So, when you meet me, if it’s out, that just means I like you a lot.

Whatever my life was before, I don’t remember it.  I live in the moment and since I got to Rescue the moments have been great!  When I get to my Foster home, I’ll start getting to go to the events.  I would love to meet you at one of them.  You can then see for yourself how GORGEOUS I am.  I may even wink at you with my blue eye.

I hope everyone has a Safe and Very Merry Christmas! — Henley

12/22/19 Update:  I left the clinic and checked into Mays’ Manor last week. It’s a pretty cool place with plenty of comfy beds. I’m making friends and memories while I wait for my furever home.

I get along with all the current residents, but can get a little snippy with Tiny (she’s a permanent resident that likes to lick your face and ears clean). I can only take so much of that. I sit and watch her clean all of the pups’ faces and they just let her do it. Yuck is all I have to say about that!

I love attention and snuggles with foster mom. I’ll even snuggle with another pup from time to time. I went to my first Bulldog event Saturday and boy, was it fun! I got so much loving, this girl was in heaven. I currently have those pesky heartworms, so I’m not quite ready for my furever home, but I will be soon!

12/25/19 Update:  Merry Christmas! I want to thank all of the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue supporters for the awesome presents that helped fill my stocking!

1/9/20 Update:  It’s been awhile since I last checked in. I’ve been working really hard preparing for the big things that will be happening in 2020! This gal is trying to lean down a tad but when I got on the scales the numbers went the wrong direction!  I think the pup before me broke the scale. I’ll be headed to the clinic in a week or so to finally get rid of these pesky heart worms and then maybe have some work done on my ears. Foster mom says I’m as sweet and spicy as they come! I hold my head up high and expect all to bow before me! I may not be ready just yet but I am 100% worth the wait so you go ahead and get those applications in.

1/27/20 Update:I was sprung from the vet clinic yesterday and now I’m am on my way to getting rid of these pesky heartworms! I’ll be on bed rest for awhile, as I get in tip-top shape. On our way home, foster mom stopped by Puckett’s Nursery in Allen, so I could have my Valentine’s Day glamour shots taken.

2/17/20 Update:   I’ve got two weeks left on my heartworm treatment and it can’t be done quick enough. I’m getting very tired of hanging back and not getting to play. I love to play and be little miss bossy pants. My favorite thing is to sit in my foster mom’s lap or at least next to her. I love toys and comfy beds. Foster Mom says I have only one fault: I’m not the easiest to house train, but I’m really trying. My ears are looking great, so paws crossed that I don’t need surgery.

3/10/20 Update:  As of last Saturday, I have finished my heart worm treatment and I am once again free to roam the house! It felt like the day would never come. I have so much personality to go with my good looks that it was a struggle to stay chill for so long. I love to snuggle with my foster siblings as well as Foster mom, Foster mom is truly my favorite.

5/1/20 Update:  Foster girl Henley is as snug as a bug in a rug! She loves to be with her human and wants nothing more than to receive affection. Henley loves to play with foster sister Roxy Nicole. They rumble and roll, sometimes there is a foot in one of their mouths or a mouth full of jowls, then five minutes later they are snuggled cleaning each others ears! Henley needs a firm strong pack leader to help correct her when she gets a little overzealous because when it comes to affection she has no problems letting you know she wants it!

5/18/20 Update:  Henley likes a good stick. I tried to trade the stick for a Benebone and she gave me the stink eye! While some pups hoard toys, this girl hoards sticks. I wish I could have gotten the video of her pulling this branch to the cot!

Henley just oozes with personality and love. I’m trying to teach her to tone it back just a little, but then again, who wouldn’t want to get smothered with love by a baby hippo? She is as wide as she is tall and uses that to her advantage. In her very own nice way, she’ll move anyone out of her way to get the attention she desires. If you are in the market for the perfect snuggle buddy, she may just be your match so submit those applications.