Hercules (now Gus)

Hercules (now Gus)

We lost a beautiful soul a few days ago. Hercules (renamed Gus) never had much of an appetite, but he began having additional, more serious symptoms and became reclusive. It was a process of elimination as nothing showed up in tests, but the internist ultimately concluded based on what he/she’d seen that it was a brain tumour. After he quickly deteriorated, there was only one kind and compassionate thing to do.

Hercules had only just been adopted by a lovely lady who had just lost her long-time fur baby, a dog who meant the world to her. Therefore, this comes as a particularly heavy blow to her.

As his foster I knew him as a good-natured, easygoing boy. He and Sophie (his housemate) adored one another as I’ve seen few dogs do. He was loving and wanted merely to be close to you. He’ll be greatly missed.

Please keep his owner in your thoughts as this is a very difficult time for her. Run free and whole at the Bridge, Hercules (Gus).

Hercules’ new mum had to wait three weeks before she was able to bring him home so she and his foster mum waited quite some time with anticipation for the special day to arrive.  Hercules, now Gus, has a lot to look forward to.  The plan is for him to train and become certified as a therapy dog and follow in the footsteps of a very special doggy who came before.  I think Hercules is just the guy.  No matter what happens, though, he’s going to be one pampered pooch.  Ever since she met him, forever mum has been stocking up and making plans for all things Hercules.  Word has it that she hasn’t been able to stop talking about him. This is one foster dog I send off feeling 100% confident that he’s going to be the very center of someone’s world.  And that’s a very good feeling indeed.  Happy tails, Hercules!

Please welcome Hercules to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. At the age of 4, Hercules is looking for a family that needs a lap Bulldog.

No sad stories for this little fella. Hercules used to get to sit in a lap most of the day and then his mom had a real skin baby, so that baby now sits in her lap most of the time. Plus, having a skin baby has proven to be a full time job. Hercules was moved to his crate, stayed sad and acted depressed most of the time. Hercules’ mom knew that he needed a family that had time for him, that would love him and treat him like a part of the family.

So, with many tears and a high five, Hercules has joined rescue in search of a family that has more time, kids and other dogs. He’d love a famly who will include him in everything! Hercules is a little social butterfly who loves attention and will fit in well with a family that loves a lap-loving Bulldog.