Honey Bee

Honey Bee

Please wrap your virtual arms around her furever family as they work through this painful time. 

From her momma: It’s with a heavy heart and tears flowing that I tell you that Honey Bee crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning.

She had a few collapsed discs in her neck and she couldn’t move. She was in such pain, all she could do was scream. I couldn’t bare that for her.

I will miss her snoring. I will miss her stinky farts, but most of all, I’ll miss the unconditional love she brought Taylor and I during the dark times at the beginning of the pandemic and from the day we brought her home.

She was a special girl and my heart will forever have a hole that she held. I can never thank you enough for bringing us together. She was amazing!

Don’t know what I’ll do not having her following me everywhere! I’ll never forget her eating the Amazon box and having to have surgery! This time, I just couldn’t help her and it breaks my heart.

RIP, my girl.

Honey Bee has been adopted! From her foster momma: Honey Bee found her furever family today and is off to Richmond, Texas, to be spoiled. She will have a little Schnauzer fur sister, Bella. There were lots of kisses and special scratches at their get-acquainted meeting. The happy group loaded up and headed for Honey Bee’s new home. Lots of In Honey Bee’s future.

Hey y’all!  My name is Honey Bee I’m ‘sweet’ as can ‘bee’ and very happy to meet ya!  I got sprung from a multi-breed puppy mill in Missouri along with several other mamas on Saturday! The next thing I know Sunday morning I got picked for a long car ride to Texas! Freedom has arrived!

I’m told I get to go see a really nice vet lady tomorrow who is going to check me out and make sure I’m in tip-top shape! What a blessing all-y’all are to take care of lil’ol me like this!   Bless your hearts!  (In the nice way) More to come from me as this exciting adventure continues!  ❤🐝  Love – Honey!

2/8/18 Update:  I hear a toy squeaking! Honey Bee is chewing on a bone for the first time!  What wonderful sounds this morning. Three-year-old former mill mama Honey Bee is ready to play. She has been in foster with me for 10 days and has had a lot of firsts. First time to run around a back yard, to roll in the grass, to roam free in a house, to eat good food frequently until she is full, to chew a bone, to sleep in a comfy bed by my bed and to have a basket of toys to choose from. Today is the first time she has explored all of the contents of the toy basket. She is curious, sweet and ready to play.

Honey Bee is not a beauty but she is a cutie. She wins Miss Personality!  She does all of her business outside. Not even one accident inside! Amazing for a mill mama. Honey Bee is learning to live in a fur family with my three girls. “No” is the most important word she now understands. No sticking your nose in another’s food bowl, no jealousy growls when another gets attention, etc.  Her favorite words are “good girl” and she hears that a lot.