It is with a sad heart that I let everyone know that Honey Bun crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning.  When we got up this morning she was gone.  She passed very peacefully in her sleep.  We knew she had slowed down a bit the past few weeks but we chalked it up to the rising heat and the fact we recently moved.  We are honestly just still in a bit of shock.  Honey has been with us in rescue for almost 2 years.  She had a very rough and neglected past and it definitely hardened her and made it difficult for her to trust.  She did not like anything else with fur and was by far her happiest when it was just her and I cooking late at night in the kitchen.  She loved getting special bites as I cooked.  She was my taste tester and took the job very seriously.  Her second favorite thing to do was go on a car ride.  She didn’t want to actually go in anywhere, she just wanted to ride and look out the window.  She had quite a few quirks but it made her who she was and we grew to love her for who she was.  I take some comfort in knowing she is finally at peace and left this world hopefully feeling loved, well fed, safe, not being abused, indoors and on a soft bed.  Run free little girl, leave all your fears behind you and we will see you on the other side one day.

My name is Honeybun and I am 8 1/2 years old.  From looking at my body you can tell that I have had my share of babies, and I have had a lot of medical things happen along the way.  I have lost a kidney and I have lost my spleen and I have lost some babies. I have lost some hair, and I have lost my way, but today I have been rescued, and I am ok. My ears are infected and by rear end is bleeding from infection, I had pyometra and hookworms, but today is the first day of the rest of my life.  My previous life is behind me and I am looking forward to my future. My biggest fear is no one will want me because I am an older gal, but still have plenty of love to give.

9/14/16 Update:  Oh where or how to start an update about this girl.  I guess I’ll start by saying that this little girl has been through A LOT! This is evident by the scars and wear down on her body and also by her reclusive, shy and scared spirit. Honey has been with us for a week now.  The day I picked her up I immediately noticed the toll her previous life had taken on her body.  She was recovering from tail removal surgery and being spayed so those scars were obvious.  It is also very obvious from her body that she had produced many many many babies in her life.  Thankfully those days are behind her.  She is a very petite girl weighing only about 35lbs but she is also quite underweight.  She is beautiful brindle color with white accents. Soon her beautiful brindle coat will be soft, shiny and healthy and all her physical scars will be healed. I can tell when I look in her eyes that she really wants to be loved and give love in return she is just so scared and has her guard up.  She has had a rough life and it has taken a toll on her body and spirit but I know she wants to be loved and will eventually let us in and return that love 100 times over.  That is a day I am looking forward to and have hope that it will happen soon.

10/17/16 Update:  Honeybun has made a ton of progress since she entered rescue.  She still has a way to go but she is definitely moving forward.  She will now come out of her bed anytime I enter her room and she is happy to see us.  She is also venturing out around other parts of the house more and more.  She has discovered that food is prepared in the kitchen and that if she hangs out in there when I cook that there is a really good chance she will get to do some sampling.  Speaking of eating, she loves to eat and has gained several very needed pounds. She has healed great from her spay and tail and removal.  She also has some new hair growth that looks much healthier and is so much softer.  She is really starting to look and feel like a new beautiful girl.  We have discovered that she really enjoys baths and has an extra pep in her step after she takes one.  I love watching this girl grow and come out of her shell more and more each day.  I know her perfect family is out there and they will absolutely love her.

1/24/17 Update:  Little Miss Honeybun….What a sweet little chunky monkey.   She is my first bulldog so while I thought I read how gassy and grunty they were, folks were lying!  She is quite the little tooter. In fact, her name should have been that. For an older gal, she is quite spry.  It’s no surprise that she hates my cat Gracie Lou Freebush.  But she hates her with such conviction, that it’s amazing she puts that much energy into it.  She’s learning leave it and if I snap three times she will break away from giving her the stink eye and the bark/growl.  I told her if she chased the cat anymore she was going to have to go back and live with all those dogs again.  That seemed to have worked for now. She is such a smart girl.  If she has to go outside at a random time, she nuzzles her leash that is hanging next to the door and it jingles so off we go!  She did this on Saturday afternoon (The first day I brought her home), so in two days she has already mastered the “hey, could use some potty time over here human” command/training me to get up. She also is a huge fan of brushing.  Ol’ gal likes to be pampered I tell ya.   Loves the doggie massages with the bath wipes, loves the car rides and having the sun beam down her. I discovered she likes to go outside and smell the air/watch the neighbors/look at the squirrels and birds with her little nose just a going.  While she is no Lab when it comes to fetch, she does like her soft toys and Nylabones, and also likes to chase a tennis ball around for a couple of minutes.  Literally – two minutes and she’s done with the exercise, but it’s something, right!? When she isn’t getting kisses, petting, massages, car rides, or the lovings, she likes to sleep. A LOT!  And sleeps so soundly that she didn’t hear the pizza delivery guy knock.  She does not like to be left out of any of the goings on either.  Since I have my cat separated, I was in the bedroom playing with her and getting sugars while she was out like a light.  Lo and behold, if she didn’t come to the baby gate and look in with a face of why aren’t I included with the snuggles?

2/1/17 Update:  Honeybun is continuing to come out of her shell over at my place.   We’ve learned she isn’t a fan of getting her ears cleaned (too bad lil momma), and not a big fan of wearing clothing that may or may not be too tight due to her chunkiness.   She is beyond playful, albeit in spurts, but funny to watch.  Brings you her bone so we can play a gentle tug-o-war, and then wants you to chase after her while she keeps it away.  Loves to come up and give headbutts and kisses if you lay on the ground when she is playing.  We had a first last night!!!  She wanted to get on the couch with me and sleep next to me instead of just at my feet.  Was the sweetest thing to see, and went right to sleep and started the snore engine. And then the toots.  While the air wasn’t the freshest at that moment, it was a tremendous one.  Still HATES the cat, but if her forever family doesn’t have one, then it’s a moot point.  She is loving the car rides, and I have been taking her out more and more so she can meet more people and get used to other dogs around her.

4/19/17 Update:  I have recently added a few extra pounds to my physique, so foster mom brought up this ridiculous idea of a diet. Her first move was to feed me in a smaller bowl, like I wouldn’t notice she gave me less food. I threw a fit! She knows my favorite thing to do is eat, hence why I like to hangout in the kitchen while she cooks. She says maybe that’s why I gained a few extra pounds. Whatever… girls should have a few extra curves. Because I don’t get along with any of my foster siblings, hanging out in the kitchen while foster mom cooks is my special time. Foster mom said no more extra treats for me unless it’s a green bean or carrot. I say that’s not fair. She’s kind of a pushover so I bet I win. Who can say no when you look into my pleading, starving eyes?

7/5/17 Update:  Not much has changed in Honey’s world. This Saturday morning, between all the rain, she got to go on a little outing to the park, while it was still cool outside. Honey still does not like anything with fur so she enjoys her time away from the house where she feels like she is the only child. This is getting harder with the rising temperatures.

While away, she will completely relax and actually becomes a different dog than she is in the house. You can tell she enjoys it.

I wish so badly that she could be in a home where she can be the only dog. She could show everyone who she really is. We only get glimpses of it when she thinks she is the only fur baby anywhere around. She becomes very affectionate, friendly, funny and quite playful. She gets the cutest pep in her step when she is happy.

She is still looking for her perfect forever family that knows that she is enough to fill their house. She is ready and deserves to live her final years happy and relaxed.

Take a look at a few of her recent pictures, including her car ride adventure where she decided she was ready to drive!