We are so saddened as Cort and Mary lost Iris Jane.  Iris Jane lived a couple years after coming into rescue with severe kidney disease. Knowing her condition, they adopted her any way. Iris really was the daughter that Mary never had.  To talk to Mary, you would think Iris was a skin kid. Every decision Mary made was centered around Iris Jane.  Rescue sends hugs and prayers of healing.

I never thought I would be able to find a family that would love me. Even though I am really young, my medical condition is serious. I have a kidney disease that could have been caused by ingesting something toxic, lack of water to drink or some type of trauma. My kidneys only function at about 40%.

My parents are now Cort and Mary and I have a brother, Charlie, and a sister, Buttercup. Buttercup also was recently adopted so she has been filling me in on my new family. My family knows all about my disease. They had a Basset Hound that had the same thing and was able to live a long life with proper meds and a special dog food. My mom told me when she read my story she knew I was going to be hers! If you’re wondering why we are all in separate pictures, it’s because we are a 2 human and 3 dog family and there was no one else to take our pictures.

So, I just wanted everyone to know I am so happy, so loved, and so thankful for my new family. Cort, Mary, Charlie, Buttercup and me… we are one happy family!

Please welcome Iris to our rescue family. She writes: I must say I am one lucky lady! Of all the houses I could have stumbled across, I chose the home where Kaycie lives. And Kaycie is involved in animal welfare. Kaycie was like, “OMG! Get in here, girl, and let me get you all cleaned up.” Kaycie scrubbed me from head to tail, and even places the sun never shines, because I was covered in urine and fleas. And then she blow dried my fur and I was in Bulldog heaven!

I can’t really tell you a lot about my life, other than I was really hungry, I have had babies and I am not microchipped. I am not sure if someone lost me, dropped me off in a strange area of town or just what happened. But so far, I am loving this thing called rescue because I have had a spa day, some great food, and now I am laying on the sofa, fixing to watch some football. Love always,  Iris

9/10/18 Update:  Foster girl Iris made it to the clinic yesterday and is getting everything checked out. She is so sweet, but is pretty shy. When things got loud at the clinic with other dogs, she wanted to be glued to our volunteer’s side. It makes you wonder what life she has lived. Dr. Larsen thinks she might have recently had puppies. She appears to only be 2 years old and weighs a very thin 40 pounds!

10/8/18 Update:  Iris remains in the clinic. She recently visited an internist because her kidney values were basically off the charts. She has a congenital issue and her kidneys are very small and malformed. She was placed on some medications and a special kidney diet and her kidney functions will be rechecked in a few weeks. She needs a family that recognizes her special condition and the need for a special diet and periodic checks on her kidney functions.

11/20/18 Update:  I am still at the vet clinic, but I am ready to leave for a foster home. I have undergone quite the transformation while here. I have gained more than 10 pounds and increased my muscle mass, now that I feel like playing more.

I was born with kidneys that are misshapen and abnormal. I went to a special doctor and had a bunch of tests. My bloodwork shows that I am in early stages of kidney disease that will eventually lead to failure. The doctor can not tell us how long I have left, but I am determined to enjoy life to the fullest in the meantime.

I need a home that will feed me a special kidney diet, give me free access to fluids, a lap to snuggle, a bed to sleep in, and a buddy to play with. I will require a blood test every 3-6 months to monitor the progress of my kidney disease. I am a little shy at first, but I warm up quickly to any attention I can get. I love to play with other dogs and enjoy sitting outside on nice days.

Please consider opening your heart and home to me. I know it’s asking a lot, but I think I am worth the chance and I deserve a wonderful life with what time I have left.