We are so saddened to announce that Jager passed in his adoptive home after a brief illness. This sweet boy will be greatly missed by his momma. Run free sweet boy!

We are happy to announce that our sweet guy Jager has been adopted by a wonderful family. Details to follow.

My name is Bama and my brother is Jager. I am a beautiful, snow white girl, and he is brindle. We are not real siblings, but we have lived with the same family most of our lives.

We are a little on the old side. I am 9 and Jager is 8. We are both in good health for our age. But people get old too! Our mom and dad have gotten older, but our dad’s health is not so good. Mom could no longer take care of our aging needs and his. We all talked about it and we offered to join rescue so she could concentrate more on him. So with tears in everyone’s eyes, we said our farewells this morning. We are now looking for a home to live out our twilight years. But we want one of those active senior homes, because we are no where near ready for the retirement home.

We love everybody, young and old. And we love other dogs too. We have always lived together and would like to keep it that way. Jager does not see as well as he did in the past. He likes to tell everyone he, “just follows that big white blob in front of him.” Whatever! At least he needs me.

We hope someone out there will need us too. Will you be a match for two beautiful and well-behaved snuggle bugs like us?