Jasper (now Biggie)

Jasper (now Biggie)

Some sad news to share this morning…. The furever family of Biggie had to say goodbye to their precious lovebug. 

His momma writes: Yesterday morning, our Biggie, formerly Jasper, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge with us by his side. 

His poor body was shutting down and after three days of emergency medical care, we decided he was too tired to continue being poked and prodded. 

We are completely devastated, but we feel extraordinarily fortunate to have spent five years of adventure with this muffin. He was the center of our home and our toddlers loved him so much. 

He actually passed one week after his five-year adoptoversary. We celebrated last week with a family photo shoot with our teddy bear boy. 

Thank you so much for matching us with him – that decision brought more joy than words can say into our lives. We are forever grateful to you for rescuing him and trusting us with his well-being and for all that you do for Bulldogs.

We are so excited that sweet Jasper has moved on to his forever home and family.

Freedom! We just sprang 6-year-old Jasper from a local shelter. He’s at the vet’s office now getting some much needed care. Stay tuned for more details about him. His eyes are very gunky and inflamed and he was very dirty. A good bath and some eye meds should do wonders for him.

1/15/17 Update:  We picked him up at Dr. W’s yesterday. He had entropion surgery on both eyes, neuter and surgery for a prolapsed urethra. He has, what appears to be, a grease/oil stain down his back from being under a car. He is sweet as can be. He loves people and craves to be touched. He just wants to be loved. He is terrified of my dogs. They are in your face, ‘active’ dogs. We did one-on-one, slow introductions, but he still did all he could to get away from them. He loves my kids. He seems to be potty-trained.

3/15/17 Update:  Jasper might be the sweetest, most loving Bulldog that I have ever met. He wants nothing more than to know that he is loved and be shown some affection. Over the past several weeks, he has really come out of his shell. He just loves getting to live inside of a house and be part or a family. We don’t know much about his previous life, but we do know it was not glamorous. He is so appreciative of his new life and his eyes just beam appreciation. Amazingly, he has not gone potty in his bed or in the house. He has actually only had one accident and that was during his first week here! He gets along great with all of the other fur babies in the house. We discovered last week that he really likes smaller female dogs! We were pet sitting a female Frenchie for some friends of ours and he really took to her and started trying to play with her. It was cutest and sweetest thing ever to see him initiating and enjoying playing with another dog. He has also started to play with our female Beagle. On Saturday night, all of the dogs were out playing and the Frenchie was playing with one of my other Bulldog boys. Jasper jumped in to play with them for a minute. We could not be more proud.

Jasper absolutely loves all people. He is great with kids and loves to cuddle. He will happily occupy any open lap. We are still working on him jumping up on us and other visitors, but he just gets so excited. Considering he used to slink around and drop to the ground when he met a stranger, I’ll take the excitement. Most of his health issues have cleared up and he is looking great. He has definitely gained some much-needed weight and his hair is thickening up. He still has the black stain on his back, but it’s lightening and becoming less noticeable. His eyes are still a little red, but look so much better and are becoming much less cloudy. I know his eyes have to feel a million times better. Overall, we just think Jasper is as close to perfect as a Bulldog can be. He is really discovering who he is and with him building his confidence, it’s so much fun to watch! It’s a good thing our house is completely full because if not, he would have a permanent spot. He is going to make some family extremely lucky to be blessed by him.