Jedediah Jefferson

Jedediah Jefferson

Having a dog will bless you with the happiest days of your life, and unfortunately, one of the worst days. 

Today, was one of the worst, as we had to say goodbye to foster boy Jedediah Jefferson. 

From his foster momma: Our sweet old man Jedediah Jefferson passed away peacefully in his sleep last night. 

JJ, who we affectionately called Porkchop, spent his last year and a half with us being the Guardian of the Kitchen, always ensuring no food was left unattended on a counter. He was a sweet goofball who loved his car rides, walks, sunbathing and his favorite couch.

He was also a wonderful foster ambassador to the likes of Coco Carol, Angie Diane, and his foster sister and Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumna Caboose. 

We will always be thankful for the time we had with JJ. He had been diagnosed with a brain tumor last year, so we knew his time was limited. We know he’s now in a place where his limbs work like they did when he was young, and there are endless cool, sunny days he can nap away. 

We love you, big guy. May you rest in peace. 


Lisa, Mike, Otis Shoeshine and Caboose


Homeless. That’s a word I never thought would describe me, but I was wrong.
For years, I had the same family and then one day, a trip to town ended with me getting dumped at the shelter. I was left wondering, “What in the world just happened to me?”
It was the strangest thing and my surrender card just said I “didn’t fit in any longer.” I don’t know what didn’t fit. I was the same Bulldog that had lived in their home for years.
Let me just say: the ladies at the shelter LOVED me. I became the shelter’s “people greeter.” We had coffee in the morning and mid-day snacks. I had a big bed and blankets. But what I didn’t have was a family of my own and at night, everyone went home.
Finally, the staff and I had a heart-to-heart talk. We all agreed I needed to join rescue and have some medical problems addressed. I have two cherry eyes and I limp. It’s not a bad limp, but some medication sure would be nice so it won’t be as painful getting up and down.
I am a senior Bulldog and I get along with everyone. Small dogs, big dogs… I love all dogs. My name is Jedediah Jefferson, but all my friends just call me JJ.
1/27/21 Update:  Jedediah tested positive for heart worms and erhlichia and will undergo treatment.
2/4/21 Update:  Greetings, my fine friends, both furry and otherwise. This was quite an exciting week for a refined gentleman such as me.
I made the trip to my new foster home last Friday, and I now find myself in an estate full of Bulldogs. They look somewhat similar to me, but they’re all quite small when compared to my chiseled, statuesque physique.
The young ones participate in an activity known as “zoomies” on a regular basis. It seems a little immature to me, but they’re all very nice and give me plenty of space when it’s time for my nap.
Ahh, naps. Truly my favorite pastime. There’s nothing I enjoy more than relaxing on the cool mahogany floor with a fine cigar (Milk-Bone). I made sure in my first few days to claim all of the best nap spots in the house using my signature Bulldog essence. My foster mother and father quickly reminded me that such an activity is not necessary, and that I’m welcome to snooze away wherever I please.
All in all, I’m settling into my new foster digs quite nicely. I’ve taken quite a shine to foster mom and dad’s roommate, and I wait patiently by the door for him after he leaves for work in the morning.
I truly am just a sweet, old man, and I’m happy to be surrounded by love and pets from my foster
parents and foster siblings, Caboose, Otis and Pumpkin. I’m getting a little sleepy now, but I promise I’ll write again very soon.
2/11/21 Update:  Greetings, ladies and gents. JJ here with another update on how I’m settling in here at what they affectionately call “Casa Bulldog.”
Now, depending on what you consider “making your bed,” I’m either quite bad at it, or the worst in the world. Whenever my foster mom makes up a soft place for me to sleep, I like to spend about an hour clanking around, twisting everything into a giant pile of sheets and blankets to get everything just right. My foster parents call it “a mess,” but I say it’s just perfect! You don’t get to my age without learning to make a proper nest, after all.
In other news, I’m getting along with everyone just wonderfully. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone, two- or four-legged, who I don’t consider a friend, and around here, I’m quickly gaining a reputation as the sweetest old man ever. I don’t think you could meet me and think otherwise.
Anyway, I’m off to my nap. I’ve got some blankets to arrange!
2/24/21 Update:  Greetings, my fine furry and not-so-furry friends!


So, I have question. Who turned the air conditioner up full-blast outside? Seriously, this cold makes my old bones a little creaky, and I’m not the biggest fan of this snow and ice. At first the young whippersnappers I live with were excited to zoom around in the snow, but at this point I’m pretty sure even they are ready for a heated bathroom again.

On the bright side, it’s warm and cozy inside the house. I also discovered that I have a king-sized bed all to myself! At least I think it’s all for me. I’m not sure why these humans and all of these other bulldogs are always on it. I mean, if I wasn’t supposed to sleep up there then why are there steps? I’ve been around a good while, and I know what steps are for! I need my naps after all.

Despite the freezer outside I’m getting along just fine at my new digs. Everyone is nice, I get lots of pets, and I’m happy to go anywhere and do just about anything so long as there’s a cookie involved. I hear my foster parents talking about treating me for heart worms, and those don’t sound good at all. It’s too cold to even go fishing, so who needs worms? A cookie sounds much better. Speaking of which, I think I hear the jar opening right now. Gotta go!

3/8/21 Update: My foster family thinks I’m finally coming out of my big, fuzzy shell. I think I have to agree with them. I’m showing them all of my talents, including my ability to open almost any door. Do you want to get dressed or take a shower? Well, you better remember to lock your door, or you’re going to be supervised by JJ!

I’ve also let my more playful side come out. I may be an, ahem, seasoned gentleman, but I still like to have some fun between naps. I’ve got a thing or two I can teach these young pups.
I also like to be a (grand)fatherly figure to the puppy, Caboose. She always makes a mess of herself, so I make sure to lick her all over to keep her clean. She has a peculiar way of thanking me, trying to chew on my face, but she’s small, so I don’t mind.
That’s about it for now. My favorite bed is calling my name. I just wish the humans would get out of it!
Have a pawesome day,  JJ

3/15/21 Update:  What an exciting week I’ve had. I went to work with Foster Mom at the animal rehab clinic. I absolutely love car rides, even if I don’t fit in the car so well… Foster Mom weighed me, and it sort of explained why. I’m 69.3 pounds! Now, I’m not overweight all. I’m just a tall, long, big boy! What can I say. I’m a whole lotta handsome!

I use that weight to my advantage when I don’t want to do something. Foster Mom gave me a bath, and I was NOT interested. I can turn myself into an immovable object when I have to. If you think you’re strong, allow me to introduce you to the JJ Workout Program. In just one month, you’ll learn to sling 70 lbs of stubborn Bulldog like it’s nothing! I did finally relent and get that bath though. However, I voiced my disapproval the rest of the day with my booming baritone voice. I’m a wonderful singer.

I was introduced to the hospital cat. Honestly, I was bored to bits with his musings on mice. I bid him a polite good day and went on my way. I don’t mind friendly felines. I’d rather spend my time with humans rather than a fur-coated sack of pudding with the attention span of a gnat.

If you’ve had enough of my velvet pipes, just let me on the bed. It’s my bed, after all. I love to snuggle with my foster dad, or sit on my foster siblings. Caboose likes to chew on my face, but I’m a sweet old man so I don’t mind. Besides, I can always just sit on her again when I need a break.

All in all, I’ve really come out of my shell. You’d need a big shell to hold me anyway. Just give me a cookie and I’ll do about anything you ask. Plus, I’ll give you all the giant kisses you can handle.

My foster parents say it’s about about time to start my heartworm treatment, but they tell me they believe in me and know I’m tough. I should have no problem staying on a strict rest instructions afterward though. I’m the rest champion!

4/9/21 Update:  I’ve been laying low these past few weeks, as I go through my heartworm treatment. I have to tell you, I’m looking forward to it being over! Don’t get me wrong ~ I love my naps and relaxing, but I’m feeling good and I’m ready to go!

My foster parents think I’ve really come out of my shell lately. I want to snuggle and play, and of course, give lots of kisses. I give the best kisses!

Sometimes, I have to remind myself to take it easy when my foster siblings start playing. I may be a gentleman of a certain age, but I still like to have a good time!

Thankfully, I’m doing very well with my treatment, and my foster mom says I’m just about the sweetest Bulldog boy she’s ever known.

That’s about it for now. I see a cow hoof I need to chew.

4/25/21 Update:  I am almost finished recovering from my heartworm treatment. I don’t understand why some dogs think a strict rest period is a jail sentence. I think of it as a staycation. I spend most of my time on the bed, relaxing with my foster family.

When I’m not relaxing on the bed, I’m relaxing on the kitchen floor, waiting for the magical treats that seem to fall from the sky.
Foster Mom says I’m so laid back that she’s surprised I haven’t fallen over yet. I just shrug it off. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. My balance is great. I can hold a recumbent position like a boss!
I would like to remind you not to confuse laid back with boring. I am far from it. I’m silly, sweet, and mild-mannered. Like Foster Mom always says, “I’m aged to perfection.”
If you need me, I’ll be here napping, chewing on my toys or perhaps snuggling with my foster siblings, waiting for my forever family.
5/24/21 Update: Greetings, friends!

Jedidiah here. Or as my foster parents call me, “Mr. Personality.” After a few months in my new digs, saying my personality has started to come out would be the understatement of the year. I’m a happy guy, and gosh darn it, I’m going to let the world know about it!

When it’s time to eat – far and away my favorite time of the day, month, or year – I’m more than happy to let foster mom know by voicing my approval using my golden, baritone pipes. Not that I’m a big barker. Usually just one or two barks is more than enough to get the point across. Instead, I like to use my whole body to show how excited I am: My beautiful smile, and my expert booty wiggle especially. My bulldog “nub” of a tail has moves like you wouldn’t believe!

All in all, I’m about as happy a fella as you could imagine. Give me a comfy bed to snuggle on – or even a cool floor – and I’m content as can be. I just want to be with my people, be they of the two or four-legged variety. Whoever you are, I’m happy to be your best friend!

Until next time…

6/18/21 Update: Hi friends,

Now that it’s officially summer I’m content to lounge under the cool breeze of the A/C while I wait patiently for my forever family. Foster mom says I’m such an easy-going gentleman. She has taken me to work a few times and I was a model hospital assistant. I have a very comfy spot in reception and spend my time napping through phone calls.

I’ve been getting acupuncture and laser therapy to help keep my old joints comfortable while I wriggle my butt through the golden years.

7/27/21 Update:  JJ here (you can call me Jed)! Boy, even though it’s kind of hot now, I sure like it better than those thunderstorms. My foster parents discovered how much of a snuggler I become when I hear those big booms outside! Don’t tell them, but I’m actually not scared. I’m just protecting them, because I’m such a strong, brave fella. (I swear).

Besides, those big booms should be scared of ME! I don’t bark very often, but when I do, one big WOOF will have you thinking I’m super tough.

Now, don’t tell anyone I said this (I have an image to protect here), but I’m actually a big old softie. I just love everyone and everything. Pets are the best. Naps are the best. My foster siblings are the best. Food is (really) the best. Give me a blankie to snuggle with and a spot by the air conditioner and I’ll be your best friend forever. Actually, I’ll be just about anyone’s best friend forever. Especially if there’s thunder!  Til next time,

8/9/21 Update:  It’s me, Jedediah. I’ve been enjoying my time at castle bulldog very much but I’m still hopeful for a home of my very own. I can nap anywhere and look really cute doing it. I take my afternoon naps by the front door so I can greet everyone when they come home. That’s me on the far left. My fur is finally starting to grow back! I wanted to show you that I’m not that much bigger than my foster siblings. Foster mom worries that I look like I’m the size of a Shetland pony in photos. She doesn’t want me to be judged by my size.

8/24/21 Update:  It’s me, Jedediah. I’ve been enjoying my time at castle bulldog very much but I’m still hopeful for a home of my very own. I can nap anywhere and look really cute doing it. I take my afternoon naps by the front door so I can greet everyone when they come home.

12/13/21 Update:   AJedediah went to his recheck appointment to see how he’s been doing on his recently lowered steroid dose. 

Right now, he is doing well. He hasn’t had any seizures or collapsing episodes. His right side is slower to sync up with the rest of his body, but it’s not affecting his quality of life. It’s mostly noticeable if he turns to his right side quickly. He will stumble or fall because his tumor has muddled some of his brain signals. 

The steroids are giving him a little more pep in his step. He’s feeling so well that last week, I caught him with his front paws on the counter,  helping himself to a large pizza! On a healthier note, he is enjoying walks with his new foster sister Coco Carol.

12/29/21 Update:   Jedediah hopes everyone has a wonderful holiday week, even if you’re just celebrating the joy of having a few days off. 

This guy LOVES car rides. Besides food, he lives for it! A couple days ago, he got to spend nine hours doing it. I’ve never seen his nub wriggle so fast. You couldn’t ask for a better road trip partner. He sits by the window and watches the world go by.