Jojo Dottie

Jojo Dottie

Please keep the foster family of Jojo Dottie in your thoughts, as she recently left for the Bridge. 🙁
The foster momma writes: I woke up to find my foster Jojo had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I saw it coming. Daily, I saw the life being sucked right out of her. The slowing down, the picking at the dog food, less desire to pick a fight. Dr. Larsen had seen a suspicious spot on her lung that appeared to be cancer and we were waiting for an ultrasound to confirm. Jojo had lost most of her hair ~ she just had little patches here and there, but she had a big personality. She sure took a piece of my heart with her during the night.

The first time I was in rescue, I was just a puppy, named Dottie, and I have been living with a wonderful family for the past six years. But things changed.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and have been doing fairly well. But recently my mom became very ill and she’s expected to be sick for a long time. My dad was really struggling to take care of my needs and mom’s needs too.

I reminded him of these wonderful rescue people I knew and that I could go back to them. They would take care of me and he could take care of mom.

Yesterday, we packed up all my stuff and two big bags of my food. And guess what? I went back to the same place where I was adopted, and the nice lady who saw me adopted was there again to hug me and welcome me back.

Everyone says I am very sweet. I get along with dogs and kids. I have lost some hair because of my disease so I may not be as pretty as I once was. But I make up for it with personality! I am 7 years old and a little plump. We blame that on the disease too.

I am off to meet Dr. Larsen for a few days and have some more tests to see what more they can do to help me. I can’t wait to meet everyone again.