Our hearts broke when we learned that alumnus Jughead left for the Rainbow Bridge. He was a very special boy and his family loved him dearly. He will live on in the hearts of many.
His momma writes: We are very sad to announce the passing of our beloved Jughead. We adopted Jugz on Father’s Day in 2011. He stole our hearts from the first moment we saw him.
Jughead was our first Bulldog and to say he left an impression on our hearts is an understatement. He changed our lives, literally. Everything from the house we bought, to the temperature of our home, was determined to fit his needs. Jugz was the king of the house and he knew it.
We knew he was special and we couldn’t keep him all to ourselves. We took him everywhere we could. Jughead loved people and people loved him. He would work a room and make sure everyone got a chance to meet him and pet him. He was a ROCKSTAR! He was gorgeous, charming, funny, and always full of surprises. He quickly became a regular at the local dog bakery, where he grew our extended family to include more dog crazy people. He just had a way of bringing people together.
Jughead was born on December 31, 2009. Every year, we would celebrate his birthday with a little hint of sadness. We knew we were not going to have him forever.
Last October, Jughead suffered a disc injury to his neck. Through all the testing, it was determined he had a heart valve issue and two slow-growing tumors. He barely survived the surgery to fix the disc. After long hard talks with all of his vets (there were many), we came to the conclusion that more surgeries would do more harm than good.
Jughead’s health began to decline two weeks ago. On Friday, October 2, 2020, with a diagnosis of anemia, he stopped eating. We gathered our family and spent time loving on this very special dog that had touched so many hearts. Our family friend and aunt to Jugz, a vet tech, had rushed over when she heard he wasn’t doing well. She informed us we had hours…maybe days.
Jughead made his way to our bed, laid in his usual spot next to the fan and spent one more night as “Mama’s Baby Spoon.” We woke up several times throughout the night to hug him and stroke him. We told him what an amazing boy he was and that it was OK to go, if it was time.
Jughead passed away in his sleep and a piece of our hearts went with him. There will never be another Jughead. He was truly one of kind! We are beyond grateful to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue for choosing us to be his parents. To Jughead: Run free, sweet boy! You will never be forgotten!

Jughead was surrendered to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue on May 20 due to a divorce. His name fits him well, considering his head is about the size of a milk jug. His foster momma likes to call him “Jugz.” His foster pops calls him “Juggy” (but then his foster mom breaks out in song, “Get Juggy with it…” and her dance moves aren’t so pretty).

Jugz is a young boy (not even a year and a half) and he is a big boy, tipping the scales at about 68 pounds. He enjoys playing with the other puppy in the house and when he gets to running, you have to make sure he’s not running toward you. He’s nearly collapsed his foster mom’s knees a couple times, but she can’t get mad when she looks at his big, goofy smile. He has big jowls, so he does get messy while drinking water. If you can’t deal with some wet floors or “slingers” (long strings of drool), Jugz is not the boy for you!

While in his former home, Jugz had his tail amputated, cherry eye surgery and was neutered. At this time, he doesn’t appear to have any medical issues, but he still needs to be examined by one of our rescue vets. He has a lot of redness in his face and neck, but we believe that to be a food/allergy issue. He’s now on a high quality food and will be groomed regularly. He already has a beautiful, red coat, so the better nutrition should just make him prettier!

Overall, Jughead is a sweet, energetic boy, who always wants to be by your side. He’s crate trained and all it takes is a little cookie to coax him to go inside the “condo.” Jugz came from a home with three children, but based on his size and his “puppyness,” he may be best in a home with older kids.

Jughead is neutered and will be up to date on his vaccinations and his heartworm medication.  His adoption fee is $550.

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