We learned today of the demise of our beloved foster, Miss JujuBe.  She came to rescue two years ago, a starved waif abandoned on a 20 degree January night.  She was named Julian, in honor of the name of the woman who found her.  We changed her name to JujuBe because her sweetness reminded us of the candy we bought at Saturday matinee movies as kids.

JujuBe epitomizes the lessons that Bullies can teach us.  She arrived at LSBCR on the brink, with life or death in question.  Doc and her staff stabilized her but she would not eat at the clinic.

Meg laid on the floor to feed her half teaspoons of rice at a time.  She slept beside my bed so that I could check her for breath the first few nights.  She had special diet for months.  We had a six mini-meal per day schedule posted on the cabinet door to ensure that I did not screw up her nutrition.  As the Chief Love Officer, my skills are limited.  Juju would not have survived save for mutual care, attention, and determination of Bullie and Fosters.

We also doubted that Juju ever would find a suitable fur-ever home.  As Martina McBride sang so eloquently, “Wrong Again.”  She hated our lawn guys but proudly sat shot gun as Pops drove the riding lawnmower!

Isn’t it amazing what the LSBCR process and the power of love does for our Bullies?  God must bless the mission of LSBCR because the results are beyond our dreams.  Below is the email exchange between mom Janine and me today.  Juju thrived because of that family.  May God bless them.

Miss Julian has been adopted! From her foster pops: Miss Jujube, formerly Julian, left yesterday with her furever family: mom, dad, skin brother and sister, and three fur siblings. The adoptive family is a thoroughly loving “rescue only” family from Lubbock. With all the people and canines visiting, things were a bit busy, but it could not have gone better. All four dogs warmed up to each other in a short time, an indicator of the value this family places on rescue animals. The Great Dane was also a starvation case, so this family is ideal in many ways.

The goodbye kiss was difficult; we did not weep, but our eyeballs were a bit sweaty. Jujube will enjoy a happy and loving home. We could not be more thrilled for all of them. Jujube made her adieus to us yesterday, sticking close by me, putting her chin on my thigh and even stealing Gabby’s spot against me at the head of the bed for her last night here. She cuddled next to foster mom the night before, as well. Our ESP is no match for theirs! It dawned on me that she was saying thanks, as well as to say happy tails. Jujube first met her adoptive mom two weeks ago. Mom Janine had wanted Juju from the moment she entered rescue. They had to wait until Juju regained weight and health. Her sunny disposition shines. She is frisky, happy, and eager to begin her new life. That little tail waggled and her backside wiggled, as she cozied up to her new family. Each biped competed to see whom Jujube would favor.

The only concern was Thor the Boxer, protector of mom. He and Miss Jujube chummed it up from the get go so all doubts went out the window. Juju is the runt of the fur kids. Maybe she will become the little sister that they all protect. Miss Juju was eager and ready to begin her new life of happiness. Her new home already has new beds and toys for her. Her sweet temperament and loving nature will help ensure she’ll be spoiled by her furever parents, as well as become a companion to her fur siblings.

Miss Julian just entered our program yesterday. We look forward to getting her caught up on the many meals she has missed. Volunteer Dianne says she seems quite young and is very sweet. Better days are ahead, Julian!

2/12/18 Update:  As you might remember, when I joined rescue I was soooo thin, but I am really packing on the pounds now! Yep, that’s right. Having three meals a day seems to be just what the doctor ordered. You can still see my ribs, but not so much of my spine anymore.

I moved into my foster home yesterday and I am continuing on my weight-gain plan. I have explained in detail about my love of cheese, snacks and three daily meals. I’m sure the next time you see me, I’ll be a brand new lady… full-figured. I’m looking for a furever family to adopt me and will love me like I should have been loved all my life. Keep the treats coming!

2/19/18 Update:  Julian here, reporting for Rescue duty. You can call me Miss Julianne, Julie, or Ju-Ju.  Foster dad says I am as sweet as a Jujube so that is what he calls me.  I owe my life to a wonderful woman who found me in starvation and contacted the LSBCR folks.  With the help of my team, I am on the path toward the life I deserve and always wanted.  I have medical care, nourishment security and love, again.

I am on a feeding regime to restore my health, weight, and outlook.  I am eating small meals frequently and my doctor and nurse give me meds to treat my damaged tummy. My foster family includes two fur sisters, the resident queen and a visiting princess.  They are helping me to understand that being spoiled is the only way Bullies should be treated.

I am gentle, loving, spry, and well behaved.  Imagine me bringing love to your home. I like me chewing on an elk antler bone too.

And now, it is time for a nap. So check me out soon cuz some folks I met at the Cold Beer Company event say that I will not be around this ranch very long.

2/26/18 Update:  This weekend, I met a wonderful, dog-loving lady who wants to be my furever mom. She is from Lubbock, about which I learned two things. If you stand on a Sears catalog, you can see Dallas from there, but who has a Sears catalog? The other thing is that happiness is Lubbock in the rear view mirror. She called her husband so they could FaceTime with me. I was the star of that show, let me tell you. They are all coming back in two weekends with their three other dogs, so that we can all be sure we will be happy together.

The next two weeks will give me time at my foster home to continue gaining weight, strength, and outlook on life. While there is still ground to make up, I am thriving now, happy, inquisitive, and entertaining. The weather was so miserable last week that I often peeked out from beneath the covers to ask, “Is it warm enough for me to go out yet?” I just rearranged the sofa cushions to be more comfy. I will be sad to leave here, but thrilled about having my own family to cherish me furever. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

3/5/18 Update:  Julian, aka Miss Jujube at your service. Wow, what a whirlwind week it has been. I now respond to the name Jujube and my prospective adoptive family wants to call me by that name. I am thriving and gaining weight. My muscle mass now covers my bones except for a few vertebrae bumps. BTW, foster parents let Queen Gabby on the sofa so I am just following her lead. I also sleep in foster dad’s bed because Gabby sleeps there. I know that these folks love and cherish me. Well, who wouldn’t? I am ramping up from puppy to big girl food. My doctor said to watch for diarrhea, but there don’t be none of that, so we are all copacetic at this BnB. I must stay on sensitive tummy blends, but that works for me. I eat voraciously, which is a good thing.

If all goes well, my new family will take me to Lubbock this weekend. I learned that Lubbock is in the Texas Panhandle, aka Baja Oklahoma. What is Baja and what is Oklahoma? All I want is a loving home. I’m a fan of just chilling poolside. It was a bright and warm sunny day so we just laid there when foster dad called for us. “Hey dad, we are chillin’ here!” I want all y’all to pray that things go well this weekend. This foster home has been wonderful and I thank all the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue volunteers. I learned to love and trust again, and to recognize that my future is bright.