Kasha (now Charley)

Kasha (now Charley)

My precious baby Charley passed away on May 3, 2020. Words cannot express how heartbroken I am. She brought so much joy to my life and changed me. Charley was a part of me, someone I was responsible for who gave me unconditional love and companionship.  She imprinted on my heart. Every tear I cry represents for me, every minute she showed me love and the love I showed her. The memories I have of her will forever hold a special place in my heart. Mama loves and misses you Charley!!

Kasha found the right match! Oh, and it was BIG belly rubs at first sight. Kasha fell in love with her new momma and her family. Kasha was soaking up the attention and was so excited for her meet and greet. The crazy Texas weather wasn’t going to keep her new momma from her. Sleet/snow wasn’t enough to keep these from being together. Her momma has been in constant contact for over a week now, planning all the logistics from her home in San Antonio to us. Kasha left with an awesome harness and treats for days. We are so happy for you, Kasha, and we will miss you dearly.

Hey bulldog friends, it’s me Kasha joining rescue today! I would like you to know my name is pronounced “Cash-Ah” so when I here someone calling I will know they are calling me! Like , “Come on Kasha it’s snack time.”  I LOVE SNACK TIME!  To me, anytime is snack time. I used to be a Daddy’s girl, and from 8 weeks on I was Daddy’s girl.  I am now 7 and Daddy went and found himself another girl, and this one has skin!She’s a skin girl. I was thinking she was going to be like my sister, but turns out she does not know how to “tuck and roll” like I do.  My sister is just a baby and has a long way to go to be able to play ball with me so I packed my backpack, said goodbye to my big back yard. I hit the road in search of a family that needs a fluffy bulldog that loves to be outside, loves to play ball, loves to be with people and loves to be the boss.  So, if you are a family that has room for me, has some balls, a big back yard, and are looking for a boss then apply for me.  My name is Kasha, pronounced Cash-ah, and I am a beautiful bulldog lady, inside and out!

5/7/18 Update:  Hey friends it’s me Kasha checking in. I know, I know, I have been MIA lately and for a good reason! I have been on a DIET.  Yep, I have been dieting because I know bathing suit weather is just around the corner! But, you are NOT going to believe what happened to me on this DIET!  I gained weight!  Now how in the world did that happen ?  The only thing I can say for myself is I did do a little emotional eating while I was on a diet. I did gain 5 pounds, that is a bulldog fact. I may need to buy a 1 piece bathing suit and not a bikini this year, or shop at The Plus size Store.  But whatever I wear just know that I will be smoking hot when I slather myself with suntan lotion. Enough about my body. Let me tell you why I was overeating. I am sad, I need a family. I just knew by now someone would have sent in a application to adopt me.  I am a GREAT lady. I get along great with everyone, but I do like my personal space. I am not crazy about other dogs in my face all the time. I LOVE to sleep, I snore a lot, and I can hear cheese being opened from across the house.  So, please, before much longer please send in a application to adopt the beach body babe.

5/15/18 Update:  I fell in a mud puddle and while I was there, I just laid down…so off to Mutt Puddle for a bath I went. But, other than getting a bit muddy, I am doing great! I have a huge appetite and my favorite time of the day is any time it is meal time. I overheard that it was almost bathing suit weather and I might want to watch those extra treats, but with the way I love to eat, that’s probably not going to happen. I am excited to begin the search for my forever family. I love everything with fur, except the neighbor’s cat. He slapped me across the face when I tried to groom him, so now I run when I see a cat. But if you have a cat that doesn’t slap, I can keep him groomed for you. Please send in a application if you are looking for a buddy to eat with, take a nap with, or if you want to pull me in a wagon, that would be great too. When the weather is nice, I love to walk around the block. But when it’s hot, you will find me, Kasha, on the sofa watching TV.

7/1/18 Update:  Hello everyone it’s me Kasha, I have moved to a new foster home in the hopes I can be more social.  I have always been used to being the only dog in a home so I am working on being nice to others.  When I am outside all is good I have no issues.  It seems when I’m inside I want to show everyone who’s home it is. My foster pops is being super patient with me.  He understands my dynamic and is working diligently to break me of my moments. Currently I will be an only animal in my new furever home. Keeping my paws crossed that it will change soon. He says I have come a long way, but he knows it takes time.

10/30/18 Update:  It’s been awhile since my last check in and that’s due to my behavioral training. My foster parents have been working with me about being social with other fur things. I seem to not like any fur thing that has brindle markings. I am a human love bug and yearn to cuddle in a lap. I am crate trained and will go outside on command. I’m a full-figured girl that loves treats and belly rubs. I would prefer to be an only fur thing in a home because of my protective nature with my humans. I love to go on walks and get very excited when I hear the leash. Please share my story and hope to meet you soon. 🐾Kasha🐾

12/1/18 Update:  The last few weeks in my foster house have been pure joy. Entering my foster house, I had issue with sharing. I came from a past where I was the only pup, so being territorial was second nature to me. Foster Pops was determined to change that. I am so glad he was head strong on working on it with me. I have become a couch potato with him and will even allow my foster siblings to get close to me without growling. I finally understand we can be a big family. It takes time and patience sometimes and I was one who needed that. This Christmas, I still would prefer to find my own family. One that has kids would be nice and one that gives out belly rubs. I make that easy because I tend to always roll over when I don’t necessarily want to do what you ask of me. Please help me find a wonderful family.