I adopted Kirk almost a year ago. I did wanted to let you know that Kirky passed away on July 4th. There was no warning sign, no pro longed illness. 

I had been very closely monitoring his time outside, and limited it to 5 minutes every three hours. On Sunday he walked from the front door to the car. I heard him breathing hard so I I had stopped to put a cool towel on him, made sure that his fan was pointed on him and give him some water. By the time I next checked on him, it was too late. I rushed him the hospital and they said he was gone. 

Kirky was a frequenter of his vet, because I was a helicopter parent, so maybe there was something that they missed, or his rough upbringing was too much for him. 

Kirky and I were planning his birthday, and he was going to have a chick fil a party with some of his friends. He will forever be missed, thank you soooo much for giving me the opportunity to be his mom  he was such a sweet and perfect boy.

Kirk has been such a sweet boy to have in our home, but the time was right for him to move on to his forever home. And rescue found him the most perfect new mom for him!
He was pacing the floor waiting for her to arrive and loved all over her when she did. He was glued to her side almost instantly. He will be the only dog in the family, so he will get plenty of attention. He’ll occasionally get to play with other dogs in the neighborhood or extended family.
We will all miss him so much. He deserves the full life he is getting. We can’t wait to see more pictures and get updates of his new life. Best wishes to my buddy!
Amazing grace—I once was lost, but now I’m found! It was way too hot for me to be wandering around when it was 103 degrees. I am so thankful I ended up at the shelter and now with rescue.
My name is Kirk and I’m around 5 or 6 years old. You can see I have some nasty eyes and a cherry eye. My teeth have never been cleaned and are really dirty. But, all in all, I’m not too shabby for a dude who has been neglected.
I am off to the vet clinic to be neutered and have my eyes, tail and teeth evaluated and fixed. I walk well on a leash and I was very friendly to everyone and everything at the shelter. They were sorry to see me go, and even gave me hugs.
8/25/20 Update: I have escaped the clinic after I had all my work done. Cherry eye fixed, neuter done, skin feeling much better!  Life is great!
I am now in my foster home and beginning to meet all the bulldogs here. So far I have done good. I was not thrilled when I had to spend the night in a crate, but foster pop said all new fosters do it for a few nights. I have only spent time with a couple of the dogs here. They don’t want to overwhelm me with too many new things at once.
But I am happy to announce I have not had any accidents in the house in my first 24 hours! See what a good boy I am! I will just be taking my time to explore this new place, get the lay of the land and meet all the other dogs while I am healing up from my surgery.