Lady and Lola Jane went to the speciality clinic today to see the internist, cardiologist, dermatologist and ophthalmologist. Their X-rays showed some things of concern and they needed ultrasounds done and reviewed by the specialists.

Lady had chronic osteoarthritis everywhere. I know why she walked so funny and had to be in great pain. She had a small growth on the outside of her heart. She also had some nodules in her ears that the dermatologist suspected were cancerous. She had some bronchitis and very labored breathing.

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts and those of all the specialists, we cannot turn back the clock or undo the neglect. After a consultation between the specialists and Dr. Larsen and discussing it with he rescue committee, everyone decided the best and only humane option was to put both sweet girls to sleep and help them go to the Rainbow Bridge together.

So the staff put them on a blanket together and I and some staff laid down with them for a while as the drugs were administered. We held them close so they would always know they were loved and what we did for them today was out of our love.


Everyone needs a Lady around!  And we get to keep this Lady for a while and see her transformed into a princess! She writes: “I was found roaming the country roads of east Texas. I was taken in my a nice woman who took me to her vet and said, ‘Do whatever needs done, and don’t worry about the cost!’ Meanwhile she posted me on Facebook trying to find my owner. But since they abandoned me, I didn’t think I would see them again.

This rescue tried to get me then, but the nice lady who found me said she could take care of me. Well I am a lady of high maintenance right now. So after a few weeks, she reached out rescue and they were glad to get a gal like me.

I am around six years old, but a true lady never tells her age. I am a little blind and deaf because I have not been well cared for in many years. I have a little arthritis, and I really need to gain some weight. I only weigh 27 pounds. Hey, I’m petite!  I’ll be spending some time at this clinic/spa getting in shape for my public debut. I’ll get everything checked and make sure there is nothing else wrong. Then I get to lay around my food bowl while my personal assistants massage my aching bones.”

Stay tuned to learn more about Lady and see her progress! She is a strong girl and deserves a second chance of getting a wonderful forever home.

6/18/18 Update:  Lady is doing well. Her blood work came back good, and we had another happy surprise: she’s HEARTWORM NEGATIVE!

Her spine is horrible. Her right hip is almost out of the socket, as the socket is almost gone. Her knees are very arthritic. The right side of her heart is enlarged, but the heart sounds good. It is hard to tell from the X-rays, but her aorta may be swollen. X-rays also show a possible enlarged spleen. She still has a little pneumonia, but it is so much better than when she was first found in March. Some things are fixable or manageable and some are not. Dr. Larsen does not see anything so far that is terminal or life threatening.

The X-rays have been sent to an internist and a cardiologist for review. We may take her to have an ultrasound of her heart and abdomen soon and have a consult with the specialists. In the meantime, she is hanging out at the vet clinic. She is eating and drinking well and getting a little stronger each day. She loves being spoiled!