Please keep Lexi’s furever family in your thoughts, as they recently had to say goodbye to their sweet girl. Her “step-sister” writes: It is with a heavy heart to let you know that my dad, Jimmy, has lost his buddy, Lexie. 💔 We were so fortunate to get to adopt her 3 years ago. She would have been 11 in August. ❤️ Thanks for all you do.

Lexi came to me mid-November, so I had the pleasure of spending the holiday season with her. Mine isn’t the easiest of households sometimes with the two Bulldogs already here competing for the throne. But Lexi managed to gracefully coexist, not because she’s a fierce competitor, but because she’s so sweet and gentle and so clearly no one’s enemy. I called her Lovely Little Lady Lexi.

Each of my foster dogs is special, but then one like Lexi comes along and steals my heart. After she left today, I thought, “Awww, I wish I’d adopted her.” But that little girl is where she belongs. I know it.

She’s off to Lubbock to be the constant companion of a gentleman with two little Dachshunds. He wanted a doggy who could spend the day in his lap in the recliner, and I think Lexi is well-suited for him. She’s so full of love, and I know she’ll shower him with affection all day.

Happy tails, my lady. May you have the best life ever!

Hello bulldog people, it’s me Lexie.  My friend, Bulldozer and I came from the same family. And we have been out west for 4 months watching the tumble weeds tumble and the sand blow.  We lived in a shelter, well sorta of.  We actually stayed in the office on the sofa and helped everyone with their work. We had lot’s of attention too. People would come see me and want to adopt me, then not want to adopt my friend Bulldozer. Then people would want to adopt Bulldozer, but not me too. The weather was changing and we could feel the cold start to set in. So, we raised our paws and said our good-byes to everyone at the shelter and headed east taking parts of their hearts with us. There was a going away party, pictures taken, a big cake. But everyone knew if we were going to have a chance to find a family we needed a fabulous rescue, more exposure.  My name is Lexie, my best friend is Bulldozer, and we are simply amazing!

11/15/18 Update:  “The party’s here!” Foster girl Lexi has made friends in her new foster home: Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumna Sophie Lynn and foster boy Tut!

11/20/18 Update:  My name is Lexi and I’m pretty. My fur is thick and soft, and hugging me is like squeezing a big ball of cotton. I have a beautiful, sweet face. Look into my big brown eyes, and you’ll melt. I’m quiet, prim and gentle. But put me on a stage, and I’m a rock star. A diva queen who’ll steal the spotlight. If my friends and I were in a band, that photo of us would be the album cover — I’d be the lead singer posed front and center, and they’d be mybackup singers.

Then, I wake up from my sweet little Lexi dreams (napping is a favorite pastime of mine, by the way), and I’d remember that I’m really just affectionate, unassuming Lexi. In the past week, I’ve been learning the ropes in my new foster home. My personality is still waiting to fully reveal itself. So far, I’ve given my foster mum the impression that I’m sweet and perhaps a tad bit shy. I’ve heard her say the word “pretty” a lot though. Pretty, soft, gentle and quiet. All those words. If that’s the kind of little Bulldog you’d like to have, remember that my name is Lexi. Or just ask for the pretty one.

12/1/18 Update:  I have news. Foster Mum says that, due to my beauty and grace, she suspects I am a descendant of a long, lost line of Bulldog aristocracy. And that, as such, I shall be granted the title of Lady. Lady Lexi. I’m not going to make a fuss about it, though…you can keep calling me Lexi.

I’m told I have a sweet disposition: gentle and unassuming. I quietly wait for your affection, but if you’re busy, I’ll find a comfy place and nap until you’re ready for Lexi time. I’m not one to make demands. My housemates have no qualms, but I just wait my turn. I think I enjoy the company of other fur mates in the house. These two argue a lot, though, which I find a little bewildering. It’s so easy to get along when you’re Lady Lexi, so why do they find it so hard?

I’m also told I’m very, very smart. I’m shown something twice, and I usually have it down. You see, behind these soft, innocent brown eyes is a keen intelligence. Those jingle bells on the kitchen door? I had to remind Foster Mum why they’re there! Lady Lexi rings those bells when she needs out. Mealtimes happen in my crate, which I don’t mind since my crate is a happy place.

I’ll be back soon to tell you more about myself. I’m told I’m such a good girl so far that I’m setting the bar quite high for the next foster. But first, I need to find my furever family.