Liberty (now Libby)

Liberty (now Libby)

Our precious Libby passed away this morning from a brain tumor. The was rescued through Lone Star and has been with us for over 4 years. Our home and our hearts are empty.

Great News!! Today is the day that Liberty (Libby ) goes to her furever home to be a big sister to Tater! This is a match made in heaven and I couldn’t imagine any family better for this sweet lady! She gets a bulldog savvy family and a mom and pop that will be spoil her silly. I will miss her snorts and her enthusiasm when meals are being served but know that she will be living the life of a princess, as it should be!

Welcome two year old, Liberty (Libby) to rescue. She is a tiny little girl at 34 pounds. She was an owner surrender because she had become ill and the owner just could not handle all the vet bills. The vet was struggling also to find out just what was wrong that caused all the recent weight loss. She has a bad habit of eating things she is not supposed to and had a bowel blockage one time. This does not appear to be the case this time.  Remember this little girl in your thoughts and prayers that our vet can figure out what is going on.

8/5/16 Update:  The saga with Miss Liberty continues. She is such a trooper! She has to feel miserable, but never causes a fuss. We have discovered something else she likes to eat. Someone is missing the nipple off a baby bottle or pacifier! The former owner had small grandchildren at the house often. They did another X-ray yesterday on her empty stomach, and there it was as big as day. It is currently in the small intestines, but it is not totally blocking, as she can still eat and poop. Dr. Jones called to discuss a treatment plan. Because of her previous surgery to remove part of a blanket, there are most likely scars and adhesions to deal with. And obviously, there’s also the danger any time a Bully is put under anesthesia. His staff surgeon recommended that if they do surgery, they not do it in the office, but take her to a surgical center because of the possible complications. In light of all this, he recommended a wait-and-see approach. They get to sort through her poop every day! 🙂 If it does not work out soon, or if she starts vomiting, they will have to operate. They are still waiting for the results of the pancreas test. Her white count is high and she is on two antibiotics for a bacterial infection.

8/12/16 Update:  Miss Liberty had surgery today and the doctor removed parts of 4 pacifiers from her small intestines. The surgery went well and we expect her to be back on her feet in a few days. We hope this solves all her health issues.

8/17/16 Update:  Liberty is out of the vet and settling into her new foster home.  This little girl is absolutely precious! She needs some pounds, that’s for certain! Going to fix her some extra special dinners, including coconut oil and ground-up fish to get that coat nice and shiny! She’s a lover and gives as many sloppy kisses as you are willing to take!

8/21/16 Update:  I walked her last night and she LOVED it!  Wore her out and got a good sleep.  She’s a hog when it comes to loving so I’m teaching her that she will get all the hugs and kisses but needs to wait her turn and not paw me to death!   She is eating great!  Feeding her 2 normal meals,  plus a smaller lunch with kibble and canned.  Plus giving her “Satin Balls” (Recipe I found online for putting weight on dogs)  with her meds in morning and night.   I’ll know this week when sutures are removed how much she’s gained.  Taking it slow!  Adding fish oil to her diet and I think her coat is getting shinier already!   She’s a great girl. I don’t have a lot to say about this girl yet, except that she’s a CUTIE! She’s learning manners on how to wait patiently for a treat and working on perfecting the best way to sleep!

8/30/16 Update:  Liberty or Libbey, as I call her,  had her stitches removed last week. She is definitely on the mend! I’m happy to tell you something most ladies don’t like to hear when at the doctor. .. Liberty has gained 5 pounds! By now, I feel safe to say she’s probably added another one or two pounds. She is feeling more comfortable here and is playing with her foster brother and sisters. She is most definitely housebroken as she will go to the back door and give you a little bark. Liberty is still working on manners when it comes to greeting a little too enthusiastically! I would have said that a family with older children would be best but not 100% sure yet. My granddaughter(2 years old ) was over and she was PERFECT with her!  It was like she knew this little human was not something to jump at. I was very proud of her!  Liberty sleeps in her crate at night and is an angel. I’ve been keeping a close watch on her chewing or eating strange items and don’t see any unusual chewing behavior.  I’ll keep my guard up for now because she doesn’t need another surgery!  In the short time I’ve had her,  her coat went from very dull to pretty and shiny. Liberty is a HUGE snuggle bug and in the evening will lay right by me and give bunches of kisses and lots of loving. I am in love with this girl!!

9/14/16 Update:  This little girl is amazing!  She has filled out beautifully and is a complete doll. She loves to eat, play and snuggle.  I can tell she is feeling great and is comfortable in her foster home now. She takes to doing her zoomies after breakfast and my heart is happy watching her. I have noticed that her night vision is not the best but I reassure her that she’s not alone and mine is not the best either.  It is the cutest thing to see her expression at night if  my kiddos’ Scottie(he’s solid black) is in the same room with her. I  swear that she’s trying to figure out why that “lovie” is moving!! … and she can literally be afraid of her own shadow!  That’s easily resolved by adding a little more light for her.

I know that I’ve been told that she eats strange items but have yet to see that.  I suppose that I will take that with a grain of salt since I don’t leave her alone in the house unless crated. She is content to be near me more than her foster brothers and sisters.  She is a gentle dog and her fur brother and sisters can be rambunctious. She  doesn’t mind the cat at all and she is EXCELLENT with my 2 year old granddaughter!!  I wish she behaved that well when greeting the adults!  That is a work in progress.    Those short stubby paws have some power behind them when pawing you for more hugs and kisses and pets!!  She gives the very BEST kisses tho and I can’t resist most of the time!