It’s taken a week to post this because I just couldn’t find the words to say it outloud.  LIilly Bean Pants McGee had only been with me for 4 years.  She was an older girl with a heart the size of the universe so it seems only fitting that it was her heart that failed.  She gave me more love, compassion and bulldog grumbles than any dog I’ve ever had the honor of belonging to.  She was my constant companion and sleeping buddy.  My house and heart are empty.  I know my Daddy was waiting for her at the bridge.  Rest easy sweet Angel, until we snuggle again.

Today is the day Lilly has waited for all her life… her adoption day! Lilly met her new parents months ago at the Waco event and they have thought about her since then. The timing was finally right and Lilly has new laps to sit in and enjoy. We are so happy for Lilly!

Please welcome Lilly to our rescue family. Stay tuned for more information about this 8-year-old owner surrender.

3/28/16 Update:  Poor Lilly… her undercarriage hangs low, most likely due to her previous litters. At this point, it appears she’ll need palate surgery to help improve her breathing. Please keep her in your thoughts

4/10/16 Update:  Lilly is such a joy. She is a HAPPY girl with zero attitude. She’s pure sweetness. She wants to please and is a total lover, craving affection. Hugs are her favorite and she is happiest in your lap or lying on top of you in bed with her face in yours (and she’s a heavy breather!). She is small, weighing 43 pounds. She loves kids. She is great with dogs, cats and even chickens, as tested in Fort Worth last weekend. She doesn’t think twice about greeting giant dogs (I almost wish she’d take more precaution). At home, she is easy, with good house manners and is potty trained. She’s happy-go-lucky and cute, especially when she cocks her head to the side or wiggles her tail and has a tongue that won’t always stay in her mouth. She would be a great addition to any type of family.

4/17/16 Update:  Lilly had a good week, although she does not like the rain! She prefers to be snuggled up on the bed with a blanket. She is settling in and continues to be easy to care for. She is carefree and silly and likes to play with her foster brothers and run around and chase each other. She is a great sport. Foster brothers like to wrestle and roll around on their backs and grab limbs. In fact she likes to do whatever they do and takes cues from them. She has good house manners and will let her brothers eat in peace when its their turn. She’ll jump us and give high fives! You would never know she is 8 years old. She sees and hears great and has plenty of energy. She’s not too crazy about being outside in general, and does the cutest little victory run/dance upon coming back inside… “YAY back inside, YAY back inside!”

5/15/16 Update:  Lilly is all dressed up and ready to go to our event at Cold Beer Company today. Lilly is 8 years young and she is looking for a perfect family! Lilly is active, dog-friendly and a bed hog. Lilly can propel herself on a bed and be on your pillow before you get the light turned out. Lilly has perfected the art of laying perfectly still, as not to be noticed. Any family would be honored to have Lilly join them!

5/22/16 Update:  A family interested in this great gem. The family must have big laps, a big chair, and love to wear white dog hair because this gal is a PEST to the extreme. Lilly will be with you, under your feet, in your lap at all times until you just have to physically put her in another room. Very common in puppy mill dogs,  they just want someone to finally touch them!

6/27/16 Update:  Where is this Bulldog’s furever family? Other than being a 100% pest if you are trying to sit by YOURSELF, Lilly is perfect. Lilly paws, claws, wiggles, dances, and is the perfect entertainer. For the family that wants a Bulldog lapdog, here is Lilly!

7/24/16 Update:  I heard that Lilly might have a family interested in her! Lilly would so love that. Lilly is a super Bulldog that must be sitting in a lap if a person is in a chair. Lilly is needy ~ a pest in the biggest way ~ but one of the sweetest girls. Fingers crossed that Lilly finds a family!