It’s with great sadness that I’m writing to let everyone know Lisa crossed the rainbow bridge.

This sweet loving girl was only in rescue for 13 days. She arrived with an upper respiratory infection, not eating and diarrhea. Quickly she was put on antibiotics, something to help her appetite and stool. Bloodwork came back that she was heartworm positive. For 13 days she was hand feed small bites of food every few hours. Sometimes she’d take it. Others not. I tried everything. All different types or dry and canned dog food. Chicken, ham, meatballs, mashed potatoes, rice, vegetables, treats. Food blended, served chunky, hot or cold. Nothing. Then the vomiting started. Doc ran some more tests and a mass was discovered in her abdomen. Lisa was loved by everyone that meet her. Skin or fur. Fly high Lisa. You won’t be forgotten.

No sad story for Lisa. She had a dad that loved her and she loved her dad. With a new job that will require lots of travel Lisa was looking forward to the lonely time. At the age of 10 she likes her routine and her napping spots. So today she joins rescue to find her last forever home with comfortable beds and good snacks. She’s a sweet, sweet girl that hasn’t met a stranger. Dogs or cats, she likes them all.

Next up is a trip to sit on Doc’s lap. She has some allergies to get cleared up.

7/14/22 Update:  Unfortunately Dr. Larsen reports that Lisa tested positive for heart worms. She will start treatment after her respiratory infection clears up. They will also need to extract some rotten teeth and two dangling tumors on the sides of her back legs.

7/19/22 Update:  Lisa joined rescue a week ago. She’s your typical sweet, low-key senior. If you had the privilege to meet her at the Bulldog Bonanza, you got to see just that. She’s loves everyone and everything. That includes cats. She’s potty trained and has impeccable manners. 

She did get some sad news this week. She’s heartworm positive. She’ll start treatment this week. Please keep her in your thoughts.