Lola Jane

Lola Jane

Lady and Lola Jane went to the speciality clinic today to see the internist, cardiologist, dermatologist and ophthalmologist. Their X-rays showed some things of concern and they needed ultrasounds done and reviewed by the specialists.

Lola Jane had a massive liver that was pushing on everything, along with some fluid in her belly. She had two leaky heart valves, but more concerning was a mass in the left chamber of her heart restricting blood flow. This was one reason she had a constant cough and no energy. There is no treatment for her condition.

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts and those of all the specialists, we cannot turn back the clock or undo the neglect. After a consultation between the specialists and Dr. Larsen and discussing it with he rescue committee, everyone decided the best and only humane option was to put both sweet girls to sleep and help them go to the Rainbow Bridge together.

So the staff put them on a blanket together and I and some staff laid down with them for a while as the drugs were administered. We held them close so they would always know they were loved and what we did for them today was out of our love.


She writes: I’m not real sure how all this happened. I have been with my dad all my life (11 years), but he has not been around much lately. He has always loved me and cared for me, but things are different now. He has a new job and has to travel A LOT. I am home alone or staying in strange places with strangers.

Pops knew I needed to be where I could receive more attention. I am an older gal now, and I do have to take heart mediations, so I need to be in a home where they can keep a close eye on me. So last night he brought me to this nice family’s house and I got to meet their dogs. They have a lot of them! We had our time together and we both cried as dad hugged and hugged on me and said I was special. He said that is why I need to go live with someone else—so they could see how special I am and give me the care and attention I deserve.

I may be old, but I can stick to your side like glue. I still enjoy short walks and just laying beside you. I still know some tricks like how to sit, shake and lie down on command. If you’re around home a lot and don’t move too fast, I would love for us to hang out together.