Lola Lynn

Lola Lynn

Please keep Lola Lynn’s furever family in your thoughts as their sweet girl is now their guardian angel. He dad writes: Lola had a tough few years and no one wanted her. Then, by some odd turns of fate, we met her and it was love at first sight. Despite her bad times, she was the sweetest, most-loving girl we’ve ever had and super gentle with our granddaughter. She was perfect for our family and we’re pretty sure we made her very happy.

You will live on in our hearts, sweet Lola Lynn.

Friday was the day our rescue group had been praying for…. Lola Lynn was adopted. Her new family just knew they had to help this sweet senior beauty and give her a chance. We all know how special a family is to open their hearts and home to a senior, knowing that they won’t have years and years with them. But Lola’s family sees beyond the age number. They know the love they’ll get back makes it all worth it. Lola Lynn will never want for anything. Happy tails, baby girl!

At 8 years old, Lola Lynn wonders what in the world happened to her. The “I will love you forever” that she heard once upon a time, a long time ago…. well, that didn’t really happen the way she planned.

When Lola Lynn was 6, her family moved and left her behind. Then she moved in with another family, but after 2 years, they determined they didn’t have time for her anymore. Lola Lynn is just confused. She thought she did everything right… she is crate trained, potty trained, LOVES people and other dogs, and is one laid back, kind of large Bulldog lady. If Lola Lynn had a tail, she would wag it 50 mph because that is as fast as she shakes her rear when you start to pet her. Lola Lynn is a truly beautiful soul who is kind, loving and forgiving. All Lola Lynn wants is a family to love her forever.

11/12/17 Update:  Lola is a butt wiggler.  She is one happy girl to be around humans and craves attention.  Humans make her happy, happy, happy!!!  What she doesn’t like is being in a kennel, it really stresses her and she is having a hard time.  She also doesn’t like other dogs — and I think being surrounded by so many dogs here is very tough on her.  She will be stuck to her humans like glue, she will love being a couch potato and being the center of someone’s attention.  She is house trained.