8/2/16:  My heart and soul are sad today because as of yesterday my foster girl LUCY LOU  Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge.  Heart worms and pneumonia had put to much stress on her heart.  She passed very peacefully in her crate.  I will miss her very much!  She was my funny girl of the family!  I think even Lilly the Parrot will miss her pushing her around.  It was a very quite in the house last night.  She was always the gasoline on the fire. Have fun Over the Rainbow Bridge my baby girl!  Mom loves you!!!!!!!!!

Please welcome Lucy, a very special four years old to rescue. Lucy’s mother has a child that just had a brain tumor removed and her future is not good. She knew she could no longer provide for her sick child snd the bulldog she loved. As she said “Goodbye,” Lucy’s mother cried and hugged and cried some more as she told Lucy how much she was loved. If Lucy had been glass she would have cracked under the hugs.

7/17/16 Update:  Lucy Lou Checking In!   Well I’ve had a terrible week!!!  Went to the Vet with Mom on Monday and found out I am heart worm positive and have pneumonia AND A TAIL INFECTION!  Good Grief I was falling apart and didn’t even know it.  Well I’m on Antibiotics for the Pneumonia and skin and tail Infection. I have to wait to have my heart worm treatment until I recover from the other things. I slept through most of my first week here with mom. She was really worried about me. I barely had the energy to go outside and potty. Then Thursday night I surprised her. I realized that all this time I was sleeping there was a parrot named Lily in the cage next to my crate. I didn’t know what to think so I just started barking and barking at this silly thing.  Mom came a running (so did my brother and 5 sisters) to see what was going on.  It was just me letting everyone in the house know I’m feeling better. Mom was so happy that she hugged me and told me I had turned the corner and I was going to be just fine. 

I got a new sister today her name is Lucy too!  Mom thinks it great she calls one name and gets two bullies!  She’s crazy, but I love her.

7/24/16 Update:  She has had a much better week. She is feeling so good, she has decided to let me know she is the BOSS! The new thing I found out about her is that she’s not crazy about CATS. She doesn’t hurt my Abby, but she sure gives her a run for her money. She will have her heartworm treatment in two weeks and then she’ll have a month of crate rest. Well, at least it will give the cat a rest. I’m sure she will be ordering me around even in her crate. For the first week, she wouldn’t even come out of the sun room, but now she’s everywhere. Her true personality has arrived. She is a very happy, sweet girl. She is finally not scared when I reach to pet her. She has gained 4 lbs since I’ve had her. She is very good with other dogs and loves, loves, loves people. She is leashed trained, but we are working on house breaking. I don’t know if she’s not house broken or if she’s just decided it’s too darn HOT to be doing anything outside. When all of her re-cooping time is up, she will be ready to start interviewing for her new family. Believe me, she will be doing the interviewing not me.