We are so sorry to announce that our sweet girl Luna has peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our deepest sympathy to her family and all those who knew and loved her.

Luna has been adopted! From her foster pops: Luna has won the title of first Bulldog adopted in 2018! The prize is a lifetime at her new furever home with Alice, Dan, and sister Mabel. As William Shakespeare told us in Romeo and Juliet, “parting is such sweet sorrow.” Santa did not forget her. On the ninth day of Christmas, her gift is to graduate from a supporting cast member to a superstar role in her new home. Mamma Alice said that it is fitting that Luna moves in the day after the first Super Moon of the year.

Pappa Dan loves her laid-back temperament. If you look up “laid back” in your Dog Dictionary, you will see Luna’s picture. She is more laid back than a rocker recliner in snooze position.

Weighing is as “thick” and at the age of six, Luna has joined our rescue family!  Luna moved here when her family evacuated when hurricane Harvey hit the gulf coast, and this week they are moving back and starting to rebuild.  Plagued with skin and allergy problems Luna has done so much better while she has been here that the owner thought she deserved to stay in this area.  Luna is as sweet as she is “thick,” loves everyone and everything and will be a great addition to any family that loves bulldogs!

11/18/17 Update:  Luna has left the vet building after her head-to-toe beauty makeover. She is ready for a family that loves “thick girls!” Luna would like you to know her stay at the vet was amazing. She ran the halls and made many friends; however, when she was leaving, Dr. Larsen said, “She really needs to be on a diet and lose at least 5 pounds!” This picture shows you how Luna feels about the DIET word!

12/3/17 Update:  Yesterday, I headed to my foster home with my foster parents in their Bulldog limousine. I am eager to begin my new life with rescue. I lived with a Houston couple until Hurricane Harvey turned our lives upside down. Now, I am preparing for the rest of my life. But, I’m holding out for a hero. I hear that Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue will get me nothing but the best. Yea!

Allow me to introduce myself properly. I am Luna, Italian for “moon.” Lunerdi means Monday in Italian in the same way as the English use “Moonday.” This foster home is a veritable Bulldog resort. The food is great, the beds comfy, and amenities plentiful, such as a pool patio to sun ourselves. We even have a concierge who cleans up after we do our business. I have two fur sister roomies here, a permanent resident and another vacationer. There is also lots of love to go around. I am constantly stroked and told that I am pretty and loved. Even though happy in our foster homes, every Bulldog wants her furever family. So I hear that I need to lose at least 5 pounds. Maybe I did indulge a bit too much in treats like “pasta e dolce.” That behavior is in my past. My physique may resemble that of a “full moon,” but my early New Year’s resolution is to work on my summer bod. Maybe some of you biped ladies know what I am talking about. Imagine me with a few less pounds. Who would not want me in their home for Christmas? What would you rather have, a Bulldog or a Hippopotamus for Christmas?

12/25/17 Update:  While no one has ever accused me of being overly energetic, this photo may express best just how comfy I like to be. I am resting atop four beds and a blankie, and my eyes are open. I love jumping half up (fore paws only) on the sofa at night to get hoisted up, stroked, and loved on. Ahh, it feels good and makes you love me more. How is that for a mutual love story? If you want a Bulldog who knows how to enjoy the good life, I am your girl. Never a pee or poop accident inside, foster dad thinks that I am a mute because I have never barked, and getting into dust ups with other dogs is not in my repertoire. That is why I selected this picture, the epitome of my character.

I interact well with kids, adults, and other dogs, too. I am perfect for an empty nester family, a family with one adult working at home, or a young family because I am so gentle. I found Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue too late this year for Bull-O-Ween. I heard they had a Laziest Bulldog award there. Shoot, I am a lock to win that next year. Along with the Most Beautiful, I will have two awards to put on my adoptive family’s trophy shelf. Merry Christmas!