Maggie Mayflower (Mayhem)

Maggie Mayflower (Mayhem)

We lost our amazing Maggie yesterday!

Maggie was loving, caring, compassionate, intelligent, tenacious, and goofy.

Maggie’s health was definitely a challenge, but we did everything we could to help and keep her comfortable. Over the last year, all doctors at our vet’s office got to know Maggie. She knew most doctors at the emergency vet. She had an internist, chiropractor, and an oncologist. We also got a consultation from our incredible rescue vet. 

Her illness started out as leukemia and lymphoma, and quickly ended up being too much cancer in multiple other places to keep up with. 

We may have spoiled her, but she also spoiled us. She made our jobs as a foster family so much easier. All dogs, no matter the background, would go to her for comfort. 

We took her everywhere we could. She loved the car rides, she loved going places, and she loved meeting new friends.

Maggie’s intelligence was on another level. We’ve had several smart dogs before, but nothing compared to Maggie. 

In her last few months, Maggie wanted two things: a blanket, and to always be with us.

We were with her til the very end, and yes, she also had a blanket.

We miss her terribly. Rico continues to look for her; he also misses her terribly. 

They don’t make’em like this anymore.

Maggie Mayflower has been adopted! From her foster/furever family: Maggie Mayflower is here to stay, and now goes by Maggie Mayhem.

Maggie fit in so well with our pack, we decided her foster home needed to become her furever home.

She will spend the rest of her life relaxing, causing mayhem, riding in the wagon behind the lawn mower, and most importantly, helping fosters prepare for their furever homes.

Unfortunately, Maggie Mayflower had to return to rescue. If you remember, Maggie was adopted with her best friend, Cricket, about 2 months ago. Once they were in the new home, they just couldn’t seem to get along, so Maggie has returned to her foster parents’ home. She has been with us for about a week and is just a delight to have around. You can see how much Maggie likes to help with yard work!

Maggie Mayflower checking in today from a big, fat Bulldog bed at Dr. Larsen’s vet clinic. Yep, that’s right ~ I moved right in, found the biggest bed available and claimed it for myself. I noticed in all my photos I look mad or sad… Well, I don’t know why because I am actually very sweet and happy! Maybe it was just the fact that it was cold outside and I am more of an inside lady. I love all the other dogs here, except for the ones that think my new bed is their new bed. I make them move on because I take up most of the space and I don’t like anything hanging off the edges. I have a few surgeries coming up in the coming weeks that will make me feel better. One biggie is for my teeth. I have neglected them and when Doc looked in my mouth she said she was “simply taken away!” I am not sure if braces are what she has in mind for my teeth, but I heard her say, “We are going to start in your mouth!” I am anxious to have some stuff taken care of so I can find my forever family and the spoiling can begin.

2/20/19 Update:  Cricket and Maggie Mayflower are best friends who have always been together, so we’d like them to get adopted together. They are very loving, sweet and super smart! They are also incredibly loyal and eager to please. Do you have room in your home for these two sweet girls? Apply to adopt today. You may be the perfect match for them!