Please keep Major and his dad in your prayers. His dad reached out to me to let me know Major passed away a few days ago. Major was adopted and loved by his dad for 4 1/2 yrs. Even though it’s never long enough, his dad is thankful for the time they had together. Major has a sweet personality and brought huge joy to his dad.

Major has been adopted! From his foster pops: It seemed like it was a match made in heaven. As soon as Major saw Seth, he couldn’t contain himself. Seth had visited Major at the Dallas Pet Expo and took him on a walk. When Seth was leaving, Major was whimpering. At this point, we knew that Seth didn’t choose Major… it was Major who choose Seth. On adoption day, Seth took some pics with Major and then walked outside to get his leash. Major was waiting at the door wondering when he was coming back in. It is so nice to see when a Bulldog knows who is meant for him. I just know this is the one for Major and so happy for them both.

Major has been returned to rescue after a brief adoption. But it is hard to understand why. He and the family’s new Boston Terrier did not always see eye to eye, so the family thought it was best to return him to rescue.

Major is a four year old boy who was surrendered to a local shelter. We picked him up today and took him to our vet for a checkup. His ears are very dirty and he is very thin. We are hoping that the haeartorm test shows that he is negative. Major is very sweet and did not react to any of the dogs in the shelter. Stay tuned and see how we nurse this great guy back to health.

3/13/17 Update:  We brought Major into our family last Tuesday. For the first week, he couldn’t be very active because he just had been neutered and we had to wait until Saturday for any fun activities or giving him a bath! Major is a very fun and loving dog. He wants nothing more than for someone to rub his belly and to cuddle on the floor in your lap. He does very well in his crate and walks right in whenever you ask him to. He might whimper for 5-10 minutes, but once he settles in, he lays down and snores his way to sleep.

We finally were able to let him play a little more on Saturday and boy, does this guy like to run around. He likes chasing after balls, but I’m not sure he knows how to play fetch very well because he runs for it, but then never wants to pick it up and bring it back. We’re still evaluating him around other dogs and we’re working on some food aggression. More updates to come!

3/26/17 Update:  So, this is Major checking in… more like “majorly handsome!” If you like cuddles, affection, and giving belly rubs, I’m the dog for you. I love nothing more than being by my foster parent’s side. I’m house-trained, crate trained, great on a leash, and I get along with kids. I love my food and the people that watch me and I tend to like female dogs more than males. Apply to adopt – you won’t regret it!

4/30/17 Update:  Major came to my house today after a failed adoption and is just the most lovable guy. He would love to sit in your lap on the couch and just live right there! He has met 4 other Bulldogs at my house and has done well with them all. He even spent a little time playing with two of them. We hope to have him in another home very soon.

5/8/17 Update:  Major here, checkin’ in. I have a new foster home and it has been fun. I am a strong boy that needs to put on some more weight. It’s a nice problem to have because I love to eat. My foster pops is starting me out slowly, with about 3-4 cups a day. I am still learning to be walked on a leash without pulling my owner… LOL. I have excellent manners when it comes to other animals. And having my own chair to lounge around in is great. Any time you come home, be ready to be greeted by me with open paws. Hopefully, I will get to meet you soon.

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