Mallory Gray (now Maci)

Mallory Gray (now Maci)

We’re sad to share that Maci (formerly Mallory Gray) recently left for the Rainbow Bridge. From her former foster momma: I got messaged this evening that Maci passed last night from a heart attack. Her mom, Laura, is just devastated. My heart goes out to her. As Maci’s foster mom, I loved that little girl. Please say a prayer for Maci’s mom, as she grieves for her sweet Maci.

Mallory Gray, now Maci, was adopted today! She will be living in Georgetown, Texas, with a Bulldog named Twinkles and her new momma. I’m going to miss Maci, but I know she will be well taken care of and loved.

You should have seen me just sitting on the front porch waiting for the rescue welcome wagon to turn down my street. I was just giddy with excitement. It was my turn to hop on board. I had watched from the window many times as bulldogs left, and I was always told “One day, one day you are going to get to go.” And my day came, and I was ready to go!  

My name is Mallory Gray, and I am 3 years old. In my short life I have had 3 litters of bulldog babies and every litter was cutter than the one before. I loved being a mom and I loved my babies. But now I am fixing myself up and I will be sitting on a sofa watching TV and having snacks anytime I want to.

When the rescue wagon pulled up my new best friend laughed and said I was so small I would fit in her backpack. That got me to thinking, I might just love to be carried! I weighted myself this morning and I weighted 29 pounds. And that was my post-baby weight. I will never be a big bulldog. I am full grown of course, just on the smaller side. And I love being small. Small bulldogs get to sit in laps, ride in the front seat of a car and get carried then they are too tired to walk.

I have not walked with a harness and leash on much, so that was a real challenge for me yesterday. I went one way and the lady went the other way. I backed out of the harness, and you should have seen me fly! Good thing I shopped at the stop sign to rest because I thought “this freedom thing feels right for me,” and I had planned on keeping on running. It was like “Run Forest Run!”

Well today is a new day and with the harness adjusted to my size it looks like my running days are over.  Except to the couch. I love it up there! So, people, if you love a small bulldog with a big personality that’s me, Mallory Gray and I am as cute as can be!

8/24/21 Update: Mall ate and drank water this morning. I put her outside and when she was ready to come in, she scratched at the door. While the other fur friends ate, she sat in my lap, gave me kisses, licked on my hand and watched TV.

9/5/21 Update:  Mallory got to visit our rescue queen, Dianne, at Puckett’s yesterday. She loved the attention, although she’s still a bit timid. She’s not eating as good as I want, yet she does loves chicken and cheese. She likes to follow me around the backyard and she gets along with our other fur kids. Hopefully, Mallory will shine more next week, so stay tune, folks.

9/13/21 Update:  Mallory continues to come out of her shell and she’s learning to trust. Baby steps! She will smile some, she loves scratches and she’s eating better. She still won’t go outside without my assistance and we’re still working on leash training. She will come to the front door with the other dogs when I get home. She’s a little girl and sleeps right by my bed at night.

9/16/21 Update:  Mallory finally is knowing her name. She will come to me when I call her. She will run to me when we are outside. She learning to go from room to room. She’s still timid some but she’s making progress fast. I’m so excited for this Sweet Girl. Hopefully by next week she will be ready to find her Furever home. Stay Tuned…