Maxine entered rescue with so many challenges in front of her. She had the sweetest face you had ever seen. But her whole body seemed racked in pain. X-rays today revealed the cause.

It was obvious she was retaining lots of fluid throughout her body. The films revealed a very enlarged heart. Dr. Larsen said it was one of the largest she had seen! Her beat was also very irregular and her breathing was more labored than Saturday. She was definitely in congestive heart failure and getting weaker. 

The films also revealed an issue with all her bones. Her bones were very weak and almost invisible. They were almost like sponge. This could have been from disease, but Dr. Larsen feels it is most likely from poor nutrition. But this explains her pain whenever you touched her.

Dr. Larsen felt both conditions were irreversible, given her overall health. She was still crying out in pain whenever anyone touched her, in spite of being on pain meds. So the decision was made that the only humane thing to do was to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge as quickly as possible. So we all gathered around her for hugs, kisses and farewells. She slipped quickly and peacefully from this world where she knew too much pain to a place where she could be strong, pain free and could once again run free. We all love you and miss you, sweet girl.

Hello everyone, it’s me Maxine joining rescue.  And I must say I made it here just in time. You see, I am very sick.  Back in April my Mom died and it was a very hard time for me. My Mom was the official bulldog caretaker and when she left not many people in the house knew how to take care of me. Since April I have lost 40 lbs and I scream out in pain if you try and touch me. You may not be able to tell from my photo but my legs are very swollen and my leg’s are the most sensitive part of my body.  I am at Dr. Larsen’s clinic now and she has done some tests, drawn some blood, and made me take a bath. Lord, that was a nightmare right there.  I feel 100 times better having a bath but it was not on my agenda. I literally just lay in one place and if some one approaches me I start screaming.  Is it fear, is it pain or a combination of both?  A few things I heard were possibly tick exposure, kidney or cardiac disease, untreated severe infection or a congenital  problem with the lymphatic system.  Really I don’t know much else except I so want there to be a cure for what is wrong with me. I am only 2 years old and I don’t feel like I have even begun to live.  Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. My name is Maxine and I am a beautiful little lady that just wants a chance at a wonderful life, free of pain.