Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

My best friend. My heart dog. My constant companion. Mel Gibson is now free of pain and in heaven. My heart is broken and I know with time it will heal but I will never forget. Dianne picked him up from one of the worst shelters in the DFW area at 1:00 pm on a Saturday in May 2017, and his papers noted “euthanize at 2:00 pm”. Thank you Dianne and LSBCR for saving his life and allowing me to have the best dog I’ve ever had. Five years is not long enough but it was five more years than he was supposed to have.

Foster Fail Alert: Yes, I have officially Foster Failed. I am so happy to welcome Mel Gibson as an official member of our family.

When Dianne sent out the email on Friday, May 26th about the sick bulldog in the Garland Animal Shelter that needed help for the weekend, I did not respond. But all Friday night and Saturday morning, I could not stop thinking about this poor soul and even though I had my hands full with my own two dogs and foster Chloe, I emailed Dianne and said I’d take him for the weekend. She wasn’t sure if he was still alive since he was scheduled for euthanasia at 2:00 pm but she rushed to the shelter and thank God, he was still alive – but barely. No, he hadn’t been euthanized yet, but he was definitely dying. He was surrendered 10 days earlier weighing 46 pounds and on that Saturday, he weighed 36 pounds and was vomiting blood and had awful liquid bloody diarrhea. I’ve never seen a dog so sick. We cancelled all of our Memorial Day weekend plans and I spent the next 3 days trying to keep this dog alive. Dr. Larsen was wonderful, texting and calling me with what to do and also calling in prescriptions.

I literally peaked at him every 20 minutes expecting to see him not breathing. It was a stressful couple of days. By Monday, Mel Gibson was still alive and actually able to go outside on his own 4 legs and walk around. I got him to Dr. Larsen on Tuesday morning and she had him for a few days and could not believe that this dog did not have cancer or parasites or whatever had made him so sick. But I knew that it was because he had been abandoned by the only people he had ever known, discarded in one of the worst animal (kill) shelter’s in the DFW area, and forgotten. His heart was broken.

As I write this, Mel Gibson is under my desk, laying on my feet where he is each and every day. He’s never far from me and sleeps right next to me every night. The bond I have with him is too strong to let go. I cannot believe that someone had this wonderful Bulldog for 9 years and threw him away at a kill shelter. I love him and he is my soulmate.

He will remain “Mel Gibson” because that fits him so well and everyone snickers when they hear us call his name. Thank you, Dianne, for bringing us together and giving him the best name ever.  Thank you, LSBR, for saving all of these precious Bulldogs.

Please welcome Mel Gibson to Lone Star Bulldog Rescue.  It’s no secret that we rescue Bulldogs… of different sizes, ages, shapes and colors. And within the last couple days, I have seen that more than ever. I must have answered at least 50 phone calls, many texts and many emails from other rescuers to let me know there was a Bulldog at a local shelter ~ an old, sick Bulldog who needed a savior. With it being a long holiday weekend, there was really no place for Mel Gibson to go.

But our rescue found a way to save him. Mel Gibson was not going to die at the shelter yesterday at 2 p.m. Mel’s kennel card said he had fleas and ticks, and that he was vomiting and lethargic. It stated that if he was not rescued by 2 p.m. on 5/27, they advised euthanasia. Mel has been at the shelter since 5/12 and when I picked him up, I saw that he was covered in urine and feces. He smelled like death. He weighs just 36 lbs and he should be at least 50.

5/30/17 Update:  After a long weekend of being a very sick boy, Mel made it to the clinic today. He is feeling so much better. His initial checkup was good, but we are waiting for some test results. He will be at the clinic for a couple of days before going to his foster home. But it is very obvious he is feeling much better and is much more active.

6/1/17 Update:  Vet update on foster boy Mel Gibson: Mel’s bloodwork is good. Just very anemic, which we knew was a possibility. He is heartworm negative with no intestinal parasites.😊 He had entered the shelter weighing 47 lbs; when we pulled him, he weighed 36 lbs. He needs to gain a minimum of 10 lbs before the fatty thing on his back gets removed. He’s been vaccinated, bathed and ears packed. He has a tad bit of a cough, but that will get better. He’s been zero problems and is such a sweetheart!

6/4/17 Update:  Mel Gibson got busted out of the hospital on Friday and he is starting to feel like the movie star he was meant to be! Now we just need to get him looking like a movie star with about 10 more pounds on him. We’ll love, pamper, and fatten him up so that he’s ready for his screen test with his new forever family. So watch for coming attractions from our boy, Mel!

6/26/17 Update:  My special little “Braveheart” Mel Gibson continues to flourish in his “new” life! I told him last Saturday was his four week “I’m Alive” birthday and he wants all of the Lone Star Bulldog team and followers to know how thankful he is to have a second chance at life.  He definitely has a Brave Heart to survive those terrible 10 days in that awful shelter.  He is gaining weight, slowly but surely, but has a ways to go before he can go back to Dr. Larsen and have the fatty tumor removed from his back.  He appreciates everyone’s thoughts and prayers as he continues to get well!