Mia Beth

Mia Beth

The sad reality is that no matter how much we want to save them all, some are damaged in ways we can’t fix no matter how much love and care they receive. We believe Mia is one of those cases.  Mia can be so very sweet and just wants to be shown love, but Mia also decides that she suddenly no longer likes a dog and will attack. We worked with Mia for months trying to help her overcome her unknown past. But to no avail. 

Her foster mom took her to the vet to help Mia cross Rainbow Bridge where she will be whole again. There she can love all other dogs, and be the pup she was born to be, but someone changed that for her. Foster mom held her till the end.

This is one of the most difficult decisions a foster or the rescue committee has to make. But we always strive to do what is best for each dog—not just what is easy for us.

Hello friends, it’s me Mia Beth on my break out day! Yep, that’s right I ended up in a local shelter along with my sister, a chihuahua. I thought what the world had happened to us?  But, then again in a way, we think we might be better off than we were. You can tell by the color of my fur, orange, that things have not been so great for me.  So, at 9am the day I could leave the shelter there stood a lady when the doors opened asking for me and my chihuahua sister.  We could not believe it! We did not exactly smell like roses, and we were not in the best shape.  But, she wanted both of us. After all, we were sisters and a sister could not get left behind!  My sister left for another rescue that specializes in small dogs, and I joined bulldog rescue! So, better days are ahead for me. When I checked on my sister, she had had a bath and was wearing a dress!  A chihuahua in a dress, I have never!  Please watch me transform into a beautiful bulldog, the one I was always meant to be.

1/15/19 Update:  Mia is worn out! She had her sutures and a staple removed today. Now the only thing left is working on getting her skin healthy.

Mia is an amazing girl with a lot of spunk. She is 100% housebroken. Zero accidents in the house 🤗 Loves people, other dogs, children, eating, sleeping and going for walks. She would be best suited for a family that has older children though. Her enthusiasm has her wanting to give lots of kisses, so we’re working on the jumping part.

3/25/19 Update:  We have had Mia in our home for several weeks now. We wanted to give her plenty of time to settle in and see her personality come out. Mia didn’t blossom in her first foster home because, just like people, sometimes dogs don’t get along.

The first week Mia was in our home we were questioning if we had received the wrong information on this girl. We were told she loved toys and likes to play, but the Mia at our house was sad, depressed, and stayed in a dog bed, away from everyone else. Thankfully, Mia bounced back and is doing great! She loves to chew on toys and lay in the sun and while she doesn’t play with the other pups in the house, she is content to be near them. Mia is a sweet girl who loves attention from people. Her behavior at times lets us know she may not have been treated with kindness and gentleness before rescue. Mia shrinks back when you go to rub or pet her head.

She really does not like having her eye drops put in, but she will need eye drops for the rest of her life, as she has very dry eyes. She deserves all the patience and love she can get. She has not had any accidents in her crate, nor in the house. She has been a perfect house guest! Mia is looking for a family that will snuggle with her and, even though she doesn’t like it, her family needs to be willing to work with her to get in her eye drops. She is quick to forgive you. Mia is looking for a home with soft couches, lots of dog beds and windows that allow rays of sunshine! She doesn’t start arguments with other pups, but the girl will stand up for herself. A home with other ‘chill-on-the-couch-watching-Netflix-movies’ kind of pups would be best for her.

She loves to eat, just like her foster family, so a good Bulldog quality food is her preference. She came into rescue with itchy skin, but is doing good now. If you believe your home would be great for Mia, make sure you apply and hopefully, you’ll be matched to this special girl. Your hearts will be filled as never before from being loved by sweet Mia!