Millie Joy

Millie Joy

Please keep Millie Joy’s foster family in your thoughts, as they recently had to say goodbye to their sweet angel.

The foster momma shared this for us: This is very difficult to write. It’s taken a few days to collect myself so that I could reach out and let you all know that earlier this week, Millie Joy crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She’s now running free with our other babies.

As I’ve previously written, Millie had an unimaginable horrific life until she came into rescue. She carried a large tumor hanging from her belly, while starving to death, along with many other issues.

In the short two months we had her, we showered her with love and compassion. Initially, she didn’t understand it because she never experienced it. In the last weeks of her life, Millie Joy learned she was an individual who was loved, cherished, important, and had a very special purpose in this world.

The most difficult part of this journey was that when she finally figured out what it was like to be loved, and just when she began to embrace it, it was time for her to go. It was too short, she deserved more time.

Millie fought so hard to keep going because she knew what she had to look forward to each day when she woke up. She refused to give up; however, her little body just wouldn’t let her keep going.

We knew when we brought Millie home what the outcome would be. We knew going in, but we couldn’t focus on the ending ~ we had to focus on the journey. I have to say, through this journey, Millie gave us so much more than we could’ve ever given her. She made us better people. She taught us patience, understanding, and to have that will to fight and carry on when situations are trying to get the best of us.

Millie Joy, you took a chunk of our hearts with you. I will cherish our time together for the rest of my life. You were my girl. You kept my chair warm for me. You were my pillow. You were my working buddy, my walking partner and my sweet baby.

Millie, you gave me way more than I could’ve ever given to you. Until we’re together again sweet girl, always know we’ll love you forever.

My name is Millie Joy and I am soooo happy to be in bulldog rescue. I know I am not the best bred bulldog you have seen. And yes there is something else in my background, but this rescue saved my life.

I am five years old and I have been abused and mistreated my whole life. I was taken away from my family in a cruelty case. And this rescue stepped up to take me even though I was not a pretty bulldog. I have sores and bare spots all over my body. I have several mammary tumors and one is so big it has torn the skin (3-4 inches long and 2 inches in diameter) and stuff is leaking out. I also have a large tumor hanging from my vulva. 

But now I have been sitting in Dr. Larsen’s lap. She has hugged me and told me I was beautiful. She told some people that in two months no one will recognize me because I will be so beautiful. She promised to remove all the tumors and heal up all the sores. She promised plenty of spa days and days playing in the sunshine.

I am sooo glad for this rescue and all the kind people who volunteer and help support them so dogs like me have a chance. Just wait and see how beautiful and fluffy I become!

4/4/20 Update:  In February, Millie came to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue via a local shelter. This beautiful girl was removed from a reported animal cruelty case involving hoarding. She was starving ~ literally skin and bones ~ and full of tumors. After Dr. Larsen surgically removed the large tumors, the tests revealed Millie Joy had terminal cancer. At that time, she became a hospice foster.

Knowing what the outcome would be, Millie Joy came to our home on February 26, 2020. I must say, I was nervous and anxious. I could only think in my mind how important it was to make Millie the happiest girl in the world, in the very short period of time she had left. I prepped the house for her arrival. I created a dining area and a special bed. Off I went to Hollywood Feed to pick out the cutest collar they had. She required a special quilt and bandanna too! Anything this girl wanted, I was prepared to give her.

I brought her home to meet our two fur kids, Sissy and Jax. In my mind, I pictured love and kisses between all of them. Much to my dismay, it was far from that. Sissy and Jax were happy to meet and greet Millie, but Millie was not happy to meet Sissy and Jax.

Days passed and still, very slow, patient, introductions still resulted in Millie wanting to attack both dogs. My heart sunk. The fairy tale story I had planned, soon seemed to be more of a nightmare. My heart was broken as I knew we were running out of time and she would never experience love like she always deserved.

The house was soon a house divided. Gates and kennels kept Millie from harming Sissy and Jax. Devin and I shared time on each side of the gate. I’ve honestly never had a challenge such as this. I knew we would just have to do the best with what we had to work with.

I will say, Millie is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever encountered. During the separation, I could see Millie analyzing everything that went on within the family. You could see that she wanted so bad to be part of what Sissy, Jax, Devin, and I had. She watched every move and you could see the desire in her to be part of a family.

After weeks of being on a leash in the house and backyard, we have managed to get Millie to a semi-friendly state. I say “semi” because 95% of the time, she is great with Sissy and Jax. The other 5% is still a problem.

You see, Millie spent her entire life having to fight to survive. That’s all she has ever known. She had to fight to be able to eat, as they threw handfuls of food over a fence. Hoards of dogs had to fight each other just for one kibble of food. She fought for a space to lay down. She fought to keep male dogs from raping her.

With that being said, once she was in our home, she thought she had to fight for everything that in reality was free, plentiful and handed to her with love and compassion. Millie is now free to roam with the other dogs while in close watch. When she seems anxious, we separate her from the others to keep all happy and safe.

It’s been a hard adjustment for our fur kids, Sissy and Jax; however I know without doubt they understand Millie and what she’s been through. They understand her personality and her history. They have truly stepped up to the plate to be a sister and brother to her. They love her very much.

There is no forgiving Millie for her anger because there is no need to forgive. Her heart is made of pure love and it’s overflowing inside of her. She is so loving and lives each day for the love that she has now found. She wants so bad to be that perfect family dog. She tries and gives 100%! What we found we needed to forgive was the human that hurt her, neglected her, did not love her and made her fight to survive.

Our hearts are full of joy to have Millie Joy in our home. She lays next to me every day when I work. Sometimes she sits in my lap and joins me on camera as I host video conference calls. We play as much as she wants to play. She loves walks through the neighborhood. She enjoys a good game of chase with Sissy. She eats chicken, scrambled eggs, and anything else that she wants. She is our girl and she is Sissy and Jax’s sister.

In recent weeks, Millie Joy has been slowing down. Her breathing is compromised, but she still eats and loves to be loved. As long as she is happy, all is good.

Everyday is a blessing full of Millie Joy. We will continue to love her and show her love until that day.