From Mojo’s mom: My heart was broken today when I lost my big teddy bear,  Mojo. He had dementia & it took him from us today.  He was such a sweet old soul & he will be missed so much.  We “foster failed” 2 years ago with him & he was such a blessing to us.  Thank you to Lone Star for rescuing him & choosing us to be his fosters.

We are excited that Mojo has been adopted and gone to a wonderful forever home.

Please welcome 8-year-old Mojo to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. This beautiful brindle is an owner surrender that will take your breath away with his charm and good looks. Keep your eye on this dude – he’s going to be looking even better soon!

5/22/16 Update:  Mojo is just about a perfect brindle boy! His only mistake this week was he thought he was still a “ladies man” and he chose the wrong lady at the house. It took Cassie all of 5 seconds to spin around, flatten him to the ground and let him know in a icy glare that that business will not be tolerated. Mojo slipped away quietly and has not made that mistake again! Any family will love this big boy. He is dog friendly, kid friendly and loves everybody.

6/13/16 Update:  Mojo is doing great!  He’s coming out off his shell & starting to interact with my dogs.  He absolutely loves to play ball, jump & play chase with my 10 year old son.  He is a ball of energy & rarely sits down,  even when everyone else is. He is a shadow for sure & wants a constant hand on him.  I am seeing some aggression when he plays; he’s protecting his toys. He hides the ball under him & wraps his front paws around it to hold it. He learns fast and is now sitting on command.  We’re working on taking treats “easy”, but he prefers to take your whole hand…lol,  gently of course.
He is great about taking his medicines,  eye drops & ear drops & his ear sore has completely healed.  He is a real sweetheart!

6/20/16 Update:  Mojo is doing great.  His ear has healed up (thank goodness for coconut oil! ) & he has finished all his medications except daily eye drops.  He loves to eat & has probably put on a couple pounds.  He is full of energy & never wants to sit down.  He does have a little toy aggression,  but we’re working on it.  He fits right in with my crew. I think he is a little hard of hearing & seems to have trouble seeing in the dark or to the side,  but he figures it out.

6/27/16 Update:  Mojo is doing good. Starting to mellow some…maybe the late-in-life neutering 😉 He’s still playful, but likes his naps too. He’s good with my dogs and cat, but has no interest in playing with them… he prefers his humans to play with. He is a constant shadow. In fact, as I vacuumed today, he was literally right beside me; to the point that I almost stepped on him! He acts just like an old man when he wakes in the morning ~ hacking and slowly getting his body moving. He’s still doing the eye drops, but his ears are healed.

7/25/16 Update:  Mojo is doing great. Mojo is great with all my pets, but has no interest in playing with them. He does love to chase his human brother and play hide and seek… although his human brother can just stand still to hide and Mojo won’t see him until he moves! Mojo seems to have limited vision and he is definitely almost deaf. I’ve been cleaning his ears daily because they were starting to smell. They are looking and smelling much better now. He still takes eye drops daily and we just got the blister/ sore on his foot all healed up. He loves to just follow me everywhere and is a very loud breather, but doesn’t snore at all at night! He’s a great senior boy and fits right in with our foster family.

8/16/16 Update:  Mojo is doing good. He’s over his second ear infection and upper respiratory infection and is feeling better. The doctor confirmed that his vision is very poor in one eye and not so great in the other. He just sits wherever I am and stares at me until he gets hugs and kisses. He is getting spoiled for sure! He still gets his twice weekly baths and does fine. He loves to chase his human brother everywhere and steals all balls…and will not give them back (we are working on this, but have not been successful yet). He won’t go outside without a human standing outside the door. Maybe because he can’t see too well? He’s a very good boy and just wants to be constantly loved.

8/22/16 Update:  Mojo’s update is the same…sleeping,  playing chase & eating.  And boy does he love to eat! He does a happy dance when I have food bowls & barks at me while I’m filling it up! Apparently I’m not fast enough 🙂 He still stays right with me or his human brother like a shadow.  He does good with all the pets,  but does get a little snippy with my male boxer sometimes.  His vision is extremely limited as is his hearing,  but he’s learned his surroundings & stays with a routine. He’s a good,  laid back boy, but can play a little rough sometimes,  not realizing his size!

9/5/16 Update:  Mojo is doing good, same stuff different week.  He loves to play ball & chase his human foster brother.  He loves naps and more than anything he LOVES eating! We are working on healing a couple cysts between the toes with soaking in Epsom salt and ointment, and working on ear infections that he seems to get often.  So he does require daily ear,  wrinkle, feet cleanings and eye drops.  This is a pic of him today during his weekly medicated bath.  He’s a sweetie & has definitely stolen our hearts!

9/11/16 Update:  Mojo is doing great this week.  I think we finally have his ear infection under control,  but it seems to be a daily battle! His eyes are looking really good & his coat is beautiful.  He’s not a huge fan of his weekly baths but he puts up with it patiently.  His vision does cause him to bite at food & toys a little abruptly,  but after being told “easy” he will be gentle with food.  He loves to play ball,  but still doesn’t understand that he has to release the ball to continue playing!  He just stands over it or keeps it in his mouth & will not release it for anything….not even a snack! He fits in great with all my dogs and cats,  but does get a little snippy with my male boxer at times. Mojo would be best with a family that can play with him daily.  Older kids would be better.  The family must be patient with him because of his vision being impaired & his daily medicine needs (eyes, ears,  wipes). He is a huge teddy bear that does not like to be left alone.

10/16/16 Update:  Mojo is great. Bless his heart, with his limited vision and hearing you just have to be patient with him. Once he sees you, he gets excited, but he won’t hear you calling his name. His vision is OK when there’s enough light, but he doesn’t seem to see in the dark. He’s super sweet and just wants to eat, play ball with his human foster brother, get tummy rubs and sleep.