Mr. Emmdee

Mr. Emmdee

We know some dogs have problems we just can’t cure. Mr. Emmdee had a severe case of PLE (Protein Losing Enteropathy), and none of the medications helped. He had constant diarrhea and continued to lose weight. It was evident he was miserable. So the vet staff chose to do the right thing and help him cross the Rainbow Bridge. Run free and well, sweet boy!

Mr. Emmdee is the name and good lovin’ is my game!  I could really use some of that right about now. 

I was picked up and taken to the shelter as a stray. The people at the shelter took very good care of me and then contacted rescue to continue my care.

I was very lethargic when I was found and I could barely walk. My labs showed I was severely dehydrated and my kidneys were messing up. I also have two dry eyes full of gunk that has scratched my eyeballs. I just felt really bad. 

Then, this morning, the shelter people  finally got me to go potty. And guess what? A 3 foot piece of thin rope came out! Have you ever heard of such a thing? I bet that is some kind of record! 

Anyway, I am beginning to feel a little better. They have also been giving me IVs to flush my kidneys.

I get to spend this evening in a home and get chicken and rice for supper. I’ll also get some more IV fluids. Tomorrow, I’ll see Dr. Larsen, sit on her lap and have her tell me what a handsome boy I am. 

The shelter said I was about 4, but I don’t think I’m that old. I will see what Dr. Larsen thinks. 

Thank you, rescue, and everyone involved for giving me all this good lovin’. 

4/5/22 Update:  Foster boy Mr. Emmdee spent the weekend at Dr. Larsen’s house. She writes: We had to move to him to crate because he was flipping the round ring … now he’s trotting and TALKING. It’s actually more like grumbling! 

He’s eating better and I’m still having to give subcutaneous fluids. He likes to have company to eat. He’s not a fan of his restricted activity or taking his medicine. I’m having to grind it up and put it in a syringe. He’s still having pretty loose stools, but they’re starting to be less black.

You can tell he’s feeling a little better today. He loves spending time outside.