Sweet Nate had not quite been acting himself and was taken to the clinic yesterday. His blood work showed issues with his kidneys. A tech spent the night with him at the clinic. But unfortunately, Nate crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 4:00 this morning (12/20). Our deepest sympathy goes to his foster who loved him so.

What’s the going price for a Bulldog these days? For Nate, it was a simple trade. His owner did not want him any longer and a good samaritan wanted to rescue him and get him to a Bulldog rescue group who could help him. The price for Nate was 4 bags of dog food!  For Nate it was the best trade ever! We are glad he was then surrendered to us so we could care for him and get him adopted by a wonderful family. His fortunes have definitely changed. He is approximately 5 years old, underweight, has several bad teeth, and has as glaze film over his eyes, and is already neutered. Nothing that cannot be fixed as a part of his total makeover.

He gets along with other dogs and people.  We think he is worth a lot more than 4 bags of dog food! We think you will too.

7/7/17 Update:  Nate here, with my first report! I’ve very slowly settled into my foster home. I’ve needed constant contact and reassurance to get where I am now, but what can I say… I’m a little shy still. How far I’ve come already though!

Last night, I took the initiative and climbed onto the bed on my own. Foster mum was really surprised because she didn’t think I had the strength. I guess I really wanted on that bed! She wouldn’t let me jump down on my own, though, and insisted on picking me up. Wow, she was really shaken by that because she said I was so thin that she was afraid I’d break in her arms. It makes me sad knowing I cause distress because all I want is to please. I guess it’s true that I’m really thin. I came this way… so many secrets of my past that only I could tell. I sure do wish humans spoke doggy language because I have such stories. Like how I came to be little more than skin and bones. Foster mum has tried lots of things to get me to eat, but I mostly turn it away. Then tonight she decided to cook for me! Yum! It smelt so good that I went to my food bowl, still full from my uneaten lunch, and I gobbled it ALL up! Foster mum was really happy, but grumbled a bit about it… about how, had she known the smell of cooking chicken alone was all it took, she wouldn’t have chosen to use MY spoon to mix the chicken through the rice so she could have eaten it. It was OK, though, because later I gobbled up the chicken and rice, too! I ate well today, and foster mum was so relieved.

I wanted to show you something though… I desperately need to eat those meals foster mum serves. See that skinny doggy gobbling away? (Wait, let’s not leave out HANDSOME skinny doggy, OK?). Well, that doggy is me. I’m to eat my meals from now on, says foster mum. Even if it means she’s in the kitchen, cooking chicken three times a day to make the house smell good!

7/30/17 Update:  I’d like to introduce myself now that I have a little of my strength back. I’m Nate, and I’m a senior Bulldog who hasn’t had the best life. I was sold for a bag of dog food so I thought that was all I was worth. My morale was pretty low, and I was so sad. What had I done wrong that all I was worth was a bag of dog food? I’m feeling much better about myself now, though, because foster mum says I’m worth a lot more than that.

I feel like I’m in good hands now. When I first came here, I was malnourished and refused to eat. You know what, though? The thing is I’m a picky eater. I was secretly having a chuckle at foster mum’s frustration as she tried to find me my prized food. She finally figured out that I like beef tripe! I love what foster mum calls “that wafting odor” because to me it smells devine! Now I can’t stop eating, and I go through my food faster than she can keep the house stocked with it. But I’m gaining weight! Slowly, very slowly, I’m putting some meat on my bones, and I know foster mum is really relieved. I’m glad because I like to please. But, if you could help me keep my (Solid Gold) beef tripe stocked in the house, you can find it on the rescue group’s Amazon Wish List. See, I don’t have many teeth left so I have to have the soft stuff.

I guess you could say that I like the simple things in doggy life. I like to sleep. The best part is that foster mum has a bed in every room. That’s really, really good because I love a soft place to curl up. And I also like to be close to her wherever she goes. Especially when she goes in the kitchen, but all I need there is a bowl full of beef tripe! So there are 3 things I really want: to be close to my person, to have a soft place to curl up, and loads of beef tripe! But you also need to know the part that I wish I could change. I’m a little slow getting around these days because I have arthritis. Every now and then, foster mum has to give me a little help.

The thing is that I feel so fortunate to have been given a second chance. And to understand that I’m worth more than a bag of dog food. I’m really, really grateful for everything, and do you know how much love I have to give? Lots and lots and lots! Foster mum says I deserve the best in life and that there’s a furever home out there for me. I can’t wait to find it! It would be a dream come true to have a life like I hear other doggies get to have. Are you looking for a quiet senior whose at long last being given a second chance, and who just needs a little help getting around sometimes? Oh, and who must, absolute must, have beef tripe?

9/9/17 Update:  Hi everybody, It’s me.  Nate.  Well, my official name is Nate, but everyone calls me Nadar.  And Baldy.  See…a few weeks ago I was doing what any sensible and sane dog would do:  I was trying to get myself some barbecue out of that yummy smelling grill.  Then things went wrong when I bumped into it and burned my head.  Man, it hurt.  It’s alright now, except I don’t have any hair on my crown at the moment.  Foster mum thinks it looks funny so I’ve inherited this new name.  I’ll be glad when my hair grows back.  Oh, well.  I guess the moral of the story is:  aim for the barbecue on the plates and leave the grill alone.

When I first came to rescue, I was emaciated.  But look at me now!  Foster mum enticed me with all kinds of yummy food (including my favorite: meatballs!), and now I’m all fattened up.  I have no idea why I wouldn’t eat at the beginning because food is great!  Did I mention meatballs?  Meatballs, meatballs, meatballs…I can’t stop thinking about meatballs! I’m a really chilled little dude.  I’m pretty content with my lot just being close to my people.  And meatballs.  I follow foster mum around the house.  Wherever she goes, I go.  That’s really pretty much all I ask for.  However, I surprised foster mum today by getting playful!  We had a little bout of wrestling.  I always had it in me even as a senior.  Walks are ok.  I’m good on the lead, but let’s face it:  I have some arthritis which keeps me from being as spry as I once was.  Therefore, I like my walks, but you just have to let me go at my own pace.  As for other dogs…I don’t mind them!  Foster mum has had a few other dogs in and out of the house, and we’ve gotten along just fine.  Except for the puppy.  The puppy was a bit much for this little old man, but I was patient with her.  So you can consider me fur friendly.  Foster mum tells me seniors are special and that, since I’m also sweet and good-natured, I’m super special.  I think that makes me a pretty good catch.

9/25/17 Update:  It’s me, Nadar (or Nate), reporting here from my foster home. I’ve seen a foster housemate come and go, as I wait for my forever home. Now I have a new housemate. I don’t mind the other foster dogs because I’m cool with other dogs. I just don’t know why no one has come to see me and not them. Why am I still waiting? See, I’m a chill dude. (Yawn) I don’t ask for much. The most important thing to me is my people’s company. Even though I don’t really seek to elicit affection, I don’t mind it. I just ask to be close all the time. Foster mum seems to appreciate it and has a bed for me in every room. It’s something I really appreciate, even though I’m not much for expression. (Yawn) In fact, foster mum tells me I’m pretty stoic. I think I’ve proven her wrong in the photos of me I’ve included. There’s an expression for super excitement, one for introspection, and one for glee. See the difference? (Yawn) At any rate I’m extremely low maintenance. I know where to do my business. I respect that the mailman has a job to do and leave him in peace. I don’t jump, and, even though foster mum has invited me, I like to stick to my beds and not the furniture.

Like I said: I’m a chill little dude. (Yawn) And the bald spot I earned with the barbecue grill awhile back? The hair has started to grow back. But I’ve sort of gotten used to the look and have decided to aggravate it so the hair’s not growing back so quickly. Foster mum fusses and says it’s not a good look and not going to help me find a home, but what does she know? A man’s got to have a style to stand out in the crowd. Anyway, that’s all for now. I have a chew toy to steal away before my housemate gets to it. (Yawn)

11/26/17 Update:  How is everyone? Well, I myself am actually quite good, especially after all I’ve had to overcome. Being sold for a bag of dog food, recovery from an injury that had me hobbling about, and the bald spot on my head after getting a little too curious about that yummy-smelling BBQ grill… My bald spot is pretty much gone by the way, making me one handsome little dude! You can see that in the photos though. I’m a catch for the ladies. I can tell it because my foster roommates all take to me… so much so that I’ve managed to sneak into my roommate’s crate without any objections. See, I’m a real ladies man.

I don’t get excited about much. I just go with the flow, ever hoping for meatballs. When the resident human is in the kitchen, you can bet I’m in there with her, hoping for said meatball. I have a grievance, though, because meatballs seem to have dried up around here. Something about me not needing to gain anymore weight. Bah. I can be an adrenaline junkie sometimes though. My foster’s nephew brought out this funny thing called a hover board on Thanksgiving, and how cool was that!? There he went rolling along on his tummy, and I had to hope on for a ride… couldn’t quite get on so treated the whole ride like a skateboard. Did you see my video online? That’s me showing the world that seniors can also bust a move. Well, that’s all I have to say for now. In the meantime, send me some meatballs in the mail please.