It was the typical owner surrender with some lame excuse.  But when I entered the house and saw the dog I had come to get, the earth stood still and my life was forever changed. I knew this dog would go home with me and would never leave. It took Latisha about an hour after I got home to realize the same. 

That was over 6 years ago, and she stayed—until just before daylight this morning when she peacefully passed and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Nikki was “Latisha’s dog.” She was a sassy diva and let all the new fosters know immediately who the boss was around here. In the early days she would prance around like a queen, but at 2 weeks short of 11, the spark and pep had gone. She has struggled for several months and we have done everything we could to keep her comfortable. 

She did change our life. She wanted nothing more the last few years than pain meds, joint supplements, and 30 minutes a day on my chest in the recliner licking my neck and chin. I will miss that most of all!

Love you forever my sweet Nikki B. Run free!

Nikki has been ADOPTED!!! (3/21/16). She has joined her forever family with her new mom, pops and bully brother who is also an LSBCR alumni. Her new family is so excited to have her and they look forward to seeing that sweet smile and wiggly tail every day for years to come.

Welcome Nikki to Rescue as an owner surrender. Her owners were moving out of state and due to circumstances, they were not able to take her. She is 50 pounds of pure sweetness. She never quits smiling and her tail never stops shaking!

3/14/16 Update:  Nikki had her first vet visit and everything checked out great. She is now settled in with her new foster dad, mom and bully brother. They can’t wait to learn more about this sweet, beautiful girl.