Dear Lone Star Bulldog Rescue –

It is with sadness that I inform you that we lost Nikko on Tuesday April 21, 2009.  Nikko was adopted via your organization and Operation Kindness in early 2003. We went to visit Nikko back in 2003 to see if there was a good match for him and us.  Nikko was a very large bully.  He weighed 95 pounds.  Nikko had been mistreated and had medical issues.  Certainly a lot to think about when committing to adopting.

Nikko had been at the shelter under the care of Bob (not sure of his last name) at the Operation Kindness. Bob was Nikko’s angel and saw that Nikko could be the perfect family pet through all of the hurt and mistreatment.  Bob showed Nikko he could trust humans again.

Enter Bethany Toolan.  Bethany was the one that actually told us about Nikko and guided us through the paperwork.  Bethany also helped us with some post adoption issues with Nikko.  Bethany was Nikko’s other angel. Nikko entered his new family with caution.  We loved him over his bad manners and eventually, Nikko learned that being in a family was his dream come true.  “Big Neek” as he was called affectionately by us was quite a character.  He loved going for walks, playing with toys, sleeping on the couch and especially loved dinner time.  Nikko was apart of all of the family activities.  Everyone loved “Big Neek”.

Big Neek became ill about two weeks ago.  His conditioned worsened to the point that the once mighty Big Neek was just wanting to go home.  He didn’t even want his favorite, grape popsicle.  The decision was made to let Big Neek go home.  Nikko was surrounded by his loved ones as he passed.  Even his vet cried.  The big intimidating bulldog no one wanted was now mourned by all those that he touched.  What a testimate to Nikko, Operation Kindness and Lone Start Bulldog Rescue.

Thanks again to LSBR, Operation Kindness, Bob, Bethany and most of all, Nikko.

Thanks Nikko.  We will never forget you and I will continue to leave the kitchen night light on just for you.

Gary, Susan, Cody Findley