Otis Roy

Otis Roy

Otis had become more and more in pain and debilitated with his age and health. So with all the love they could muster his adoptive family made that most difficult decision which was in the best interest of Otis. They helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts and love go out to Renea and Dave in their time of loss.

Otis has been adopted!  Sweetest boy Otis came into our home a little over 3 months ago, and promptly stole our hearts. Neglected, with his eyes clouded over and blinded, his fur missing giant chunks – Otis was in bad shape. His blindness had him walking into walls and doors, and his skin condition was causing him significant discomfort. What his physical neglect could not touch, however, was his spirit. Seven year old Otis is maybe the calmest, most Zen boy we’ve ever met. Despite his outward issues, his gentleness and beauty shone through.

Fast forward a few months and a whole bunch of treatment & love, and Otis has his eyesight back! His skin is healing, and he has the most beautiful friendship with his new brother Joe (also an LSBCR alumnus). These two big boys were made for each other: Whether they’re napping together outside, or napping together on the couch, or napping together in a bed, or napping together….you get it- there’s lots of napping! And cuddling, always cuddling.

Both Otis and Joe (75 lbs and 85 lbs respectively) will continue to be great role models for the fosters that join our happy little menagerie. Their energy and aura seem to have a calming effect on other dogs that join us, helping them find more peace and confidence.

The name Otis is or German origin, and it means “wealth, fortune”. We think this is perfect, as Otis has brought a wealth of love to our home.

Welcome Otis Roy to our rescue family.

My dad has been my dad as long as I can remember. But he has been awfully sick for a long time now. We moved a few months ago from Virginia to Texas so he could get a heart transplant. But he is still sick and has been in the hospital for months. His mom, who also had a transplant years ago has been trying to take care of him and me, but it hasn’t been easy.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve started acting out lately. I don’t want to put any more pressure on my family, but I am tired of being cooped up most of the day and night wondering when someone, anyone will come home. So I can be a little destructive and chew on things. I’m bored and I miss my dad. 

They don’t know when my dad will ever leave the hospital. And I want the family to help him get well and not have to worry about me. So I have decided to hit the road and find a new family who can take care of me, play with me and let me live the life filled with fun of people like I used to have. I am a young seven years old and a trim 75 pounds of muscle. Can I come hang out at your place? 

6/17/18 Update:  Otis Roy joined our foster home last week with some pretty serious eye issues. So serious that he was bumping into furniture and walls. Luckily, a specialist could see him a few days after and we got promising news that Otis will see again with the help of some meds and eye drops. We have about a month of doing this and we will go back for a recheck to see how much he has improved. It’s only been a few days, but he seems to be able to see a little more-so keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Otis will be 7 years old the first of July and weighs about 75 lbs. A big boy, indeed! He is house trained, crate trained and walks very well on a leash. We did very slow introductions with his foster siblings, knowing his vision issues can make any dog stressed and anxious with what is going on around him. Otis is getting along great with everyone. Stay tuned on this precious red head!

7/1/18 Update:  Otis has been with us for about 3 weeks and he is doing awesome! It is also his birthday today and he has turned 7 years old!  His vision continues to get better by the day and we can’t wait to go back to the specialist to see how much of an improvement has happened. Otis is a complete joy to foster.  He is crate and house trained, no food or toy aggression and is just as zen as a dog could be. He is just such a lover-lover of humans, dogs, couches and food!  He lets me clean his eyes several times of day without complaint.  We are working on his skin issues as he has several bare spots at his neck and chest. thankfully he does well in the tub for medicated baths. Otis is a big boy, weighing in at 75 lbs, but he wants to be in your lap whenever he can.