Please keep Ozzy’s family in your thoughts… he earned his angel wings. His mom writes: When we began our quest for the right piece to fit in our puzzle, I knew right away it had to be a Bulldog. My husband, on the other hand, wasn’t quite so convinced. It didn’t take long for him to realize I was right. We adopted Ozzy knowing of his history of epilepsy. We wanted to give him the best life he possibly could have. I feel quite sure we succeeded. Ozzy brought laughter, happiness, and utter joy to our house. He was so funny, a pure delight to be around. I can not hardly type this with out tears streaming down my face, I miss him so much. I know the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family understands this and I wanted to just express my sincere thanks. Ozzy left this world of seizures, and all the complications behind him on May 6, 2017. We are left with wonderful pictures and memories and a deep hole in our hearts. Thank you, Chris, his foster dad, for being there for us. Ozzy loved you.

Ozzy has been adopted! (5/28/16). Ozzy could not have picked a more perfect family to love him forever. They are great, fur-loving folks. Ozzy hit the Bulldog jackpot and will have the most amazing life! Congrats, big guy. You deserve it!

Welcome Ozzy (the OZ-Man) to Rescue! He is two years old and 50 pounds of love!

What happens when you have a friend that has a friend that knows a friend who wants to give away her Bulldog and you have always wanted a Bulldog? You meet at a parking lot to get the dog of your dreams… A Bulldog! And a bottle of phenobarbital because your new dog might have a seizure. And then you cry and call rescue. And rightly so. The surrendering owner, an all-breed rescuer herself, was not expecting the added expense of lifetime meds for 2-year-old Ozzy. She decided she wanted him to go to us because of our reputation with helping the breed.

So, Ozzy… Are you ready to take on the world? Let’s do this, sweet man!