Patty Cakes

Patty Cakes

We are always saddened when a foster crosses the Rainbow Bridge. But Patty Cakes faced a valiant battle against cancer and lost. Rest In peace and run free sweet girl.

What a difference a year makes! With a little research, I managed to find a picture of Patty Cakes from a year ago. A healthy 45 pound Bulldog, her family was no longer able to spend time with her and decided she needed a new home. Based on her medical record, I suspect this is when she started showing symptoms of her illness.

Careful study of her medical records show within months, she started losing weight rapidly. Her new and current owners were only treating the symptoms (chronic diarrhea for 6 months) and refused to spend the money to do any testing to find out what the underlying issue was. Three weeks ago, she was taken to a boarding facility for boarding. The owner of the facility exercised her right per the boarding contract to intervene medically for Patty. Patty was taken to the ER and hospitalized. She was severely emaciated, weighing in at only 25 pounds. Her blood workup is typical of severe anemia, inflammation and infection (she had a UTI). Her panels are an absolute mess!

Ultrasound shows all organs of normal size and appearance EXCEPT for the small intestine. There is thickening of the entire small intestine with no obvious obstructions. She also has a small amount of belly fluid. She has not been absorbing vital calories/nutrients, causing the rapid weight loss. Conclusion is GI disease either IBD, lymphoma but they are leaning toward her having lymphangiectasia. Basically, her gut is leaky.

Patty’s owners did not want to pay her medical bills and surrendered ownership to the boarding facility. The wonderful owner of the boarding facility did so much for Patty Cakes, including renaming her Patty Cakes. She paid all of her hospital bills, nurtured her, nursed her and loved her. She gained 3 pounds while in Suzette’s care. Suzette realized Patty Cakes needed to come to Bulldog rescue to get the additional medical care she needs.

Patty Cakes will be hanging out with us here at the mini-ranch this weekend. What I have learned about this precious angel in less than 24 hours: she is starving! Not just physically, but emotionally. She is so sweet and appreciative of everything. She is content to just sit in my lap and watch a little television and let me rub her ears, kiss her face and gently pet her bony little body. She loves to snuggle in on something soft and cuddly, which we have plenty of around here! We’ll be spending our day beating the heat by laying on the sofa and binge watching football!

We will get her to Dr. Larsen next week to see about the additional testing. Please keep this sweet little angel in your prayers. She has a long way to go to getting healthy again.